--> Lindsay's Journal - 3rd March '04
maybe every1 should just get locks for their mouths...   
08:34pm 03/03/2004
mood: okay
music: "Bigger than my body" by John Mayer
hi! man if ur my friend (which u better be cuz ur reading this) and u no 1 of my secrets...DONT U DARE TELL N E 1! haha.:-D. cuz lately, no1 has been able 2 keep secrets. yea, they should make a show about our skool and turn it into a soap opera. haha. ''O NO! THIS WEEK ON TARPON MIDDLE, SOMEONE STOLE LINDSAY'S MATH BOOK!" haha. they would run out of ideas really quick. cuz tsms is sooooooooooooooo boring. haha. but thank goodness that fcat is almost over!!! yay!!! only the science and nrt left. w00t w00t. lol. o btw- does n e 1 have n e
extra money lying around? cuz I REALLY WANT NEW CLOTHES! and i never have n e money. maybe i have like a steals-your-money-man that comes into my room at nite. hmmmm....

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