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    Monday, July 7th, 2003
    6:53 pm
    so far this summer is going good. but its really boring. i neva see ne of my friends and everyone is away and im not goin on ne good vactions. i mean like im goin to NH and the cape and stuff but i mean like i wanna go to FL and Cali or Mexico or sumthin, like all my otha friends r. i wanna see **** so bad. we talk a lot online now and i am wicked happy. like when i talk to him i feel so like...um...awesome lol. he wants to chill w/ me soon :) hehe i said yea lets go to the movies ;) haha yea so ne wayz im wicked bored now so im gunna tell everything that i did 2day...1) woke up at 12:00pm 2) ate like 1/2 of a whole watermelon for breakfast 3) watched tv 4) had left ova chinese food for lunch 5) went to the mall w/ my mom an dbought many MANY clothes haha adn 6) i am now online untill probally 11:00pm or 12:00am lol yea im bad bout bein online a lot hehe well im outie for now, im gunna go write in my REAL jurnal/diary lol lada ppl!!!!

    Current Mood: dorky
    Current Music: Dream Street (told ya i was feelin dorky haha)
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