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got the day off [18 Jul 2003|10:44am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | fugees-oh la la la ]

Yay...todays my day off, only cuz i requested off from work. I really didnt r/o for any reason, i just wanted ONE friday off for once. And i r/o for tomorrow cause i gotta go to my cuz graduation party.
Yesterday was nice, i got out for once. I went to motown with shana, we went to some stores and to my mas school then got some BK's (ciggarite man lol) then i went to the dr. then we went to a mall then i got dropped off at work.
I aint sure what im doin today..i just hope i get outta the fucken house.
Jovan called yesterday when i was with shana..we barely talked then i just told him 2 call me back and he didnt but it aint like i was caring cuz like i said before, right now im just worryin bout my own self.

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