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ha! [22 Apr 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Sugarcult ]

Well i just wanted to say that everyone should get live journal... I think its easier to use and you can do more things on it ...well I dont know if you people want to but if you do tell me so I can add you to my friends over there..

And adina i still havent come up witha plan

And I'll be your Memory

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[19 Apr 2004|10:41pm]
I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions; no more, no less. Ask me anything you want. Then, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.
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[18 Apr 2004|02:34am]
I do not know if this is going to work....

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DUDE [13 Apr 2004|06:42pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Taking back Sunday- Theres no 'I' team ]

Hello, umm Waffle her. First day back at school, and I'm gonig with a clean slate...DOING HOMEWORK! mommy said is I get straight A's I get a SG series kiddies. oh yeah I promise French toast that you can come over to my house everyday and use it!

Ok well Im glad to say, that I think I am getting my little Gay fuck.... no offense jsut a nick name.

A Static Lullaby is coming. I think I am gonig to that show by myself T_T ehh its ok. maybe Ill find a rapist like adina....

well ta ta from me the waffle [Giugi]

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my new.... [09 Apr 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | adina drinking orange juice ]

Hey, Im really LONELY right now. even though I am
at pilars house fun!

ok I got go....

buh bye from waffles!

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my new.... [09 Apr 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | adina drinking orange juice ]

Hey, Im really LONELY right now. even though I am
at pilars house fun!

ok I got go....

buh bye from waffles!

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10 [05 Apr 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

......need it say more

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What problems [03 Apr 2004|01:07am]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Slipknot ]

hello, first day of spring break, so far pretty boring. I am not doing anything the whole week and a half.

I really do not like when I like someone it sucks. Especially when they dont like you back, or are jsut looking into a friendship. Atleast I think he is.

Got a whole pack of 100 blank cds its awesome, and i jsut downloaded winmx which is cool too...jsut have to learn how to use it now. OK well for rite now Im going to go to search on WINMX and and

AS slipknot would say....

Fuck you all, fuck this world, fuck everything that you stand for!

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sup! [01 Apr 2004|07:33pm]
[ mood | nervous ]
[ music | Midtown- Knew it all along ]

I really dont have anything to say. I guess hi..... I put up some more pictures in my room. I cant wait till spring week tomorrow is the last day of school. But I am not probably going to see anyone. Cause they have lives and I dont.

AHHH! 1 week and a half with my younger cousin, shes a demon in a humans suit this isnt cool


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show [27 Mar 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Third Eye Blind ]

Hello there. I went to the Fall Out Boy show yesterday, it was great. Except I have never gottn so many bruises at one time before....

I WANT YOU! yeah you know you dont want it jsut dont lie to me...

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PICTURES! [23 Mar 2004|11:31pm]
[ music | Midtown ]


blurry picture!

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What more can I say [22 Mar 2004|07:41pm]
These have been som Fucking boring weeks. If I might say so myself. Most of the time talking to lorenaor Elisa, n watching movies with them. I'll post there picture later.... These past few days have gone by easy. I lik talking to steven, but every time I do I get sad and depressed. I tought after you went ot with a guy you were suppose to find him ugly, but I find steven hotter then when I went out with him....ehh oh well. I'll write in this before the big show (fall out boy/MEST/Matchbook romance)
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-tear- [29 Feb 2004|08:35pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Finch ]

Well hello, My cousins have come from Peru, its all gravi...

I just have to say that I am a fool, and When advice is given to me i should listen. I should have listen to choi, but I didnt and now I am stuck with a broken heart. My mom says that I am never suppose to show when I am weak. But Guess what? I cant do that. HA thats what I get for not listening to choi, when she said "dont love your first boyfriend, dont fall in love with him" But I did, and now I am alone again. What sucks about being Dumped, is that you know that the person you were with doesnt give 2 shits about you, or atleast isnt thinking of you, or has a broken heart....Especially when he breaks up with you over a text message. What the hell is that.... I would think he would have the fucking balls to do it in person.

-SCREAMS- Please God Make me forget it all. Make the pain go away, make it numb. If doesnt atleast go numb soon. I'll find my own measures to make it go away....

-Giulianna P.S.- I promise always to listen to choi now

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[22 Feb 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | All American Rejects ]

"they day I knew you would LEAVE! I can Bearly BREATHE! Can you hear me scream..."

I thougt it was tie for a dedication, I need anothr Bes Friend, that I talk more often to then G and Sofi, there still my best freinds, but I dont see them that much. and NNY is gone....maybe adina....

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YO [17 Feb 2004|03:45pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Third Eye Blind-London ]

OK my computeris freezing YAY, well these past days Have been gret and horrible. well the good, I get to hang out so much time with steven which is great. Also I discovered DONNIE DARKO!!!!!!!!!! well i dont realli want to say the bad things.

The Concert was awesome, Billy Talent was so good, I dont care what anyone says "WERE SO EMO!!!" HAHAAA he looked so sexy when he said that. Oh man and just spending time with choi ((which I realli have never done)) and Adina was great. But Im still kinda upset that choi didnt tell us that the bassis was getting high...its ok I still love her.

WoW I have known Choi for hmmm almos a yr if not more, and that was the first time that we actually had conversation together. I think we all got along.

Even though I am not wit sofia anymore, wel not in the sam school. I thikI am gaining sme new great friends... ^_^

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OK well its been real [01 Feb 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Green Day ]

Well I havent written in tthis in a while, whic his really weird for me, I never thought I could get away from it atleast for 24hrs, but I did and I am proud of myself. I survived a whole week without NNy arent you guys proud of me. I only cried hmmm...once but it was a good reason, it was friday cause NNY was gone.

I dont really like my new classes. I hate all the people in Mr. Jones class, I have to sit by all the spanish people, chris is gone form that class to,honly prson i ould talk to that was around my last name. ::sigh:: I hate
MS. BONDY!!!! I like mr. shapiro he just goes to quickly, and mrs.sakofsky isnt to bad, she is a bit to perky though.

well I think my whole obsession with benji is coming back, it never went away, it just went into hiding fora while. I miss sofia so terribly much again, there is no one to talk to about "stuff" well before I go on about how sad i am about sofia, i am going to say buh bye now....

P.S. choi is going to the MXPX show woot


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Weeeee! [21 Jan 2004|01:00pm]
'Tis G! Fun! Giugi is at my house and I thought I'd write. So weeeeeeee. Go randomness. Madd love.

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Fucked up in the HEAD!!! [19 Jan 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Story Of The Year/ New Found Glory ]

I feel like I am really fucked up in the head....I think that someone should actually put me in one of those jackets and put me in a paded room. There I can cry in solitary... I have fucking problems, but I dont want to write why cause then people will call me a bitch and a whore and many other stuff. But if someone will slap me sometime and tell me to come to my senses will be great.

I think I want to go to Mc Carthy next year. I am goin to miss people in Cypress but who gives a fuck. they will eventually foget me. Just like New Found Glory says

"Tell all my friends Im dead, Im leaving you this time its for good, tell all my friends that Im dead, it wont be long before you forget my name!!"
::depress sigh::
My mom keeps telling me to call sofia but I just dont know if I want to, she has probably made a new best Friend...and I am stuck alone in Cypress. and now NNY is leaving for sure at the end of this week. I think I am goin gto cry

Good Night

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[15 Jan 2004|10:11pm]
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GR* oldies [15 Jan 2004|10:02pm]
DUDE this is totally awesome, I am came home and looked through some old CDs from 3rd through 6th grade CDs and guess what I found.... I found.....VENGOBOYS!!!! AQUA- AQUARIUM, JA RULE- RULE 3:36, NATALIE IMBRUGLIA- LEFT OF THE MIDDLE, MYA- FEAR OF FLYING, PINK- CAN'T TAKE ME HOME, and last but not least NOW 2!!!!! Man I find that totaly awesome, maybe its cause I am a tard like that, ::shrug::....Well California was awesome, Iwent to CHINA TOWN and ate some real chineese food, man there were so many choi's their it was nt even funny, but if you think choi is skinny man then you havent seen these asian people. Now I am listening to AQUA oh yeah, this is great "happy boys and happy girls will be, we are the happy boys and girls..." heehee isnt that great. ithink I am going to find a god picture of AQUA rite now, cause there so happy. When I am inside so happy, it just hasnt me that NNY is leaving tomorrow, B ut I think we will keep in touch, I might see him on saturday ^_^, but after that I guess I must catch a bus too see him....Well I am goin gto look for that picture right now...until then buh bye
~Love ((insert heart here)) AAF Giugi
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