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[08 Jun 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | radio head * creep ]

today was a pretty fun day =) Mariusz came over and I was finally able to see him ALONE for the first time since forever..i missed that and we had SO much fun together...i started a water fight with him in my backyard lol n i was screamin n running around trying to get away from him...and i 'skateboarded' with the assistance of mariusz lol...andddd then jenn came over...and then vinny called n wanted to stop by so he did too...we just sat around and talked..nuthin special...we went to the Iron Knights clubhouse and that was fun lol. Umm so yea that was my day. OO YEA! im gonna start taking classes in NY at the American Ballet Theatre!!! exciting, huh!? lol im nervous but itll do a lot for me. yay.

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[01 Jun 2003|11:47am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | marilyn manson * mobscene ]

alllllright well last night we (meaning me, mariusz, jenn, and ally) had planned to go to another feast thing but it turns out that starts tonight so we just walked around for a while..a long while. I had a pretty good time but i dont know about everyone else...=\ umm so yea today I have a lot to do...I gotta type up my research paper again, get ready for dance, go to dance from 4-5, come home n shower again, get ready to leave by 6, 6:30, and go out to dinner for Adrienne's graduation, so yea ima go for now. bye bye. "SHANANANANANANA KNEES KNEES" lmao that was good


[31 May 2003|12:10am]
..series one// you
:-: name : dana
-:- birthdate : jan 21
:-: birthplace : newark
:-: eye color : light brown
-:- hair color : brown blonde highlites
:-: righty or lefty : righty
-:- zodiac sign : aquarius
:-: innie or outtie : innie
-:- font : ci duno

..series two// favorites
:-: music : metal, punk
-:- cartoon : simpsons, south park, beavin n butthead
:-: color : purple
-:- slushy flavor : grape
:-: magazine : i like all my magazines
-:- tv show : the osbournes
:-: song : too many to name
-:- language : english
:-: spice girl : sporty haha
-:- food/beverage : mozarella sticks and vanilla coke or sprite remix
:-: subject in school : dance
-:- ice cream flavor : mint chocolate chip
:-: roller coaster : nitro or medusa

..series three// what you did
-:- your most overused phrase on aol : wats up?
:-: 1st thing u did when u woke ^ this morning: thought i was runnin late n i wasnt
-:- The last image/thought you go to sleep with : mariusz
:-: the first feature you notice in the opposite sex : eyes or smile
-:- the best name for a butler : umm giovani LMAO dont ask
:-: The wussiest sport : tennis
-:- your best feature : umm i duno lol my eyes? a lot of people like em
:-: your bedtime : late
-:- your greatest fear : hmm...bugs lol
:-: your missed memory : 8th grade year

..series four//you prefer
-:- pepsi or coke : coke
:-: mcdonald's or burger king : burger king
-:- single or group dates : either
:-: adidas or nike : adidas
-:- chicken nuggets or chicken fingers : either
:-: dogs or cats : meow, kitties
-:- single or taken : taken =)
:-: tupac or jay-Z : ew none
-:- shania Twain or leAnn rymes : noooo
:-: lipton ice tea or nestea : yuck
-:- one pillow or two : 2
:-: chocolate or vanilla : vanilla
-:- hot chocolate or hot cocoa : isnt ti the same thing?? lol
:-: cappuccino or coffee : cappuccino
-:- boxers or briefs : boxers

..series five//do you
:-: take a shower everyday? : no im dirty
-:- have a(any) crush(es)? : uh no
:-: do you think you've been in love? : yea...=)
-:- want to go to college? : yupperz
:-: like high school? : YES
-:- want to get married? : definately
:-: type with your fingers on the right keys? : naa
-:- believe in yourself? : sometimes
:-: have any tattoos/where? : nope
-:- have any piercing/where? : 9 5 left ear (3 lobe 2 cartilage) 3 left lobes n belly button
:-: think you're a health freak? : hmm kinda
-:- get along with your parents? : yessum
:-: Like thunderstorms? : no rain sucks

...series six// the future
-:- age you hope to be married : whevern im ready..maybe 24ish depending on who im with ;P
:-: numbers and names of children : 3 the most
-:- Where do you see yourself at age 20? : dancing still
:-: Describe your Dream Wedding : one like my sisters without a doubt =)
-:- How Do You Want To Die : =\ i dont wanna...
:-: What do you want to be when you grow up? : dancer
-:- What country would you most like to visit? : france or italy

..series 7// opposite sex
:-: best eye color? : doesnt matter
-:- best hair color? : whatever
:-: short or long hair? : SHORT
-:- best weight? : any, normal wieght
:-: best articles of clothing? : awsum accesories
-:- best first date location? : anywhere, its thought that counts right??
:-: best first kiss location? : whenever its right

..series 8// other
:-: when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? : last nite
-:- how many rings until you answer the phone? : 2
:-: what's on your mouse pad? : comp usa stuff
-:- how many houses have you lived in? : 1
:-: how many schools have you gone to? : 2
-:- what color is your bedroom carpet? : dont have a carpet
:-: would you shave your head for $5000 dollars? : prolly lol
-:- if you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take three things with you what would you take? mariusz / friends / a boat
:-: what was the best time of your life so far? : too many good moments...

..series 9//things you wear daily
:-: deodorant : secret
-:- hair gel : extreme rock hard epoxy...HAHA
:-: shoes : adidas
-:- necklace : the one mariusz gave me
:-: clippy things for hair : all different
-:- thongs : a bunch of colors
-:- socks : whatever

..series 10//lists
* 6 objects you touch every day
:-: hair
-:- cats
:-: dog
-:- glasses
:-: food
-:- pens n pencils

* 5 things you do everyday
:-: shower
-:- brush teeth
:-: do my make up
-:- talk on the phone
:-: sleep

* 4 Things you couldnt live without
:-: mariusz
-:- my best friends - jenn, ally
:-: my family
-:- my animals

[30 May 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | marilyn manson * fight song ]

helloo, ummmm i got my glasses again, yay. They gave me a temporary pair to wear until today when my original ones came in, the best part is that they were free. Umm yea, On Monday Sherry came over to do my hair, its cute. SOO short tho lol im not used to this...and its blonde yay. Its really hard for me to do tho cuz Im not used to it and Sherry never showed me how to blow dry it to make it look real good, ehh so when i go to school it looks like shit cuz i dont take the time out to do it lol but whatever. Umm what else is new? Im really hungry right now and thinking of more ideas for my dating show that im making lmao. Jenns going ot be the bachlorette and Ima interview every guy shelikes and have htem go on dates with her which Ill video tape and she can vote the guys off one by one LMAO and were gonna have speedo contests and stuff to judge the guys in. And I decided to make a video portfolio of each guy as well as take nude pictures in order to judge them physically the right way HAH...well yea thats all its late sorta so i better go


[25 May 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | marilyn manson * dope show ]

alllllright. well im all better now except for my cough and occasional stuffy nose. SO last night Sherry called to say shes going to do my hair Monday, YAY!!!!!!!! hehe anyways, I was cleaning my room and talkin to Mariusz on the phone and I realized I have a research paper rough draft due on Tuesday and I didnt even start it cuz I dont know where to begin with it considering I was out of school for the past 6 school days. Umm yea and I have a science project due that I need mariusz to help me with cuz he can draw. Last night me n Mariusz has some fun on the phone. OUr plan is to go to an icecream truck and order a cone full of sprinkles or a cup of sprinkles lmao. YOu gotta hear him act that out...

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[23 May 2003|04:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Marilyn Manson * Sweet Dreams ]

well lets see..i stood home again today and did nothing but watch The Osbournes lol. I was all alone and laughin my ass off as loud as so strange...anyway im feeling a helluva lot better finally =) only thing is i didnt watch Crazy/Beautiful today lol, what has the world come to?? hah Anyways Ive been doing my pilates..that shit is painful..I cant even get through half the video...andI can't believe I USED TO BE ABLE TO DO IT EVERYDAY IN school (sry i jus hit caps n dont feel liek retyping) anyways....Monday I should be getting my hair done...finally. Sherrys gonna color, highlite, and cut it wee. bye bye ugly red hair!! =D i cant wait to be semi-blonde again! and I really cant wait until I can cut it allll off!!! yay. umm so yea those of you who actually care i have a new's CHiX diG m0hawkZ lol dont ask i find it cool for osme strange reason...well im gonna go now. cya o yea..Marilyn Manson is god =)

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[23 May 2003|12:54pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | David Grey * This Years Love (crazy/beautiful) ]

the date on this is wrong so yea..sry bout that but im pissed offffffff!!!!! i broke my glasses and now my moms gonna be super pissed at me! ugh n i cant see ANYTHING, fuck! on top of that im dizzy and i have a headache n dotn feel good and it really sucks! everyone went to see the lion king costs 300 bux for a good seat to see that show and school got them for richardson (dance teacher) called to tell me 10:00 tuesday night and i couldnt go cuz im sick! n everyone had sucha fun time. Luis called right when i woke up from a nap yea we talked n i talked to carlos a little bit...umm fuck american idol..ill never watch that piece of shit show again...i HATE ruben!!!!!!!! ughhh he has NO talent! Clay on the other hand was full of it and not to mention he's just so fuckin adorable...thats ok tho because if they actually use America's votes to calculate the winner..then these people living here have no eye for talent...seriously i knwe a lot of people who voted for clay...A LOT and he still lost..i think it was all a set up just because of who ruben is..but stil; home from school...bored...and pissed and im gonna be in trouble for my glasses..yay bla bla bla o yea the doctor's medicine made me even worse..she gave me 2 things to the first one i took upset my stomache n it was extrememly painful..the second one made me really dizzy n sweaty but cold at the same time...i NEVER ever sweat like that and last night i sweat through one of my shirts even tho i kept piling deoderant on..gross. SO yea..mariusz is home too cuz hes sick but tired of typing so im gonna go now...o yea i saw Crazy/Beautiful like 20 mre times cuz I have it taped and I cant believe how much I love that movie! Nicole's life sucks...but seems so perfect once she meets Carlos =) Jay Hernandez is a cutie..but yea its so awsum, if u haven't seen it you hafta...


[23 May 2003|10:25am]
name: dana
age: 15
eye color: light brown
nickname(s): dee, noodle, penis[lmao thx. luis & jean], deenie
best friend(s): jenn, ally, mariusz, jen, luis,lucy, bettany, andd a lot more people lol
parent names: lorraine and dave
heritage: czeckslovakian[cant spell], irish, polish, english, american
School: arts high school - dance major!!!!
Grade: 9th
Mascot: jaguars! wheee
Major: DANCE =D
Name 5 words to describe yourself: dancer, perfectionist(sometimes), umm weird, bitchy, little

color: purple
food: mozarella sticks
drink: vanilla coke, sprite remix
show: right now its surf girls
movie: crazy/beautiful
type of music: metal, punk
song: theres a lot

Of your friends which is the.....
Funniest: jenn, ally, mariusz, or jen c...luis too lol n jean
Prettiest: were all sexy
Smartest: luis
Craziest: jenn and mariusz
Most likely to succeed: hah prolly none of us lolol
Hangs with you most: jenn and mariusz
Best Style: i duno lol
Flirtiest: hmm...jen c. lmao that slut
Quietest: prolly ally or lucy
Loudest: jen c
Sweetest: lucy
One you share all your secrets with: jenn, mariusz, ally
Wierdest: ALL of em
Blondest: LMAO!! jenn!!!
the one that lives farthest away: duno but my kenilworth friends i, derek
the one that lives closest: jenn
One you have known the longest: jenn

Have you ever:
Cut your own hair: yup
Dyed your own hair: yup
Skipped School: duh
Got in trouble with the police:
Went to a concert: =D yup
If so,who did you go with and who was in concert: iok in 4th grade Sherry[my sister] took me to Spice Girls lmao then 7th grade Sherry n Adrienne [sisters] took me to see NSYNC, then Anthony's cousin and fiance took me and jenn n ant to Blink 182 and NFG n Body Jar, Me and Jenn went to Dream Street, me, Jenn, and Ally, went to a Dream Street meet n greet lmao, and finally me and jenn saw Red Hot Circuit, LESS THAN JAKE!!, Good Charlotte, and New FOund GLory a few weeks ago! whee..maybe next is warped tour =P
Ran away from home: not really
Broken a bone: unfortunately
Fell asleep in class: noperz
Gone to jail/juvenile: nooooooo
Been in the hospital: for broken bones..
Gotten lost on a vacation: uh no

How often do you dream? almost every night
Do you dream in black/white or in color or both? color
What do you dream about? Romace? Adventure? Mystery? Horror? anything
When you dream, do you see what's happening in a character's view or camera type view? camera
Do you daydream? yep
Do you ever write stories? naa
If so, do you ever get to the middle of it then it just seems to make no sense or have no plot so you just give up? no
Do you have dejavu often? every now n then
Do you ever dream about something then it happens later that month? not really..or not that i remember
Do you ever watch a movie you've never seen before but recognize some of the scenes/group of lines? yep ..
What do you think about at night? mariusz =)

[20 May 2003|11:03am]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | homegrown * kiss me, diss me ]

i can make a list of like 20 things im mad at right now....
1. my boobs hurt
2. im getting cramps again
3. my nose is stuffy
4. my nose is runny
5. my throat hurts
6. i keep coughing that nasty gross cough
7. i keep coughing up ahh this shit in my throat n its nasty
8. the shit in my throat makes me gag n i almsot thre up like times already
9. my throat feels swollen
10. i have doctor appointment for 2:30
11. i hate that lady (the doctor)
12. im bored
13. i have 3 days of homework to make up so far
14. i want to get my homework so i can do it but nobody was online that i have class with last night
15. its not fair that i dont get to dance cuz im sick
16. the forecats for all week till mondya so far is rain
17. i was yelled at all morning and i told my mom she was being mean and she said no she wasnt
18. nothing good is on TV
19. i have no more good songs to listen to
20. right now everyones in lunch and im here...bored


[20 May 2003|10:23am]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | juliana theory * this is your life ]

ughhh i swear im never going to be happy. Todays just a retarted day cuz I dont want tobe home....i want to be in school dancing like everyone else is right now...but my mom didnt wake me up until 8:10 (time school starts) and yea i got yelled at for all this stuff cuz i feel a little better n didnt wanna go to the doctor..its so lame. Now i hafta go to her and it sucks cuz i dont feel like going anywhere. . .ughh if she makes me do anything i dont want to im going to tell her to click my friggen bloody ass pms'y clit and like it cuz i am just not in the mood for it at all today. I cant wait until next week when all the PMS finally wears off cuz all i do is cry now a days. I want the sickness to go away too. The only good thing about going to the doctor is that Im going to get 3 excused absenses (friday, yesterday, today) and more if she keeps me out for the week or something...bla bla bla bla bla! Mariusz is home today and I know hes going to regret it..blaa i want to be better already, damn. I dont enjoy sitting home watching TV all day....not one bit because it makes me feel lazy and i am not a lazy person at all. I love this song, for some reason it just makes os much sense to me, everyone should download it
This is your life - Juliana Theory
Baby, you say, "this is your life, well where is mine?"
how you gonna get there going nowhere? burn yourself out. die
too soon. you see the world is only temporary. everybody's scared
that they'll be no one too. how you gonna hold out when
you sold out? life's a riddle. here's a clue. you see, a moment's
only temporary. let too many go, and you will be history too.
"why?" you ask me. "why?" i'll tell you. "why?" i will tell
you. you gave up baby.


[19 May 2003|03:05pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | listening to Sugar & Spice again from the lving room ]

ughh..i stood home from school once again sucks! last night i went to bed at midnight..and i didnt feel good at all and ended up waking up at like 3AM. I didnt do anything but lay there...I heard my dad get up and then my mom got i went into the kitchen and went to tell my mom how horrible i felt and hardly any voice came i stood home cuz i have a headache, sore throat and chest, and been up since yea
i watched TV all morning..first i watched SUgar and Spice and then some other stuff. The best movie i seen today was by far Crazy/Beautiful. I wish i caught it at the beginning tho cuz it was a great movie!! i was sittin there and started to get mild cramps and yea....blahhhhhhhhhh. Now im here....bored...tired..voiceless..and in excruciating pain as a result of killer cramps. See, thats exactly what i cannot stand about being a chick...we always hafta put up with the painful shit...seriously what really ever happens to a guy? he gets hit in the balls? and most of the time thats their Well..anyway yesterday was a good the late afternoon it was anyways cuz Mariusz came over from like 4 till 9 cuz my mom felt bad for me sitting there alone and bored. So he tried teching me how to skateboard once again and do this cool trick thing that i forgot the name of lol, im great at it *cough, cough* then we took like 235776457894 pics of him being like Zoolander cuz hes cool. Ummmmm we had pizza things and next time im holding him hotage so he cant leave here lol cuz i didnt want him to go considering i haden't seen him for about 2 weeks. Well, i gotta report to do, bye


[16 May 2003|06:21pm]
[ mood | holdin bak the tears/depressed ]
[ music | nothing ]

WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FUCKED!?? god dammit i cant fucking stand this no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got jenn pissed off and thats just fucking great, im an asshole and i have something wrong with me!!! i dont know what to do anymore im fucking hopeless....everything sucks so much! any second now im gonna fucking burst out into tears..i can feel it


[16 May 2003|05:40pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | The Mad Capsule Markets*Good Girls ]

ok well yea im in a pretty pissy mood right now. Stood home from school today cuz I wasn't feeling good this morning...but yea. Im ok now, im just getting cramps and i wish things could just speed up and happen already!! grr motherfucking late periods suck!!!! well...Mariusz went to science high with dave and kamil for their show thing and i was pissed off that i felt like shit and couldnt go to that because all week i kinda planned on going and stuff but whatever. Vinnie called me before which was a big surprise..he sure got me to smile lol. I cam eon here and talked to Jenn and she wants to go out so Ill prolly go with her despite all the bad-ness i thing that i love about talkin to jenn is that i always get in a good mood, yay. Soo maybe now were going to the mall..and now she just mentioned bowling..since we seen all the movies out...ahh my stomache hurts real bad =( ummm yea ill update later.


[14 May 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | nothing.. ] update in forever...well i left off the night before the was sooo fun!! lol im so proud of myself cuz i didnt screw up. School was eh the following week cuz we were out of class doing the production stuff with American Ballet Theatre for the big show for the juniors and seniors that was sooo nice!! I did the lighting for the last was hard but fun and i didnt screw that up either! Rich Lotta (profssional lighting technician for American Ballet) says I should considering operating the lightboard for other things...and i wouldnt mind it lol so yea...Jenn got to sit next to Sean..Richardson's son that night lmao...funny!!!! that kid got ADD right jenn? lol her and my mom had fun with him...and they got his screenname too lmao. Yea well Im no longer talking to certain people anymore...hah. Hmmmm..what else??? i cant even think lol. My boobs hurt really bad...bleh lol its scaring me for some weird reason....Ive been so bitchy to people lately too..cant help it tho. Uhm, Im getting my braces off in like a month and 3 weeks...On June 11 i go and get my mold thingy for my retainer and then 3 weeks after that when my retainer comes in i get my braces off! im sooo excited :D ima be soo smiley lol..well thats all for now cuz im not in a great mood now so yea


[30 Apr 2003|05:47pm]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | All American Rejects * Swing Swing ]

ahh! ok i cant update cuz im so busy but tomorrow is showtime..i have one show in the morning and then another at 7 and even tho all my parts sucks ass im sooo fucking nervous..not so much for the first show..but for the second lol please dont let me screw up....ahhhh i cant take it lol all i know is that jen and me r gonnna have so much fun afterschool tomorrow with jenn and mariusz lol ok now i hafta shower cuz im filthy dirty form the stage and sweaty and ill talk to ya soon!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


[27 Apr 2003|04:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Garbage * I would die for you ]

wow! no update since forever!! lol ok well last week we had Spring Break..whoo! it was boring yet fun lol. I got to see Mariusz like everyday wee. The funnest day was Wednesday lol. Jenn came over and then from here we went over to Mariusz's house and had SO much fun there! Dave and Kamil rock! Kamil is fuckin hilarious lol and Mariusz is like wow lol. So from there we went to the movies to go and see Holes...GREAT movie..if you dont go see that your a dumb Jenn's mom took us to the movie so we didn't hafta freeze waiting for the bus so wee. Then Dave came and picked us up..and dropped us all off at home. It feels cool to have an 18 yr oold guy driving us around were not with parents anymore which is stupid lol. I got home and got in like an argument thingy with my mom over something I did but told her i didnt I hafta delete myold screenname. Anyway...Friday I went to school..did nothing at all really...went to the movies with Ally, Mariusz, and Jenn but couldnt get in cus it was rated fucking R..which is gay...lmao Mariusz kept screaming "MY MOM LETS ME WATCH PORN, AND IM NOT ALLOWED TO SEE A RATED R MOVIE!!?" lmao. SO yea we went home..Then Saturday sucked...and I watched Josie and the Pussycats for the millionth time...watching that movie makes me want to keep my hair red..but Im not going to because I know I'll regret it...My mom walked in and shes like really look like her...ur going to look like that when your like 23 lol. Im like thats scary...anyways today Adrienne took me and my mom to the mall because I had to return my bathing suite cuz it was too I exchanged it and started looking around. Well, I went on a shopping spree at Delias...lmao yep...Delias..I havent stepped foot in that store for almost a year was all about Hot Topic and stuff..but Im tired of dressing like that because it makes me feel like shit. Im tired of looking like shit, I want to look nice and 'approachable' because I look at other people and then at myself...and I look like Im dressing in rags..I think its so nasty...SO my mom was EXTREMELY happy to see me looking at all the happy shes like get whatever you want!! LOL so we got like 300 dollars worth of came out to 200sumthin tho cuz we spent so much we got like money taken off so yay. My mom was like wow...colors, Ive seen you in black for the longest time..hah..and I got new sneakers and Mariusz thinks im ghetto because I got old school white on white adidas..whatever lol I like them..So then I got home...called Mariusz for like 15 mins..and went to Shop Rite with my mom. Then I came home again and like there were these 2 little mexican fuckers sittin on the curb next to a van that said 'El Bandidos' in otherwords Im thinking that means The Bandits?? hah..then im lookin and I see people moving in the car..turns out the fuckers had a hooker in there LMAO..sick bastards..I feel bad for ugly people..they hafta pay to get laid Lmao..I bet they gave her a shit load..there were like 6 of them lol..ugh nasty ass people..So yea lol my mom was like im gonna call the cops and she went to take the liscense plate number down and my neighbor was with her (my uncle's, girlfriend's, 20 year old daughter..) and they saw that so they took Now Im sitting here..Im guessing Mariusz is practicing with Cory (wee guitars lol) and ll talk to him after that...I gotta put my hair in twisties or something for tomorrow for rehersal for the show on Thursday..eek Im nervous..wish me luck! Jenn, Ally, and Mariusz if you wanna come talk to me about how my moms gonna get you guys and stuff :D SO yea Im going to go..buh bye

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[18 Apr 2003|12:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Bush * Glycerine ]

well..long time no see huh? ok lets go back to Sunday, the day sucked so much all day long...I sat here online and did nothing and then finally Jenn was like you wanna go hang out around Newark and whatever? so we did that and it was awesome, we met up with Mariusz and Tommy found us along the way. It was coooooool. Then Monday... i really dont remember went by fast, actually all week of school went by fast. I still dont have my science fair project started cuz Uncle Vinny decided to do other things but whatever I dont care anymore. Last night sucked pretty much...I found out some things that made me really upset and now everything just seems so i know its going to happen soon..but yet i cant believe it will...whatever i dont feel like getting into it. All i know is that I miss the old times. I miss being able to see Ally all the time, I miss being able to just go out because I have nothing else to do afterschool. It isnt fair that I hafta stay for stupid rehersals and everything, to richardson im just a fucking nobody..the only people that matter to her are Justin Brittany and Angelica so fuck her too. Im in trouble and Im supposed to be going out with Jenn tonight but I doubt thats going to happen..Im not supposed to be on here right now and Im not supposed to talk on the phone. I was suposed to get my hair done today but that clearly isnt going to happen considering sherry didnt call back..god dammit. I hate easter so fucking much..HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT and if you have anything against me saying fuck easter because of what its supposed to be I dont wanna hear it. Im tired of being yelled at all the fucking time over nonsense. In a way I regret yelling at my mom like I did but still in all she didnt hafta yell at me over what I did because it was a simple fucking mistake. Anyway, for easter Im not doing anything, yay. Im going to sit next door with my family (wow...only 4 or 5 of us will be there)and do nothing. At least Adrienne will be there. Easter is sucha boring waste of a day. Its grandmother died..lets ALL have a fucking holy week for her too and celebrate on August 12....if what they say is true then no one person is better than another...if thats so then why do we worship the death of Jesus if hes no better than the others who have died? Im so fucking glad I dont hafta put up with bullshit like that...


[13 Apr 2003|11:31am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | mest * richard marxism ]

goood morning...haha last night got a little better as time went on and somehow Mariusz and Kamil I guess too attempted to get me hyper..theyre so funny lol u cant help but to laugh...anyways today uncle vinny is supposed to help me do my science fair project but i havent heard from him yet...grr..I wanna get it done so I can go out later on or something because im sick and tired of sitting here!! If my uncle doesnt get it done soon tho then Im pretty much screwed....ahh I wanna go out and see everyone! i miss ally-kat!! i wanna see herrrr =( I miss it so much being the four of, jenn, ally, and mariusz..we had soo much fun together and lately everything has just yea im about to go shower and all and get my uncles ass to do my project...cya


[12 Apr 2003|09:31pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
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i hate this so much...all i ever do is cry. At first I thought it was just bad pms...but now i realize that something is wrong...i cant even help because im not too sure what it even is. fuck...i wish this feeling would just go away...nobody understands me enough to help me, or at least thats what i think. i cant stand it anymore...i know it hurts other people to see me like this..and the way i act towards some people upsets them too much and i hate pissed off at myself for that but i really just cant help snapping like i do...i can only handle so much shit...everyday my tolerance for things becomes less and less....


[08 Apr 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | metallica * bad seed ]

helloooooo well today was a good day hehe. WE hadta take the SPA test...the math part today and I think I like failed it lol but i dont really care...umm yea so lunch was funny..David was soo dam bouncy!! lol and lucy drew on his face with a pen..and then belinda got him with a highliter lmao it was so funny. Then me and johanna didnt wanna go to 5th period (english) cuz the teacher wasnt there so we decided to ditch with Luis(whose lunch is 5th) and go to Mr. Duroca's room to play guitar LOL and we got caught. It was so funny cuz were like there waiting and its about maybe 10 mins into class..and so im like Mr. Melchor lets jus go so we start walking 'read the notices' that were for the vocal majors LMAO and "hes like do u ladies have a pass?" and I keep walkin to the stairs...and Johana goes "RUN!!!!!!!!!!" LOL!!! so I like start goin up the steps real fast and Mr.Melchor (who never yells) yells "DONT YOU GIRLS RUN!!! COME BACK OVER heRE!!" soo we just went back lmao and hes like "do you have a pass?" and were like "no...we were going to our lockers and stuff and were on our way to class.." and he was juslike "so your late then for class. . ." and were like "uh huh" lol so we went and escaped probably suspension muahahaha. Lol anyways,..i find out new stuff about people everyyy day hehehe. Im nosy lol but I like knwin stuff ya kno? anyways..i think I failed an algebra test..and then I had dance last 2 periods(schedules are altered cuz of testing)and so we had ABT (american ballet theatre) production and we learned how to hand and move lights on an electric properly hehe it was pretty cool..then Richardson said I didnt hafta go to rehersal today because she didnt need me so yay. I called my mom to get me and now Im here...Mariusz called me from the art room and yea. Tomorrow makes our 5 month anniversary lol yay! i love you mariusz!!! hopefully i get to see him soon or something..i duno lol. TOnight i have hip hop which sucks ass but whatever...i cant wait to talk to my mariusz!!!!!!!!!!

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