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Tuesday, January 20th, 2004

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    gotta allotta livin to do before i die and i ain't got time to waste...
    I can't move.

    I got stuck in a chair. I got stuck on the stairs. I can't move. It's official...i seriously think i'm going to fall apart... this weekend was so intense that i wonder what i was thinking when i committed to both pieces...haha was worth all the while...i really got to bond w/ the other girls and stuff was tons of fun....i've never felt all of the muscles in my body all at once before....crazyyyyyyy

    i'm going to west palm beach for spring break. Darn!!!! Poor me!!!! haha i have to make up for not going to the beach not even once last summer. friends talked me into going ....i'm glad i did....
    After work i came to my friend Jessica at my door telling me to go out...i declined and then Everyone looks at me and tells me to go...."you need to get out Holly....""you have been working hard" "You have dance all this weekend it's the only time you can go out" "Holly i'm only going b/c you said you were going"......OKAY!!! I GET THE POINT...besides i really wanted to go anyways....

    I'm glad i did.

    b/c....along came Cedric....I love meeting new people....and i def. loved meeting him. the night was great and tons of fun. I hung out w/ him the whole time & really cut a rug.....b/c he can dance like woah......So it was most definitely good good in fact i have a date next saturday.
    *I didn't think that I'd come here tonight, meet someone like you
    Start feeling the way I do
    Seems like we've known each other most of our lives
    After one conversation, this might be right
    I ain't even gonna front
    I ain't even gonna lie
    Since you walked up in the club
    I've been giving you the eye
    We can dance if you want
    Get it crackin' if you like
    Must be a full moon
    Feel like one of those nights

    Current Mood: Happy//giddy
    Current Music: are you feeling me?//Aaliyah

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