--> Lindsay's Journal - 24th June '04
Windsurfing is sooo much fun!!   
07:50pm 24/06/2004
mood: giddy
music: "All Down Hill from here" by New Found Glory
Hi! Omg this week has been soooo much fun!!! OK, me and Jesi and Kelsey and Rosie (Jesi's dad's friend's daughter) r going 2 windsurfing camp @ the Clearwater Community Sailing Center. AHHHH it's so fun! It's from 9am-12:30. I no it sorta sucks waking up @ like 7:25 in the morning in the summer but it's worth it. And as if it wasn't fun enough the instructors r TOTAL BABES. Ours is John, and according 2 me he's the hottest. He's got ear-length blond curly hair and he's so hott. O ya and there's this other guy Billy who teaches us 2, but Kelsey likes him. He's ok, but John is WAYYYYYYY BETTER. And I'm sad that 2morrow is the last day! O poo.

( sleepin all day)