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Thursday, November 2, 2006


short lilved high


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nice tact

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6:59PM - derrick

i like that you pick away all the jello because you know i secretly want the mandarin orange and i like that you joke about my loofah but would think twice before actually acting on one of those notions and i like that you are the only person who gets the door for me besides my daddy (you two are the only ones ive really let do that though) and i like that you know my tickle spots and i like that you annoy me until its funny, although i am not kidding and really am really annoyed and i especailly like that when you are annoyed that my mom can hold you up longer than i can (its a gift) but you are still polite and probably get something out of the conversation although you wouldnt admit it

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stop trying to hurt everybody
why is it so satisfying
i know what its like to be on the recieving end so please just stop
i hate being hurt, not that anyone necessarily loves getting hurt
but im sick of it and cant stop it
you can
so do it
be the better half
imprint the footsteps

Current mood: pissed off
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