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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

7:30AM - Cheesecake

Darn. I had 3 pieces of Cheesecake on Sunday. And it made me sick. I shouldn't be glad it made me sick, but I'm disgusting. I can't believe I did that. Well, I did better yesterday. Breaded mushrooms only. I have drama after school tonight, but we aren't doing as much dancing as I had hoped... Oh well, I should go cause it's time for school, I'll write more later.

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Sunday, November 16, 2003

8:08AM - Stats

Okies, I just realized I don't even have my stats up yet! so, here they are:::::

Height: about 5'5"
High weight: 150
Low Weight: 118
Current Weight: 130

Yeah, that's about it for my stats... I've only been ana since May, and for a while I was back on the road to recovery I guess you could say. That's why I've gained so much weight. Actually, I wouldn't even say I'm ana. Yet. I am still too damn fat! When I'm skinny, then I'll call myself ana. *lol, kinda funny considering my username is german for anorexia nervosa*

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7:26AM - Pro Anorexia

There are a million Pro anorexia sites out there. They are really helpful for someone like me, but you would think with the way they've been getting shut down, someone would learn to disguise them or something. As it is, I have to hide what I am doing. If I got caught checking these sites out, I'd be back in the hospital before I could even begin to protest. I should make the best disguised pro ana site out there! lol. Well, i'm not that ambitious, but it's still a good idea.

Anyway, I really want to find a book I can buy that is pro anorexia. Something I can carry around with me, ya know? If anyone happens to know where I could find one, let me know, k?

I have to get to work on my research paper for english, but I had to update before I got to work. Chao!

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Saturday, November 15, 2003

10:34PM - New Here

Hi guys! Well, I dunno if anyone will really see this entry, cause I JUST made this, but Hi anyway.
I'm obviously new here, and if you read my bio, you'll know I'm underage (only 15). That's bad of me, I know, but I really needed somewhere I could write about my REAL feelings that people I know (IRL) won't see. I have already been to a psychiatric hospital once, and I don't want to go again. Anyway, it will probably be a while before this is up and running right, so bear with me, k?

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