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*.mY yAyEr dAy.* [{ Wednesday, March 26, 2003 06:23pm }]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | *.aMaNdA pErez.*aNgEL.* ]

Its only 6:23 and im actually nOt tIrED LoLToday was definitely a better day for me and heres the 411+

____//*hOmErOoM; wE hAd tO sIt tHeRe fOr lIkE a haLf hOuR n actuaLLy HELP our tEaChEr wItH aTtEnDaNcE n i gOt mY cOuRsE sHeeT LooKed aT tO sEe if i dId iT rIgHt LoL
____//*maTh; wE mAd siGnS fOr OuR psSa sHiT....wE aCTuaLLy dId sOmeThInG dIfFeReNt!yAyEr
____//*sCiEnCe;wE rEvIeWeD fOr tHe tEsT on frIdAy.....n wE gOt yeLLeD aT bUt wHaT tHe fUk dO yOu eXpEcT it*s 2Nd perioD sCiEnCe
____//*LiTeRaTuRe; took notes n dId nUfFin
____//*lunch; sAmE oLd sHiT
____//*sOciAl sTuDiEs.; wOrKeD mOre On OuR sTuDy gUIiDe n sHiT n jUsT tAlkEd
____//*gRaMmAr;wE HaNdEd iN oUr vOcAb PaPeRs n sTuDiEd fOr tHe qUiZ tOmOrRow....LoL gEnNeTtE,bObO n me MaDe OuR cHeaT*z lOl...n tHeN mE n aSh n bOb hAd a cOnvO oN OuR cOuRsEs
____//*gYm; wE pLaYeD vOlLeYbaLL...wHiCh i oFfIcIaLLy SUCK aT LoL bUt bOb fAzEkAs n cHeLsEa n sTeVe wEre On My #2 tEaM lOl ....wE wEre pReTTy gOoD!
____//*after skool; mE rOnAn aSh n sWeEnEy weNt tO wEnDy*s n wAwA n gOt fOoD sinCe it waS aN eArLy dAy ...tHeN sWeEnEy wENt hOmE n wE sTaYed aT tHe skOoL n tHE bUs nEvEr fUkIn shOwEd sO wE had tO waLk.....n weN wE fInaLLy gOt tHeRe iT wAS rAiNiN n wE onLi pRacTicEd fOr 15 mIn n LoOkEd aT wHaT kInDa oUtfItSS wE waNtEd....tHeRe prEtTy nIfTy.....LoL n tHen we lEfT
weLL iM OUt ......tHaT wAs mY dAy mC*g

Baby x Me

*.mY wEeKeNd.* [{ Sunday, March 23, 2003 05:04pm }]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | *.LiL KiM .*jUmP oFF ]

*.yEsTeRdAyi hAd tO gO tO mArYlAnD fO mY cUzIn*z b*daY n sTaYeD tHeRE tILL bOut 7 n caMe hOmE.....LaSt nIgHtaHhH LoL tHaT wAs PeRtTy fUnNY....wEnT tO gO oVeR sWeEnEy*z n tHeN wE mEt uP wIt aMbEr caRr n nIkKi n oThA pEoPlE.... tHeN wE wEnT baCk tO caRr*z hOuSe ....n hid behind the garage...all, ummm 8 of us! so then, Bobby was all tryin 2 get with Sweeney but Sweeney has a boyfriend...* then Sweeney looked at cArR*z thong...whoa ! * wE was like whoa Sweeney! *tHeN nIkI feLL...bUt sHes aLL bETtEr LoL * aFta tHaT mE n sWeEnY wEnT bAcK tO hEr hOuSE n sEeD iF i cOuLd sLeEp oVeR hEr hOuSe tHeN wE wEnT tO wAWa n gOt fOoOD....mUnCHiEs:) LoL aFtER tHaT wE wALkEd tO mY hOuSE tO gEt sHiT n tHEn lefT n chILLeD aT hEr hOuSE....tOday i weNt bAcK tO sWeEnEY*z tHeN wE wALkEd tO sQuaDz hOuSe n aMbEr*z...... n chIlLed tHeRe fOr a whiLe.*tHeN wE waLkEd hOmE n sAw raY aT LaCrOsSe n wE sAw caRR*nIki*n aMbEr aT waWa LiKe LoTz Of hOuRs LaTeR LoL wELL iM oUt ..mC*g

Baby x Me

*.mY dAy.* [{ Friday, March 21, 2003 07:12pm }]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | *.aMaNdA pErEz.*aNgeL...LoL oBsEsSed wIt tHe sOng.* ]

Math was still gay, like usual...* ah science was cRaZeE bOriNg !* we had to do this lab thing...n wE hAd tO dO pSsA sHiT....tHe fuKiN PSSA sHiT bLoWs OuT tHe aSs!* blahh * SO funny ! * Mrs. Kimble's class was gay, like usual.... we dId PSSA ShIt ... tHaTs LiKe ALL wE dO anymOrE* OmG MuSiC wAs aNotHer fUkIn sToRy wE aLL dId*nt dO oUr mUsIc PrOjEcTs n wE gOt iN fUkIn tRoUbLe fOr iT...n tHen pOoR cArOlYn dId LIkE eVeRywUn*s iN tHE dAmN cLaSsRoOmS *mInI*sToRyBoaRd....bUt fUkIn mRs*bRaKin wOuLd*nt *ACCEPT* em ...dUn wOrRy cArR i*LL kEeP mInE LoL... n tHEn caRr gOt kIkEd oUt ...mE n bOb bOtH dEcIdEd tHaT mRs*bRacKin*z a stOnEr ....cUz of HeR eYeS LoL umm Social Studies...um, we talked about....um i forget...! lol * In Kimbles room.....we ughh dId nUfFin sHe leFt tHe rOoM n mIzZ gLyNn haD tO waTcH uS....pReTtY fUnNY shIt....wE wErE sTrEsSInG hEr Out....LoL ...uM nExT wE hAd gYm n wE PlaYeD vOLLeYbaLL...yAyER...LoL j/p i cAn*t PlAy fO ! * aNyWaYz aFtasKOoL i hAd LacRoSsE iT acTuaLLy waS prEtTy fUn ......sInCe wE onLi hAVe lIkE 12 PlaYeRs aNywAy fOr 8tH gRaDE ...OoO weLL
well, ima go...im gOin oUt ......mC*g

1 Babied x Me.      heart       Baby x Me

*.YaYeR.* [{ Thursday, March 20, 2003 08:56pm }]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | *.aMaNda pErEz.*aNgEl.* ]

1sT PeRiOd `' MaTh |was alrite..we dId pSsA sHiT fOr tHe 465646 bIlLiOnTh tImE LoL aNyWaYzZz i stILL gOtTa dO ALL tHaT DaMn vOcAb......

2nD PeRiOd '`ScIeNcE | wE dId a LaB LoL ...bUrKe...jEfF n sTeVe weRe mY *PaRtNeRs LoL weLL aNywaYz oThA tHen tHaT tHaT cLaSs wAs *bOrInG*

3Rd PeRiOd `'KiMbLe | wE wEnT tO tHe cOmPuTeR LaB tO dO oUr *sPrInG Is PoEm* LoL....i acTuaLLy gOt it dOne YaYeR!

4Th PeRiOd '`HeAlTh | Ut - Oh..wE taLkEd abOuT *drUgZzZ*OoO weLL i LiKe fELL aSleEp in thErE lOl tHeM mOvIes aRe sO ghEtTo.......

LunCh `' nOne happened..we actually dId*nt gO oUtSiDe:)

5tH PeRiOd '` sOcIaL sTuDiEs| wE taLkEd n shIt n thEn wE haD tO gO oVer tOm jEfFeRsOn sHit...bOrInG

6Th PeRiOd `' KiMbLe | wOrkEd oN tHe pSsA sHit.....mAd bOrInG

7tH PeRiOd '` sHoP | tHe cLaSs iS MAD bOrInG n wE haD tO makE FuKiN RaCECArS BuT NeTtE P*Z My PaRtNeR

aFtAsChOoL `' um..Me & tHe oThEr gUrLs haD LacRoSsE...LoL aFtA tHaT I gOt rEaDy fO tHe vOlleYbaLL gaMe
..hUnG wIt sWeEnEy,aSh,eRic,keItH n oThA peOpLe....sO mAnY peOpLe sHowEd uP HiGh LoL bUt iT wAS aLL gOoD LoL fAzEkAs ...n mY otHer sToNeR bUdDIeS LoL aFtA tHaT weNt bAcK tO sWeEnEy*z n chILLed tHeRE ....weLL iM oUt gOtTA sTaRt tHe fUkiN maTh vOcaB ...LaTeR *.mC*g.*

Baby x Me

*.sChOoL.* [{ Tuesday, March 18, 2003 09:35pm }]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | *.dMx.* x gOnNa gIvE iT tO yA.* ]

1sT PeRiOd `' MaTh |was alrite..we wEnt oVeR Our PsSa sHizNiT LoL like always.. sO daMn sIcK oF iT n iM fAiLin tHe tEsT anYwaY lOl

2nD PeRiOd '`ScIeNcE | wE dId a LaB LoL ...bUrKe...jEfF n sTeVe weRe mY *PaRtNeRs LoL weLL aNywaYz oThA tHen tHaT tHaT cLaSs wAs *bOrInG*

3Rd PeRiOd `'KiMbLe | wEnT ovEr sHiT iN tHe gIvEr bOoK ...LoL iT wAS bOrInG tHO

4Th PeRiOd '` SociaL StudiEs| Ut - Oh..wE taLkEd abOuT *war*OoO weLL i LiKe fELL aSleEp in thErE lOl

LunCh `' nOne happened..we actually went outside..since it wasnt cold :)

5tH PeRiOd '` Guidance | wE had a LaDy cOmE in aNd taLk tO uS hOw *sMoKinG* is bAd fOr yOu...LoL wE nO aLL aBoUt smOkInG bOb dUn*t wE LoL aNyWaYz wE gOt tO tOucH a LuNg n sHiT iT waS gRoSs bUt OoO weLLz n wE gOt pEncIlS....

6Th PeRiOd `' KiMbLe | wOrkEd oN tHe gIvEr sHiT.....mAd bOrInG

7tH PeRiOd '` HeaLtH | aHh hEaLtH wAS mAd fUnNy LoL ....gEnNeTtE.....wE fOuND oUt sOmE kId iN oUr gRaDE aTe *TeStIcLeS* nOw wHo thE fUk wOuLd eVeN dO tHaT eWWWWW.....aNywaY wE weNt oUtsIdE n sHiT bUrKe fOunD mY tIkLiSH sPoT LOL n I feLL inTo tHe waLL bEcaUsE oF iT tHaNx jOhN LoL j/p

aFtAsChOoL `' um..Me & tHe oThEr gUrLs haD LacRoSsE...YaYeR i mAdE tHe tEaM lOL ..wE aIn*t hAvIn cUtS sOo tHaS gOoD....sWeEnEy qUiT on uS bUt sHe betTEr gEt baCk iN tHerE! LoL tHeN i waLkEd hOmE n mY paReNts haD tO gO tO sOmE hIgHsKoOl tHinG bOuT mY cOuRsEs LoL wELL iM OuT..pEaCe..

Baby x Me

*.bOrEd aS sHit.* [{ Sunday, March 16, 2003 12:10pm }]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | *.LiL kIm.* tHe jUmP oFf.* ]

*.iM sO bOrEd lasT nIgHt wAs bOrInG tOo ...LoL sWeEnEy ya dEf gOtTa cOmE hOmE!aNy wAyzZz i dId*nT dO nUfFin lAsT nIgHt cUz oF daMn lAcROsSe pRacTiCe....mY lEgS hUrT.*sO tHaT wAS sAtUrDaY n tOdaY i gOtTa dO tHe fUqin MuSiC pRoJeCt LoL oOo weLL iM oUt .*

Baby x Me

*.eHh.* [{ Saturday, March 15, 2003 07:21pm }]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | *.nAs.*i cAn.* ]

*.hOllEr.*LoL iM sO fUkIn bOrEd sWeEnEy wEnT dOwN nOrth cArOlIna...tILL sUndAy n tHeRe*s nUfFiN tO dO.*OoO wEll LoL tOday i wOkE uP fRom dAmN tReE cUtTeRs cUtTin a daMn tReE dOwN! n tHEn laTeR i wEnT tO kaThLeEn*s hOuSe *n* wE pRaCtIcEd LacRoSsE..n wEnT plaCeS .*i nOw knOw hOw tO cAtch a bAll wIt mY stIck yAyEr!LoL otHeR tHeN tHaT i dId*nT dO nUfFin tOdaY wEll iM oUt i*ll wRyTe laTa iF i gEt bOrEd.*

Baby x Me

*.sUrVeY.* [{ Friday, March 14, 2003 09:10pm }]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | *.eMiNeM.*sInG fO tHe mOmEnT.* ]

Full Name ]:Brittnee
[ Nicknames ]:Britt...mC*g
[ Resides in ]:gLeNoLden
[born]:uppEr dArBy
[birth day]:5*18
[Zodiac Sign]:TaUrUs
[Righty or a Lefty]:Righty
[ Good student? ]: ahhh LoL nAh
[Where do u want to go to college]:dUNnO iF iM gOin
[ Eyes ]: brOwn
[ Hair ]: brOwn
[ Height ]:around 4'11" or 5'foot
[ Weight ]:1o2
[ Shoe size ]:7 1/2
[ Freckles ]:yEa wHo dUn gOt em
[ Scars ]:Too many 2 count..lol
[ Birthmark ]:nOpErz

Last time you...
[ Had a nightmare ]: a few months ago
[ Said "I love you" and meant it ]: umm...neVer
[ Ate at McDonald's ]: lasT fRiDay
[ Brushed your hair ]: 1o mInUeTs aGo
[ Washed your hair ]: tOday
[ Checked your e-mail ]: nOt in like fOrever
[ Cried ]: umm.. i uNnO
[ Called someone ]: tOday
[ Smiled ]: tOday
[ Laughed ]: umm...tOday wit peOpLe
[ Talked to an ex ]:fOrGeT

Do you...
[ Smoke? ]: yEa...LoL
[ Do drugs? ]: nO
[ Have sex? ]: nO
[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]:nOpe
[ Have a dream that keeps coming back? ] nO
[Like thunderstorms]:YeSs..
[ Play an instrument? ]:uhh nAh
[ Believe there is life on other planets? ]:nOopE
[ Remember your first love? ]: yeah..i tink everyone does
[ Still love him/her? ]: nOpe
[ Read the newspaper? ]: no r u kidding?!
[ Have any straight friends? ]: yeah all of em..
[ Consider love a mistake? ]: no
[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]:LoL vOdKa
[ Believe in God? ]: yeah
[ Pray? ]:hELL nAw
[ Go to church? ]:wUnCe iNa whIle
[ Have any secrets? ]: yeah
[ Have any pets ]: yeah...
[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: nO
[ Wear hats? ]: not really
[ Have any piercings? ]: yeah..mY eaRs 2wicE n geTtIn tHe bELLy bUtTon fO tHE b*dAy
[ Have any tattoos? ]: no...nOt yEt
[ Hate yourself? ]:nO
[ Have an obsession?]:nO
[ Have a secret crush? ]: no...i tell mi friends
[ Collect anything? ]:nO
[ Have a best friend? ]: yeah...tO many
[ Like your handwriting? ]: its ok..most of the time
[ Have any bad habits? ]: nO
[ Care about looks? ]: yeah...most of the time
[ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: dEpEnDs
[ Friends and other people? ]: no i <3 em just the way they are..hehe
[ Believe in witches? ]: nO
[ Believe in Satan? ]: no
[ Believe in ghosts? ]: yea

[ Dress ]:jEaNs aNd a sHiRt
[ Mood ]: achy
[ Music ]:LiL kIm*jUmP oFf
[ Taste ]:cOcO*cOla
[ Smell ]: nothing
[ Thought ]: thinking about mi friends
[ Book ]: the secret garden...i <3 that book!
[ Refreshment ]: i told ya...banana smoothie
[ Crush ]: umm...i'll get bac to ya LoL aSh n sQuaDz nO!

Last Person:
[ You Touched ]: i thInk bOb iN gYm
[ You Talked to ]:nIcOle
[ You Hugged ]:caRoLyn.....sHe brOkE mY jaW LoL
[ You Instant messaged ]: aSh
[ You Yelled At ]: i dun think i yelled at n e one l8tly.........bOb n eRiC
[ You Had A Crush On ]:LoL aSh n sQuaDz nO
[ Who broke Your Heart ]:nO oNe
[ Kissed ]: i dunno

Who do you want to:
[ Kill ]: certain people...
[ Slap ]: certain people...
[ Tickle ]: i dun wanna tickle n e one
[ Talk To ]: mi friends
[ Have Sex with ]: no one
[ Kiss ]: no one rite now
[ Be Like ]:nO onE

Do you:
[smoke]:wUnCe iNa wHiLe
[have chores]:sOmeTiMes
[like icing]:yes chOcOlAtE!
[believe in god and angels]:i gUeSs
[like disney characters]:yeah sTiTcH LOL
[use deoderant]:yeah
[wear jewerly]:yeah...mi britt necklace
[wear purfume]:yeah..um...tOmMy gUrL
[love the ocean]:yeah i <3 to get a tan n go swimming
[have a credit card]:nO
[have your own phone line]:nah..
[dye your hair]:do sum highlights count?
[like this test]:its ok
[have fake nails]:nah i took mine off lyk months ago..
[have a best friend that you can tell anything to]:Yeah
[love yourself]:somtimes

Baby x Me

*.fRiDaY!.* [{ Friday, March 14, 2003 06:42pm }]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | *.eMiNeM.*sUpErMaN.* ]

*.YaYyEr! iZ fRiDaY ....LoL skOoL wAs iGhT tOdAY wE fOuNd oUt wE caN gO oN oUr Trip!yAy...OoO n wE fOuNd oUt oUr 8tH gRaDe dAnCe tHeMe is *MoOn n sTaRs* LoL i lIkE iT iT*s gOnNa gO wIt mY baBy bLuE dReSs....LoL
1St pErIoD wE dId pSsA vOcAb .....LiKe aLwaYz....2nD pErIod wE dId qUesTiOn*s n sHit....sHe gOt maD aT uS...oUr cLaSs iS tOo mEaN tO hEr bUt iT*s bOrInG iN tHaT cLaSS bUt i feLt baD.... 3rD pErIoD wE tOoK *tHe gIvEr* tEsT ...*eaSy*...n tHen 4tH pErIoD wE hAd mUsIc*mAd fUnny sHiT*LoL mE n geNnEtTe wEnT tO tHe baThRoOm...n wHeN wE caMe baCk rAy*lIsA*bOb*eRiC*aDrIaNnE n us tOo gOt lOcKeD OuT..tHe dYkE wOuLd*nT lEt uS iN..bUt i gOt iN bEcAuSe sUpPoSeDly i wAs tHe oNlI wUn wHo aSkEd buT gEnEtTe dId tOo n sHe wOuLd*nt lEt hEr iN tHO LoL..n tHeN i gOt 5 pOiNtS oFf fOr sItTiNg iN tHe dAmN wRonG sEaT.... mE *n* kRIsTeN r rEbELs..yAyEr wE bOtH gOt 5 pOiNtS oFF LoL...5 tH pErIoD wE tOoK a qUiZ eAzY sHiT!6Th pErIoD wE dId oUr rOuGH dRafT fOr a PoEm...n 7Th pErIoD wE haD gYm...tHaT wAS kOoL......aFtEr skOoL i hAd LaCrOsSe wE haD tO rUn fUkIn 28 tImEs rOuNd fUkIn nOrWoOd*s gYm....n tHeN wE dId sTrETcHeS n pRaCtIcEd gEttIn tHE baLL uP! wELL iM oUT *.mC*g.*

Baby x Me

*.sUrvEy.* [{ Thursday, March 13, 2003 08:45pm }]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | *.aMaNdA pEReZ.*aNgEL.* ]

1) Last dream:fOrGeT...::sigh::
2) Last car ride: wenT tO mOdELL*s...gOtTa LaX sTiCk
3) Last kiss:i uNnO
4) Last good cry: lol shitt when was that!
5) Last Missing Library Book:haVe*nt bEeN tHeRe iNa wHiLe
6) Last movie seen: uhhh...--The rInG--sum scary shit!
7) Last Book Read:tHe gIvEr...fOr scHOOl
8) Last cuss word uttered:sHiT
9) Last berverage drank:cOcO*cOLa
10) Last Food consumed: pOpcOrN
11) Last Crush: umm lOl ain*t sayin
12) Last phone call:nicOle
13) Last TV show watched: Mardi Gras Undercover..!!
14) Last Item Bought: new i lInEr..
15) Last time showered: this mornin...
16) Last shoes worn: my aIrFoRcE 1*s...there madd cute!
17) Last CD played: teMiNeM
18) Last downloaded: the jump off// lil kim
19) Last annoyance:i uNnO
20) Last disappointment:oUr tRiP wAs caNcELLeD...ErRr
21) Last soda drank:cOcO*cola!!! AHHHHHH
22) Last thing written: this shit head!
23) Last key used: !
24) Last word spoken:i fOrGeT
25) Last trip to the bathroom: grls dont go to the bathroom! we only go to get pretty duh!...i mean come on when was the last time a grl farted!?!?
26) Last sleep: 7*oO this mornin babii!
27) Last IM:aShLeY
28) Last sexual fantasy: hmm nOne
29) Last orgasm: uHh nOne
30) Last weird encounter: LoL 2 gUyS tHiNkIn wE wErE jOgGin LoL sWEeNeY
31) Last Store Shopped at: mOdEll*s
32) Last ice cream eaten: mInT cHoCoLaTe cHiP!
33) Last time amused:i uNnO
34) Last time wanting to die: um never! im to go0d to die!
35) Last time in love:i uNnO
36) Last time hugged:fOrGeT
37) Last time scolded: when ain*t i
39) Last chair sat in: tHiS wuN
40) Last lipstick used: new lipgloss!
41)Last underwear worn: sexy bOysHoRt wUnS
42) Last bra worn:uHh bLaCk wUn
43) Last shirt worn: fIeLd hOcKeY wUn
44) Last class attended:hOmErOoM
45) Last Final taken: uhh last year
46) Last time dancing: lol i uNnO
47) Last poster looked at: nOne
48) Last concert attended: i uNnO
49) Last webpage visited:sUm1*s bLuRtY

now sum more useless info...-*but then again we could go on a tv show and u need to know all this shit! lmao

Have you ever...
{x} Fallen for your best friend? nOpE
{x} Made out with JUST a friend? dUNNo
{x} Been rejected? me? uh NO
{x} Been in love?yup
{x} Been in lust?yEp
{x} Used someone? yup
{x} Been used?dUNNo
{x} Cheated on someone?nOpE
{x} Been cheated on?i uNnO ...nO
{x} Done something you regret? uHh yEa

Who was the last person...
{x} You touched? dUnNo
{x} You talked to? nIcOlE
{x} You hugged? fOrGet
{x} You instant messaged? aShLeY
{x} You kissed?.........
{x} You yelled at?rAy
{x} You laughed with?i dUn rEmEmBeR.....

{x} Current Clothes: cute shirt w/ sayin on it and my jeans
{x} Current Mood: bOuNcY! duh!! when am i not
{x} Current Taste: cOcO*cOla
{x} Current Hair: uP iN a bUn
{x} Current Smell:tOmMy gUrL
{x} Current thing you ought to be doing:mUsIc pRoJeCt n vOcAb
{x} Current Desktop Picture: dUnNo
{x} Current Favorite Singer: tO mAny
{x} Current Book: tHe gIvEr
{x} Current DVD In Player: me own one? shit were still in video world...
{x} Current Refreshment: cOcO*cOlA
{x} Current Worry: stress free baby!!!
{x} Current Favorite Celebrity: hmm...i unnO

{x} Food: sOfT pReTzEls
{x} Drink: sOdA...LoL
{x} Color: baby pink!
{x} Shoes: aIrfOrCe 1*s
{x} Candy: lollipops
{x} TV Show: i unNO tO mAny
{x} Movie: a waLk tO rEmEmBeR;(
{x} Dance:i uNnO
{x} Vegetable:i uNnO nOnE
{x} Fruit: uHh banana

On Dating....
{x} Long or short hair? shOrt
{x} Dark or blond hair? dark
{x} Tall or short? taller then me
{x} Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? both-*
{x) good boy or bad boy? bad-*
{x} Dark or light eyes? both-*
{x} Hat or no hat? nAh
{x} Pierced or no? depends wats peirced
{x} Freckles or none? i uNnO
{x} Stubble or neatly shaved?i uNnO!
{x} Rugged outdoorsy type or sporty type? nOt nO naTuRe fReaK..........spOrTs

{x} Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? choco milk...kicks ass!
{x} McDonalds or Burger King? Mickey D's...DUH
{x} Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend? perfect lover-
{x} Sweet or sour? sweet cant get enough of that!
{x} Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? nEItHer
{x} Sappy/action/comedy/horror?sCaRy
{x} Cats or dogs? Kittens&Puppies..there better
{x} Ocean or Pool?bOtH
{x} Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? naChO cHeEsE
{x} Mud or Jell-O wrestling? J-ello!
{x} With or without ice-cubes?wItHoUt
{x} Shine or rain? SHINE
{x} Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring?SUMMER
{x} Vanilla or Chocolate? ...cHoCoLaTe
{x} Gloves or mittens? gloves
{x} Eyes open or closed? closed
{x} Fly or breathe under water?fly so high!
{x} Bunk-bed or waterbed?lets make waves...waTeRbEd
{x} Chewing gum or hard candy? gum
{x} Motor boat or sailboat? MoTor Boat
{x} Lights on or off? i gotta see wut im doin dont i!?!?
{x} Chicken or fish? chicken

What's your favorite:.
{x} Number? 18
{x} Holiday? My B-day!
{x} Radio station? 1o3.9
{x} Place? i uNnO
{x} Flower? Rose...
{x} Scent? umm...good?
{x} If you could be anywhere, where would you be? i uNnO
{x} What would you be doing?dUNnO
{x} What are you listening to? my sweet voice*
{x} Can you do anything freakish with your body?dUnNO
{x} Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be?nOpE

Baby x Me

*.sO tIrEd.* [{ Thursday, March 13, 2003 07:26pm }]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | *.mIsSy eLLiOt.*gOsSiP fOlKs.* ]

*.aHh tOdAy wAS sO fUkIn bOrInG.....1St peRiOd wsZoLeK wAs*nt eVeN tHeRe bUt tHaTs a gOoD tHiNg.*2Nd pErIoD wE piCkEd oUr pBa tHiNg...gOt tHe sIbErIaN tIgEr LoL.* 3rF pErIod wE haNdEd iN oUr pRoJeCtz thAt wErE rEaLLy sTuPid aNd iN 4tH pErIod wE wAtCHeD a dRuG mOvIe.*5tH pErIoD wE wEnT oVeR oUr sTUdY gUIDe *n* 6Th pErIoD wE sTaRtED *sPrInG Is*pOeM.* 7tH pErIoD wE haD sHoP.....bLoWs oUt tHe aSs ..wE hAd tO buiLd a hOuSE oN tHE dAmN cOmPuTeR.* tHeN i hAd LaCrOsSe.....mAd rUnNiNg wIt tHaT sPoRt:/ aNyWaYz iT wAS gOoD tHo cUtZzZ aRe nExT wEEk....aFtEr tHaT i wAlkeD hOmE wIt sWeEnEy....wE fOuNd oUt mIlDrEd dIeD iN hEr sLeEp:/... sO sAd*eVeN tHO i rEaLLy dId*nT lIKe hEr LoL wELL iM oUt gOtTa dO a pRoJeCT.*

Baby x Me

*.hOllEr.* [{ Wednesday, March 12, 2003 06:04pm }]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | *.aMaNda PeReZ.*GoD SeNd Me An aNgEL ]

*.hOllA ...LoL wE hAd cArEeR dAy aT skOoL tOdAy....iT waS oK.*fAzEkAS*sWeEnEY*n Me aLL wOrE tHE sAmE sHiT....iT wASs mAd hOt LoL j/p .*wE aLsO sTaRtEd LaCrOsSe tOdAY ...LoL mAd fUnNy sHiT! sWeEnEy n mE wALkEd uP tO tHe skOOL n oUr bUs dId*nt sHoW sO wE trIeD tO gEt iN bUt aSshOle cReSs wOuLd*nT lEt uS iN ...fUkIn meAn jAnItOr!sO wE eNdEd uP gOin iN oN tHe oThEr sIdE tO bK*z rOoM ...aNyWaYz oUr bUs nEvEr eFfIn sHoWEd sO wE eNdEd uP gOiN tO waLk aLL tHe wAy thRoUgH nOrWoOd n tHeN wHeN wE fInaLLy gOt tHeRe *n* wE fOuND oUt OuR prAcTiCe wAS aT prOsPeCt paRk sOoO tHEn wE hAd tO waLk tO tHeRe n wE gOt mIxeD uP wIt tHe kInDerGaRtEn aCaDEmY...eRrR bUt wE fInaLLy gOt tHeRE 15 mIN bEfO pRaCtICe wAS ovEr LoL! n i sAw bRiTt rOsIlLIo aFtER fOrEvEr LoL..fUnNy pErSon aFtEr pRaCtICe wE waLkEd hOmE ....oThEr thEn tHAt nUtHinG eLsE eXcItInG haPpEnEd LOL wELL iM oUt *.mC*g.*

Baby x Me

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