Another week at school   
04:02pm 31/10/2003
mood: sad
Sooo.. Monday=Blah Tuesday=Blah Wednesday=Blah Thursday=Blah

and today =

A period: Did a halloween worksheet
B period: Did a bio packet
C period: Read a book
D period: Talked to Amy
E period: Took a test... and relaxed
F period: Had an okay class + Test
G period: Slept... I was knocked out.

So I got on the bus and this fight was right outside of our window, like I mean the boys head was smashed against me and lindsey's window, it was INSANITY. ahha, there were like 5 kids beating up this 1 kid, awww poor guy! he was bleeding and stuff, he had rings so I think he shouldda won, word? hahaha... so afterwards there was weed on the ground, but the cop grabbed it stupid fucker.

so now I'm sitting here, waiting to see whats going on tonight. I don't really care what we do because personally I'm completely upset.

So Uncle Davids gonna die, its only a matter of days.. Dad flew down to flordia to see him, for the last time. I kinda wished we got to go, because I kinda wouldda liked to see him for the last time. Eerr... I donno it definatly was a down point that most likely will fuk up my night. but I can hold my emotions inside until later, I don't wanna be miserable for everyone else, ya know?

so that whole things sad
but its life.
ill have to deal with it

see ya <3

(Stab Me)