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and so i'm back. [26.08.07|04:00am]
[ mood | mellow ]

after what, a year? hehe

soooooo... updates!

been working for a year, same company... i'll be promoted soon, yehey. it was unexpected since i thought i wasnt performing well enough (compliance wise and all those crap), but then, my TL told me that he already submitted the promotion requirements. cool eh? i'm excited for my salary adjustment... that's like 4k additional. weee!

i'm not considering moving to another company. i like it there. the environment, culture, the people, and the location, so right for me. and i have this feeling that someday i'll be somebody there. or i could be dreaming. hah.

ok let's move on.

so i promised myself i'll have my hair rebonded when i get my P.A. (i'll get it on monday, btw). i plan to have it done at tony and jackey salon in makati... they have this 3k rebond or perm any length promo... i just need to schedule it, i was told it would take 3-5 hours.

i'm still with the boyfriend. i find it amazing that we've been together for a year and several months now and we're still doing great. still happy with each other. ♥

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i need a job. [28.05.06|10:54pm]

as if it's that easy.

even though i've said to myself (and to everyone) a hundred times that i dont want a call center job.. this afternoon, i've decided that i wanna do it, i wanna give it a try..

why? coz im so damn bored.. and i need money.. haha :)

B and I are celebrating our birthdays on July, i need money to treat friends on my birthday, and to get B a nice gift on his birthday.. and i badly want a nokia N90! but if i wont have enough money, a Nokia N70 would do. also, i wanna have my car's bumper fixed.. and i wanna buy some new jeans and skirts haha :) all these for the month of july.

see? i definitely need a job!

wish me luck.

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wasap wasap wit me? lol [24.05.06|10:58pm]

what a very lame subject.. haha i cant think of a nice one eh..

watched da vinci code twice.. first was friday with B, and then saturday with mom and bro..

the first time was better.. not only coz i was with B, but coz i had a better view of the screen.. haha :) the second was ok, coz the taters popcorn was delicious with the mocha frap.. but there's this kinda tall guy right in front of me, and his mowhawk (sp?) 'do was part of the movie haha

im so bored right now.. i'm not yet sleepy, no one's on at YM.. and my B is busy reviewing for an exam tomorrow.. sigh.

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yebah. [18.05.06|01:12am]

B and I are so damn excited to watch da vinci.. we'll watch on friday.. i cant make ticket reservations at atc, the sms reservation is temporarily unavailable for atc and g4 daw, oh well.. so we're goin to atc early on friday.. hoping that we'd be able to watch the first or the second screening.. can't be the third coz i hafta be home by 6pm for a very important reason.. mom and I are gonna go grocery shopping.. haha!

i miss him.. so much. i've never missed anyone this much before.. sigh. oo, iba na 'to! haha!

and oh, check out sitti's cafe bossa album.. ganda.

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mother's day [14.05.06|11:27pm]

i greeted my mom through YM at exactly 12:05am with the hug and kiss YM emoticons. lol. coz mom and i we're chatting even if she's just in their room hehe

on other topics..

the digicam is so damn perfect. lol. it's a 6 megapixels cam with a large 2.5 inch monitor, it also has a movie recording function with sound. the pictures are just so huge and the file size, 1MB plus per pic if set at 'super high quality pic'.. so i changed it to 'high quality pic', so the file size for each pic would be 600KB plus lang.. haha im just so amazed with the digicam..


weeeeeeee [13.05.06|11:22pm]

fun fun day.

we went shopping at duty free. heehee.

bought lotsa stuff and food... and my brothers and i wanna buy some cigs but ofcourse we cant, sad. lol.

but it's ayt. we bought lotsa havaianas and bags...

and i now have a digicam. weee. wonder when ima have a new car. haha

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9th. [09.05.06|11:45pm]

HE's my 9th bf.. 4th if i'll count the serious ones lang.

and we'll be celebrating, from now on, every 9th of the month.

i woke up really early to bring mom and dad to the airport.. when i got home, i took a bath and left.. went to his place.. he has a quiz, so i slept in his room til he came back at around lunch time..

had a good lunch somewhere and went back to his place.. yosi and tambay.. i love doin that with him.. i dont get bored..

went out again after a while to look for kwek kwek, but we end up eating a sundae. hehe :)

one thing that's not great this day was the trip home. i wanted to stay, spend the night, but i cant.. sigh.

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lb trip.. [02.05.06|10:52pm]

i was at sta rosa this morning, and i finished my thing earlier than expected, so i decided to go to los banos.. to UPLB to be exact..

i didnt know how to go there, but i know how to go to calamba, until walter mart, after that, i dunno. so, i asked *him* to text me the directions, and he just said, "sundan lang ang mga bus" .. wow. that easy. hahah and that's what i did.. and i didnt get lost.. though it's kinda far, the drive was ok, no traffic..

i finally saw the olivarez mall, where we should be meeting.. but he's still in class, and i didnt saw the parking entrance, lol.. so i went straight.. texted him again.. he said i should turn right.. lol. so i made a u-turn.. went back to the traffic light somewhere near olivarez mall.. saw the right way, drove some more, til i saw robinsons.. wow. the smallest robinson's mall i've ever seen. heheh

i've decided to follow the jeeps.. and then i finally saw UP. he said he's in the building at the left of the oblation.. like i know where the oblation is.. hahah.. drove around, and i saw it.. yehey. and in less than 5 minutes, we're together..

so, why did i have to go all the way to LB? simple.. to have lunch with him.

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sunday routine.. lol [30.04.06|10:09pm]

it's really hot.. damn. i think this is the hottest summer ever. i wonder what the temperature is.

so anyway.. woke up early coz dad's having some DIY stuff done in the kitchen, they needed some stuff and dad asked my bro to buy at the hardware, and since bro cant drive [yes, he still cant drive, lol], i hafta go with him..

when we got back home, i went straight to my room, watched tv while texting with *him*.. it's amazing how we always manage to have something to talk about.. from nonsense stuff to geeky stuff.. hahah

after lunch, bro and i went to atc.. went to the money changer, then went to smart to pay our [mom, dad, and mine] postpaid bills.. then bought some quickly, and went back home.

then went to church for the 4pm mass.. we're a bit late.. lol. and the sermon isn't as exciting as last sunday..

i cooked spaghetti for dinner.. t'was yummy! =}

anyway.. i kinda miss this.. blogging and blurty.. so from now on, i will [or atleast try to] update again..

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hello y'all! :) [30.04.06|01:24am]
[ mood | amused ]

wow. my blurty friends are still posting..

it's been years..

there's a lot of changes.. lots of happenings..

here's some of 'em.. (not in order)

> i graduated October last year.

> i'm currently a bum.

> applying for course-related jobs in semiconductors in cavite/laguna area.

> lolo died July last year =(

> been in a serious relationship May 2004.

> serious relationship ended sometime in 2005.

> never had a bf since then.

> had a serious crush with a friend (who's now having a relationship with a girl that kinda looks like Pining, the one from pinoy big brother on studio 23 with Asia haha!)

> been dating lots of men last year..

> recently met a guy who is a lot better than my ex-serious crush, and any of my ex-dates LOL

> stopped dating other men since then..

> still not in a relationship.. just enjoying every moment with this guy..

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bye bye 2003.. [30.12.03|02:52pm]
[ mood | excited ]

happy new year guys!

tomorrow is new years eve..

we'll do barbecue-ing and drinking tequila, remi martin, kurant vodka, tequila and beer while waiting for midnight.. plus a couple of fireworks, too..

so there..

see ya on 2004, the year of the monkey :)

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tis the season to be jolly la la la la la!! [21.12.03|05:55pm]
[ mood | happy ]

few days to go and it's Christmas..

just wanna say Merry Christmas to all of my friends here at blurty..ÜÜ


There's been entirely too much externalizing of emotion lately. [06.11.03|05:49pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

> friendster.. add me? l0lz

> my car's windshield got hit by a rock and had this small crater like thing and i had it replaced in honda.. after that, i had it tinted to super black.. sabi ng iba, maniac tint daw.. hekhekhek

> im spending too much on bags.. i'll buy two this weekend, i had it reserved na.. and planning to buy another, but it's out of stock so i have to wait pa..

> i gained weight! wee.. 8 pounds heavier..

> i've been in a lot of bazaars.. and this weekend, cuenca (motortown, alabang). next week, sa school..

> and mall sales too.. this weekend, ATC.

> i bought the november issue of cosmopolitan.. and i got really shocked when i saw the picture of different types of breads arranged like a.. toot.. different sizes pa ha.. l0lz.

> im gonna buy a new cel soon..

> im having a hard time making my friend pay.. she owe me 18,000.. she hafta pay 3k a month.. got delayed by a month na.. aabutin pa ng december! grr..

> cant wait for simbang gabi.. i want to eat puto bumbong na.. hehehe..

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mars attack.. [27.08.03|03:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i saw the planet mars last night..

i was at the gym, taking a yosi break when i looked up in the sky and saw nothin but this small reddish star like thing.. i guessed it was mars..

and then that night, i watched the news and it's there.. they showed a picture of mars and its just like the one i saw..

i'll check it out again later.. it says in the news that the night of 27th will be the closest.. i should not miss this..

it'll happen again in a hundred years.. :)

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Well I've been busy. My schedule has been really hectic. But I'm coming to you guys now. [26.07.03|08:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

havent updated for weeks..

im so busy with school.. there's a lot of homeworks, esp with my japanese class.. and research papers for the other subjects..

do i still have a life?


poor me.

birthday ko last monday.. july 21.. nothin much..

went to duty free last sunday.. i bought a wallet and clinique happy perfume.. and my brothers? they bought 2 pairs of shoes and perfume and shirts.. they spent $200.. and my stuff are worth $50 lng.. daya.. hehehe

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Business ain't too, what-do-you-call, quick on Friday nights [11.07.03|05:56pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

ang aga ko sa school kanina.. may parade and mass kse.. and required kme umattend coz instead na may class kme ng 10:30-1:00 eh yun nlng..

tumakas nga lng kme nung bro ko and nung 2 other friends nya.. kumain nlng kme sa mcdo sa atc--the one on top of the hill.. tapos pagbalik namin ng school, communion na.. so yun, nagpass lng kme nung attendance slip then uwi na..

then nung nsa house na ako, watch lng ako ng tv and mjo antok na ko and i wanna sleep, kya lng tumawag si momy, nsa bf daw sha, waiting for dad coz nagpapahaircut si dady.. tapos sabi nya, kuha daw ako $200 sa safe (aka stash aka fireproof combination lock something).. and then maglunch daw sila sa rai rai ken sa bf, sunod nlng daw ako dun.. so yun pmunta ako, pag dating ko may food na ako.. hehehe =p~

then pmunta ako sa atc sa czarina money changer.. then sa office.. yung money kse, pampasweldo sa isang employee sa office.. so there.

anyway i've decided to get a 7650 nlng.. pero i dunno, bka not on my birthday kse mejo andami kong gastos.. =( why 7650? kse it has bigger lcd, may bluetooth (7250 dont have this), and looks elegant than 3650 (parang remote control kse eh.. hehe!)

share ko lng Ü

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hajimemashite! [28.06.03|03:40pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

hajimemashite. watashi wa maiboo desu. dozo yoroshiku.

that's the first japanese line i ever learned.. lolz.

that means, `how do you do. im maiboo. please to meet you`

anyway.. nakakapagod.. this week, kung wala ako sa school, nasa office ako.. gumagawa ng website ng company namin.. may bayad kaya ginagawa ko.. kung wala, bahala sila, humanap sila ng gagawa.. hehehe..

pero kahit pagod ako lagi, tumataba parin ako.. nagulat nga ako eh.. kanina nung sinusuot ko yung jeans ko, hndi ko maisara yung button.. hahaha.. nag gain na ako ng 5 lbs.. im so happy.. =p

yung ex ko nakikipagrecon.. ayoko na sa kanya, masaya na ako at tingin ko mas mabuti na yung ganito na friends kme.. tinanong nya pa ako kung hndi ko pa sha napapatawad.. napatawad ko na sha.. pero ang mahirap ay yung mabalik yung trust ko sa kanya.. =p

thanks pla sa mga nagcomment about sa 7250 and 7650.. ang bibilhin ko nlng ay 5110.. hehehe joke lang.. =p

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im learning japanese..lol [21.06.03|09:04pm]

first week palang ng school..

well.. ayoko ng english class ko.. block sila, as in.. hndi ko pa kilala.. isa lng kilala ko, yung gf ng friend ko, hndi pa kme close.. and sobra nakakainis sila.. ang corny nila e.. pero may isang cute.. lol isa lang.. pero parang gay e.. tsk sayang sha.. lol

yung marketing management, statistics, english literature ay ok lang.. masaya sa class kase mga kakilala ko mga classmates ko.. and hndi pa boring..

japanese yung foreign language ko.. may alam na nga ako e.. hai imasu ay present.. and imasen ay absent.. hehe..

pinapagawa ako ni daddy ng website para sa business nila nung american friend nya.. babayaran daw ako ng friend nya $100 =) whoopee!

nagssave kse ako for a 7650 or a 7250 :) ano ba mas ok? sabi kse nila, d daw mashado clear ang pictures sa 7250.. ü

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my sched.. [03.06.03|03:50pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

ang pangit ng schedule ko..

8:00-9:30 - English 3
10:00-12:00 - NatSci
4:30-6:00 - Stat

8:00-9:30 - English 3
10:00-12:00 NatSci
1:30-3:30 - P.E. swimming! damn!!
4:30-6:00 - Stat

1:30-3:00 - Marketing Mgt
3:00-4:30 - Phil. Lit.
4:30-6:00 - Foreign Language

sana mandarin yung foreign language ko.. sana hndi si monster ang prof sa natsci.. sana mabait yung p.e. prof para pumayag sha na hndi ako magswimming--papagawa ako medical na bawal ako sa chlorine.. hekhekhek!

sa buong stay ko sa school ko, ngayong sem lng ako na `to hndi na hassle ng sobra sa enrollment.. hndi na kse dumaan sa department chair.. sha lng naman kse nagpapatagal ng lahat e..

pero.. balak ko pa mag add (sa tuesday/thursday morning) and mag drop (ng 4:30-6:00 class ko ng monday/wednesday).. yun ang feeling ko mahirap at aabutin ako ng 2 days.. kelangan na kse ng sign ng department chair pag ganoon e..

1.75 nga pala ako sa programming.. yahoo!Ü

bumili ng pc sakin yung isang friend ko.. yehey. meron akong commission e.. nyaknyaknyak!

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its just those rainy days [28.05.03|05:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

It's just those rainy days
Spend a lifetime tryin' to wash away
Until the sun comes out and shines again
Smile for me, smile for me

All of those rainy days
Spend your lifetime tryin' to wash away
Until the sun shines and I see your face
Smile at me, smile at me!

walalang.. feel ko lang.

kakabili ko lang ng sweater sa kamiseta kanina.. ganda. hehe. =p

2 xoxo`s|xoxo?!

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