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    Saturday, January 8th, 2011
    10:23 am
    Cell Phone Spy Software - It Works!

    Nowadays there are so many gadgets and programs floating around that people may find it hard to keep track of technological advances. One thing only few people know is that these days it is possible to easily spy on your cell phone. You can find several Cell Phone Spy Software applications on the internet.

    You might wonder, why someone would need a cell phone spy software. However, there are many different reasons. For example parents might want to monitor their teenage girl's phone calls and text messages. A spouse may suspect cheating and listen in to calls to find proof of infidelity. Employers may use it to check if employees are making business or personal calls. But there are also other serious reasons for using cell phone spy software e,g, gathering evidence for sexual or drug abuse.

    So how does cell phone spy software work? All you have to do is download it to your cell phone. After that you connect to the cell phone you would like to monitor via bluetooth. There are also cell phones that you can buy that have the cell phone spy program already in it. The program secretly records calls and text messages. To view and listend to the recordings the user will have to log into the softwar eprovider's websites. Some applications will even allow you to listen to phone calls right from your cell phone in real time.

    Information that you can find out include records of all calls and messages as well as internet activity. You can also get senders numbers, recipients numbers, sms date and time, etc. Some cell phone spy software even gives you the ability to listen to what the cell phone owner is saying even if the person is not making a call

    This sounds scary, doesn't it? Yes it is scary. And the best thing is: The person you are spying on will never know you are monitoring his cell phone activity.

    Of course, there are privacy issues regarding this type of software Hard to believe, but it is not illlegal to monitor other people's cell phones. So you won't end up in jail

    Cell phone spy software is best used with the knowledge and consent of the person involved.

    Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
    3:39 am
    Cell Phone Spy Software - What You Need To Know

    One technique to catch up with a two-timing spouse or check up on your kids is to monitor their cell phone conversations and text messaging. Cell Phone Spy Software is for sale on the legal market that monitors someone else's cell phone (cheating spouse, employees, teenagers, etc...). The software connects to a second cell phone, namely yours, and displays to you the text message sent, the phone numbers called and received, video or still images transmitted and received in addition to as the capability to hear cell phone conversations.

    Cell Phone Spy software is very advanced these days and the grea tthing is it can be downloaded online. Commonly costing under $100.00, the software is loaded directly to your cell phone. Most software uses bluetooth to connect to the target phone. There is no software is downloaded to the target cell phone at all. The person using the target cell phone will never recognize that another person is able to monitor their cell phone usage.

    The software is ready to work right after you downloaded it from the website on which you purchased it. After loading the application you employ a blu tooth to connect to the target cell phone. It is a straightforward matter of observing a a couple of onscreen instructions and then your software is ready to monitor the target phone. Whenever the person owning the target phone makes a call, the spy software rings your phone and you can listen to the conversation in real time without the other person knowing about it.

    Here are some of the things cell phone spy software can do with a targeted cell phone:

    * Look at the cell phones text messages.
    * View contact list.
    * View the targeted cell phones sent and received images.
    * Calls other numbers through the targeted cell phone.

    So how to find Cell Phone Spy Software? Just do a quick search on Google or any other search enigne and you will get a list of software within seconds.

    Thursday, December 9th, 2010
    6:43 am
    Mobile Phone Spy Software - What You Should Know

    Are you afraid that your husband is cheating on you? Do you want to monitor your children's text messages? As much as there are tones of models to choose from, there is also a ton of spy software to suit every phone available. This way, you can instantly turn your hubby's cell phone into a spy phone. These software applications make it really easy to spy on cell phone! Here are the following steps to get you started on phone spying.

    The first thing that you have to do is to select a mobile phone spy software that is compatible to the cell phone you wish to spy on. The internet provides a lot of information on the different spy software you can use. Two of the best cell phone spy software tools available are Flexispy and SpyBubble. These two software programs are the top sellers online and are already used by thousands to monitor their spouses, children, and employees. Every concerned individual should have a good software program to be able to effectively spy on cell phone.

    After purchasing the software application, it is time to install the program. The installation module can be instantly downloaded after purchasing the software on the target cell phone. Instanlty after the software has been installed on the target phone all cell phone activities will be recorded. An online account will be provided as an avenue to check the cell phone's log which includes text messages, call history, contact list, and other information

    Another step is to configure the settings to match your preferences. Settings need to be configured to adjust the extent at which you want to monitor the target phone. You should note that a good cell phone spy software should allow you to recover deleted data on cell phone. It should also allow you to intercept calls as well as record the entire telephone conversation. When the target phone receives a cell, you will be able to receive a message informing you of the incoming phone call. With the help of this feature you will be able to listen to phone calls in real time!

    Thursday, November 25th, 2010
    12:10 pm
    Monitor Your Child's Cell Phone Activity

    First of all what exactly is a cell phone spy software? It is a software application that is installed on someone's phone without his or her knowledge. A cell phone software allows you to monitor calls, text messages, and more received on that cell phone. Without a doubt, there are numerous reasons why someone would use such a software application. Most common reasons are to monitor your teenage child's phone activity or to catch a cheating spouse.

    Employers also sometimes use spy software to keep an eye on their employees, especially if the phone is company-owned and intended solely for work purposes. With the use of the spy software, employers, parents and suspicious spouses get to see messages on the mobile phone, listen in secretly to calls, and track the cell phone user's location using GPS.

    How does the cell phone spy software work? First, it is installed on the mobile phone of the person whose calls are to be monitored. Most of the times this is done secretly, either when the person is asleep, before the phone is given to him or her, or when the person is away from the cell phone. It should be noted that once the software is installed, it is in no way detectable on the phone itself. The cell phone owner will not notice that the software is installed. Even if he or she is using the phone's task manager, which can be found in phone's using Windows OS).

    Calls and messages on the phone may be monitored by logging in to an associated account for the spy software, using any computer that has Internet connection. Once logged in, what can be seen are:

    *Call logs: including the number of each incoming or outgoing call, time and duration of the call, and a recording of the call itself;

    *You will get an overview of all text messages that have been sent and have been received. This includes full text, the number it was sent to or has been received from and the time

    *Online activity: websites visited on the phone, date and time of visit; and

    *Real-time GPS location of the phone.

    Most cell phone spy software is compatible with popular smart phones such as the iPhone and Blackberry, as well as phones based on Windows Mobile, Android and Symbian operating systems. You will even be able to track and monitor iPads.

    Several versions of the software, with different features, may be purchased online, and then directly downloaded and installed into the cell phone.

    Make Sure To Check Out Mobile Phone Spy Software