The best fucking weekend of my fucking life!   
03:34pm 17/07/2004
mood: cynical
music: um NA
okay I'm gonna start off with yesterday morning. Kacie and I went to Vincennes to sign her up for classes...well everything was going pretty good...we decided to skip the campus tour, so as we sat there this guy, Kenny, comes up and asks for a light. Kacie handed him her lighter and he left...well slowly but surely he came back. It was so obvious he wanted to sit and chat with us. We talked for about 5 minutes before he left. It was sad but hey at least now we know a new person. We then wandered over to Kacie's advisor's building where her advisor almost killed her. Kacie stepped back and stepped on me...she had ahold of the door jam to steady herself and her advisor shut the door on her pinky was funny oh so funny! Well then we met up with some people at home to go junk food shopping....the lock on the back of Kacie's car fell out leaving our junk food complete with milk in the hot trunk....yum yum! The night after that was pretty interesting..but nothing compares to the fact that we were walking in a graveyard at about 4am...Kara and Kacie were sitting on graves stones when Kara fell backward and brought the stone with her. Kacie tried to help kara put it back. Well they dropped it and it smashed the fuck outta kacie's toes...Celena and I didn't witness this we were walking around looking at the stones and talking about how we wondered what had happened to some of the ones who died so young. Well we left because kacie was bleeding and limping. We drove around and were followed by this truck...well the guy in the truck called the police and told them we were vandelizing the stones in the graveyard....WHAT AN ASS! The cops pulled us over and we told the truth...none of us had ID. Smart huh? Kacie was the calmest out of all of us so she showed the cops what happened and they let us go....smooth huh? We were lucky my grams woulda kicked my ass had I gotten arrested...stupid adulthood! Well after that everything was okay UNTIL Kacie was taking me home this afternoon and this Jackass almost rammed us in the side. Well that's my weekend so far stay tuned for what might happen tonight and tomorrow!