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First Entry [09 Apr 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Good Charlotte- The Innocent ]

People claim that your childhood are the best years of your life and I suppose for me this is true in many ways. I have everything a growing teenager, living in Australia could ever want, electronics (although this seems to be a necessity today), two loving parents, an older sister and a two story house situated on one the most highly respected streets of the suburb. Life for me has always been this way and I couldn't imagine it being any different. Sure, people could call me a snob or spoiled brat just from reading this far, but for what I have got, it seems it is going to take alot more for me to be completely happy with myself and my life.
My family situation couldn't be better, my parents look out for me and my sister guides me through the tough times, but when the alarm clock goes off it tends to ring the bells of dread.
For me, school consists of me feeling out place, sure I have friends but I dont see how you could call them that. Within my group there are smaller groups consisting of just two people. These smaller groups are best friends and they do everything together. Unfortunately for me, I'm the odd one out.
Sure, I've delt with the fact of being alone sometimes, never going out on the weekends, being pushed around on the bus by the so called 'cooler kids' and I've delt with the fact that I dont dress like everyone else.
I think the fact I'm not a teenybopper bothers people but I'm not going to change for them. All I want to do is find a group of people with common interests and who dont feel awkard around me because I'm trying to be an individual, all I really want to do is find somewhere I belong.

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