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First entry... [15 Mar 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | "Follow Me" - Uncle Kracker ]

I have to make this a quick entry because I'm heading over to the hospital to volunteer. I promised I'd help Dr. Mason out. There was a bus accident off of the highway and a bunch of kids were involved. I don't know all of the details but they were coming back from a field trip and it started to rain. The bus skidded off the freeway and that's about all I know. I won't know more until I get there. I just wanted to say that with all that's been going on with Amy...I'm getting the feeling that I'm ruining the relationship she has with her friends. Justin especially. He's been a little distant around me lately. I love Amy with all of my heart but I don't want to ruin things with her friends. I know how close she is to them. Regardless, the rest of her friends didn't seem to have a problem with me. Their ridicule did however make me a little uncomfortable but she assured me that that's how they normally are. The only people who I sense have a problem with my presence are Justin and most of all...this JC guy. Amy assured me that there's nothing going on between them but...I don't know about that. She's known him a lot longer than she's known me and I can never be too careful...I'll have to watch for mixed signals. It might just be that she feels bad for him, which is understandable. Or maybe he's envious, that would be the most logical conclusion I can make.

I've been pretty worried about Amy putting a little too much pressure on herself and not taking the time to relax. She really should listen to what I've been trying to tell her. A girl her age with this severe a case of Anxiety should be taking it easy. Her dreams are what I'm most concerned with...she had a nightmare last night and the past few days, it seems like they have been occuring a lot. ::sighs:: I don't want to be overprotective but I'm only looking out for her when I say that it might be best if I recommend her to a sleep clinic so they can study these dreams she's been having and find out what's really going on. I have to get going now. I'll try and update tomorrow. Until then...everyone take care.


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