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*.SuRvEy.* [15 Apr 2003|11:28am]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | *.FaBuLoUs.*CaN*t LeT yOu gO.* ]

Name: BrItTnEe!
Nicknames: bRiTt,smOkEr,AmAzIn,mC*g
Sex:Babi GurL
Birthday: May 18
Height: 5'1
Hair color:lIgHt brOwn
Is your hair long or short: in da middle!
Eye Color: BrOwn
City born in: Upper Darby
Location now: heh! Glenolden
Siblings: 1..Sister
Parents married/divorced: heh! Married
Who are your closest friends: SweeNeY,aSh,kRisten,LeE*g,JeSs
Who makes you laugh the most?: CArOlYn
Who knows the most about you?: SweENeY

Kindergarten: AntHony K
1st Grade: jOhn P
2nd Grade: AnthOny K
3rd Grade: Tim M..lOL KrIsTeN
4th Grade:dUn nO
5th Grade: Tim m.
6th Grade: nO OnE
7th Grade: nO OnE
8th Grade: <3 jUsT aSk....
Boy/girlfriend status: hmmm lemme think.. nAh bUt i LiKe sUmwUn
Do you have a job: riiiggghhttt!
What are you scared of: losing ppls!..
Who's your role model: ummmmmm lets see. KRISTEN lOl
Most interesting thing you've done this summer: lOl fOrGET wHaT i dId
What store do you shop at the most: Deb
Have you ever done any drugs: nOpE
Do you collect anything: i dUnNo..nO
Are you a ditz: fUk Yea

Day of the week: Friday
Thing in your room: unNo
Animal: PoLa BeAr
Ice Cream: MinT cHoCoLaTe ChIp lOl
Drink: coke !
Thing to do:chILL wIf pEoPle
Movies of all time: duNnO lOl
Hangout: I unnO PLaCes
Favorite pizza topping: x*tra cheese

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: starting to work
If you could live anywhere:i uNnO yEt
What age do you want to get married: 22-23
How many kids do you want: 1! mayb 2
Girl's names: dunnO yet
Boy's names: dunnO yet

Been in love?: Yea
Lied?: ov course !
Cheated on a test?:Yea lOL
Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nah
Tied your shoes together?: when i wz bored once. or twice....
Eaten something with a lot of fat?: yesh!

Worst feeling in the world: lovin someone who dun love you..havin ppl mad at you
Best feeling in the world:<3 Love <3
Can you define love?: nOpE
Do you get along with your parents?: not anymOre
Are you ticklish?: yes...

Do you glow in the dark: nO wtf
Do you posses magical abilities: nO
Do you keep your underwear & socks in the same drawer: i unnO
Can you name all 4 Teletubbies: nah
If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?: my LEG*Z
Who do you really hate?: hate is a bad word...i do strongly dislike a lot of people tho...lol!
What are you addicted to?: sODa
Do you like jewelry?: dePeNd*z
Do you wear a watch?: nO
Did/Do you have braces?:yEp
Do you believe in God?: i unnO
Do you believe in love at first sight?: yep
What are your favorite tv show(s)?: 8 simple rules.
What color tooth brush do you use?: blue and white.

Are you listening to any of your CDs at the moment: my mixed shit...
What are you listening to? Amanda PerEz..AngeL
How are you doing, grade-wise, in school? oh wonderful...not good...
What songs are you digging?: aLoT
How are you feeling about your friends? I Love TheM!
What time is it? 11:3o
Who do you think is your closest, true friend? SwEeNeY
Do you have a crush?yEa...iT*z a nEw wUn lOl
What celebrity do you have a thing for? Eminem
What are you wearing? my L*e*i*z n white tank
How do you feel about your school year so far? 8th sO fUnn!passes bY tO MaDd fAsT thO:(
Are you single or attatched? Single
How are you feeling about yourself in general? im pretty cool.. BuT dUn fEeL LiKe My sElf
What's pissing you off?pEoPle
What are your goals? duNnO
What's something about school you love? the ppl
What's something about school you hate? teachers and so0o0 many rude ppls!...
What movie are you dying to see? dunnO
What celebrity do you just want to slap? nOnE...dUn gOtta ReaSon tOo
Now what time is it? 11:33
Are you satisfied with your looks? yea i guess.
Are you smiling, frowning, or neither? i unnO smilin?...
What was the last thing you ate? food?sOft Pretzel lOl
Who are you talking to (if anyone)? Carr
How are you feeling about this survey? i dunno..survey is a survey.
Are you tired or energetic? EnErGeTiC LoL
Are you happy or sad? HaPPy

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