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marijuana makes you smarter, no matter what people tell u [06 Dec 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | bitTrsweet symPhony ]

Okay. its time to take a life inventory.

I want to move to new york city
and take subways
and walk around
and get lost
and make friends with a dragqueen
who offers to do my make up
and likes to shop with me
and share clothes.

I want to keep scouting for the LH crowd
along with kyle
and take polaroids of them
and keep them.

I want to go to the Jerry Springer show
once before i die
because i believe my life isnt complete
until i do so.
and i'd like to rub Luis's shaved head
because it'd be beautiful.
people say that show is unhealthy
and it probably is
but its there
so observe it
no one said you had to enjoy it.

This kid right now has an away message up that says
"theres a little bit a whore in every girl"
and i think hes right.
he is.
there is.

I like cereal and milkshakes
but i hate milk.

I like nick @ nite.
and disney and cartoons on saturday mornings.
the brady bunch is cool
i used to think the boys were hot
but the mom had a dykie loser haircut...

i have an obsession with people with red hair.
i like arms.
and i like facial s
theyre great.

I like candy.
Mike n Ikes are cool
but gummi bears are cooler
Jubbilees are awesome
and gum just helps me keep from biting my lips.

Im in like with the 80s
but I'm in love with bon jovi
and im in lust with 80's hair
and the people who go though like 5 bottles of hairspray a night
and wore spandex
and rocked out
picked up chicks
drank and did drugs
had one night stands
and went to the next city the next day to do the same thing.

I like 80's movies too.
footloose is my favorite
because Kevin Bacon is a stud

Photobooth pictures are the greatest.
I need to make freinds who will take pictures with me.

Late calls are good
but late nights are beyond it all.
you completely wear yourself out
and have a blast
and ride home
with the people you love
knowing you just had the time of your life
and after that passes
you just sit there and let everything sink in.
until you finally pass out
and wake up in the morning
with a grin on your face
and a thought in your head
"what the hell was i just doing".

and i need to be with the people who let me be me.
Luis. Salvatore. Kimberly. Kaitifer. and so on.
alright .
enough for tonite.

::laY oNe oN mE ::

[25 Sep 2003|02:09pm]
[ music | mr. big - Ooh Baby Its A Wild World ]

nypeach98: my dog.
nypeach98: is retarded.
absolutgrrr: haah
absolutgrrr: y
nypeach98: omg
nypeach98: ok
nypeach98: chases his tail
nypeach98: kinda normal
nypeach98: except he often catches it
nypeach98: falls down.
nypeach98: other times
nypeach98: chases his back legs.
nypeach98: catches them
nypeach98: falls down.
nypeach98: and sometimes
nypeach98: chases his penis
nypeach98: catches it
nypeach98: cries.


::laY oNe oN mE ::

[11 Sep 2003|01:56pm]
::laY oNe oN mE ::

[13 May 2003|03:34pm]
[ music | Muggs - Rain ]

8 days.

i have nothing to write so ill just babble ..

Me n chris cut first and got bagels then went to the park=)
it was fun.
nuthing interesting happened at all today.
Last period i couldnt sit thru math so i just left 10 minutes into the class and wandered for a half hour . Matt took all my shit outta the room and he didnt even notice! <3
Blah blah blah.
o yea! this girl stole all the celebrity night sheets and changed the votefro best eyes to this girl with a lazy eye so she would win. HOW MEAN IS THAT. I fuckin hate that school. whatever.

All right. Enough . I am off to do my work. Laters

::yuMmi 1 sluRp mmmm laY oNe oN mE ::

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