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1st December 2003

2:06pm: I just burned 700 calories working out. Go me. Woohoo.

20th November 2003

10:43pm: I wanna puke and die.

15th November 2003

11:53am: Why am I so weak? It makes me sick.

Work was good last night. Ate too much. Need to watch that. I want the weight off NOW!

9th October 2003

12:37pm: I need to update more often. Well. Summer was good. I got down to 128, but then I went to MN and to visit my friend and they fed me lots of delicious vegetarian food and I think I gained some weight. I haven't gained a lot though because my tighest pants still fit and they aren't ass-tight. It feels like I've gained a lot, but then again, it always feels that way.

Last week and this week have been hella stressful. Last week was an organic chemistry exam which didn't go so well. Note to self: study o-chem more. Yesterday was my astronomy and my Biocore exam. Astronomy was cancelled and switched to Monday for whatever reason. That sort of pissed me off because I studied, but oh well. Tonight is calc 2. It's a very very hard class, but for some reason, I'm feeling confident. Hopefully that doesn't kick me in the ass.

I've been up for 2 days and I haven't eaten anything except caffeine and sugar. This morning I threw up. My body was in tweak out overload. I just need to keep my levels up until 7 when my exam is done and then I can crash.

I'm out to study.

8th September 2003

7:14pm: All the hard work at the end of the year last year and the beginning of summer is lost. I was down to 130 and now I'm 137.5. It's not as much as I thought I was, but dammit! it's still too high. I don't have anytime to workout as I have a totally hectic and sickening schedule. RAR! Wait! I'll be spending so much time studying/working/being involved that I won't have very much time to eat. Convenient.

Back to astronomy.
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2nd August 2003

8:36pm: An Open (relatively) Letter to You

I'm putting this letter in Blurty because if I put it in LJ, or tell you in person, you will go all psycho-bitch on me. Frankly, I'm sick of dealing with your "problems". All you do is whine and bitch and complain. I'm sick of it. Get over yourself. Other people in the world have real problems. Need and example? Well, I have two. One, my friend's (lets call her Ann) mother has breast cancer that keeps moving all over her body. As a result of medical leave, she was fired from her job. Their family now has no medical insurance, except for her mom, who has insurance because she is a cancer patient. Their family is having problems paying bills and for the NECESSITIES! This is a very real problem as compared to your "problems". You say you don't have any money to pay for school, but yet your parents are paying for some of your housing and you have a little bit of federal aid for tuition and stuff. Yes, you don't have as much federal aid as other people do, but thats because your family has a little more money than other people do. And you know what? You have two jobs, which translates to money. If you really have so little money, maybe you shouldn't shop so much. Or maybe you could stop being a whiny, little brat. You're right. You haven't been spoiled during your youth, but your youth has still been cushy. You haven't had to deal with anything traumatic and you were always provided for. Please, stop the "poor me, the whole world is against me" attitude. It's old and very unbecoming. And another thing. You always wanted to be popular during high school, but you know what? It's overrated. But you'll never realize that will you? You won't because you base your self-worth on what you have and which people like you. Your behavior is getting old and I'm sick of it. I'm not listening to you anymore and I truly hope you make some changes. I hope you learn to NOT take your pissy moods out on the wrong people and I hope you figure out that being a diva bitch isn't cool. If you don't, dorm life is going to suck for you. And you might lose a few friends along the way.

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11th July 2003

12:48pm: I might be gaining weight back. Curse me for being weak this past week! I need to exercise, but at the same time I have to work at 4! Grrr!

It'll have to be a Tae Bo day.

19th May 2003

12:56pm: I'M FREE!!!!!

wow. one year of college under my belt. damn it went fast. and fall semester, i get to fuck up my GPA again with Calculus 2! yippee for me!

now i need to go get ready for work.


ps. wish me luck not eating any shit at work tonight!
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2nd May 2003

12:23pm: PS
The striped jeans referenced on April 3 fit again and I'm wearing them right now!

1st April 2003

2:02pm: This journal is now friends only. If you want to read it or whatever, just comment or something. Anyway.
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