Natalie's Day

Monday, November 6, 2006

2:11AM - genious

I want a love
I want a fire
To feel the burn
My desires
I want a man by my side
Not a boy who runs and hides
Are you going to fight for me
Die for me
Live and breathe for me
Do you care for me
Cause if you don't then just leave

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3:01PM - no more games, this is it-to put it bluntly

im screaming at the top of my lungs and still cant seem to get your attention so heres what im thinking
you lie to me and im only a safe bet for you
the truth is you want more
if it were any other way i wouldnt have to play 3rd and 4th place to everyone elseee
i thought that this 350934854 million go around things wouldnt be the same but all signs continue to point to the fact that you dont want to make me a priority
i have a sneaking suspicion that after november, you will be with someone, whose not me
appearing to be happy whether you actually are or not, only time will tell
and i will still be pretending that im going to be okay
so all of that effort im not seeing, make it known as in make it obvious or let me know so i can stop killing myself for you and killing myself over you

Current mood: aggravated
Current music: all i hear anymore are empty words and heartless lies
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how about i stop caring and you compensate

see how it works out for you

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