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    Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
    5:46 pm
    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm a 28 year old starving professional. Believe it or not, I'm an investment/wealth advisor and work with money every day. Due to the crappy market, an even crappier salary, a recent bout with cancer and a move across country, I am flat broke. beyond broke. I wasn't even this poor in college, heh. I haven't paid any bills in nearly a year, and I can't even afford to consolidate because I couldn't even afford that bill, lol. Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting others like me and getting some tips.
    Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
    6:43 pm
    Things I'm Trading/Selling:
    Here is the updated list of my stuff with the appropriate prices I think. Let me know if you believe the prices are unfair. If you want a picture or more information, you can always e-mail me or post here whatever is easier for you. Trades are accepted just let me know what you haveJ.

    List of my stuff )

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    Thursday, May 8th, 2003
    6:48 pm
    Things I'm Trading/Selling:
    Things I'm Trading/Selling:

    Jewelry (Necklaces and Bracelets):

    · Hemp
    · Pony-beads
    · Jellies
    · Seashells
    · Paper-clips


    · Eve6
    · ZoeGirlLife
    · Earthsuit
    · The Coral
    · BahaMen
    · Tiger (from Winnie the Pooh)
    · SoulMate
    · Soo Hot!

    Lisa Frank Small Notebooks:

    · Dragon (with words Happiness, Love, Best Friends)
    · Dolphins
    · Dancing Bears

    E-mail me or post here whatever is easier for you.

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    Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
    1:35 pm
    Hey everyone! Yeah, yeah, sorry for another post. I am just finding more and more stuff around my house that I want to trade. I have some paper-clip necklaces and bracelets that I made some time ago. Anybody want them?

    Black & white
    Green & blue

    Rainbow (roygbiv)
    Yellow & black
    Yellow & red & black
    Purple & white
    Purple & blue

    e-mail or post here

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    Friday, January 31st, 2003
    3:48 pm
    New User. Just Saying Hi !!!
    Hi, I am a new community member and wanted to say Hi. We live in New York where the post 9-11 economy is Really in the crapper. It is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. Anyway. Did the Bills today, and was wondering if it is worth it to consolidate those credit cards into one, (preferably with 0 interest to begin with and no hidden fees...) Has anyone tried this and do you recommend it. :) If you can provide a link to someplace where I could figure it out, I would appreciate it.

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    Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
    11:18 pm
    So.. I got my Delias catalouge in the mail and started flipping through it. Nearly everything in there was marked at least 40% off.

    What do I go and do?

    Spend 108 dollars on clothes.

    HOWEVER!! I only bought items that were on sale. I got a kick ass hoodie for 9.99 that was marked down from 38.

    For once I didn't go for the most expensive item in the magazine.

    Now, about that saving thing..........

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    Friday, December 27th, 2002
    3:03 pm
    Well, it looks like I might be getting an editor position with! I have completed the first steps and have had my topic approved. Now all I have to do is write a sample article.

    The topic of my column will be “Think Thrift”.

    Do any of you have suggestions on an article topic?
    Thursday, December 26th, 2002
    8:52 pm
    Hey I'm new, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm Kristen...and I'm an 18 year old college student.

    I think that explains my presence here. :)
    Monday, December 23rd, 2002
    10:31 am
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    Friday, December 13th, 2002
    11:46 am
    This is sort of in response to princesskat's post.

    One way i've found to save money and it's kind of sneaky, which is how I have to save money, otherwise i spend it.

    I have a savings account with and it is linked to my current checking account. The good thing is ING does not charge you a monthly service charge and you can transfer as low as a dollar at a time. Which is what I do. If i try to transfer even 5.00 I end up transfering it back. 1.00 at a time though I don't miss. I know it's a really small amount, but until I pay off some more debt, I can't save anymore than that.
    Tuesday, December 10th, 2002
    3:49 pm
    *peeks head in*
    Hi! New to the community.

    I'm a 20 (almost 21) year old female. I live in Tigard, Or.

    I desperately need to learn how to control my spending habbits.

    Can you say, "Shop-a-holic"? Yeah, theres a reason I love the christmas season.. I love spending money!

    I've already put together a spending diary a couple months ago, and wow... Its really amazing to see just how much goes through my hands and into merchants.

    How do you NOT spend money?? And how do you SAVE?!
    Thursday, December 5th, 2002
    3:57 pm
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    Monday, November 25th, 2002
    4:19 pm
    Piggy Bank Anyone?
    I found this great idea today for making a bank while surfing the web. A few days ago, I saw a lady on a Yahoo craft group post about using decorative napkins & modge podge to make a gift can. I think I will combine these two ideas to make a decorated bank, suitable for giving.

    Here is what you do:

    1. Buy a can of juice, such as juicy juice (not the frozen kind). Use your can opener to pop two holes in the top & drink the juice.

    2. Clean the can thoroughly with soapy hot water. Be sure to remove the label and all excess glue.

    3. Turn the can upside down so that the two holes are now in the bottom.

    4. Make a slot for money to be deposited. Get the idea? You cannot remove the money until you remove the lid with a can opener.

    5. Take a decorative napkin, like you get for birthdays or holidays and trim it to the size of your can. It may take more than one to cover.

    6. Cover the can in Modge Podge and then stick the napkin to the can.

    7. Once dry, you can give it a second coat (over the napkin) for extra gloss.

    I plan to make one of these for myself, so that we save our money. I will put it in the living room and encourage people to “feed” it spare change.

    I also plan on making a few of these as gifts for children. Since kids like to see their money, I may make some with removable bottoms. This can be done, using any size/type of can, by removing the top with a safety can opener.
    Friday, November 22nd, 2002
    1:23 pm
    I just joined the community, and boy do I need it. I'm a 24 year old starving artist from NC (emphasis on starving) and any little tips help. I personally am very crafty, so I make a lot of products that others might pay for at home and it cuts down a lot on cost. I think that baking soda is a miracle Anyway...I look forward to hearing more from the community :)
    Thursday, November 21st, 2002
    9:08 pm
    Hi there :)
    I am a 28 year old poet living in Upstate NY. I joined in hopes of offering a few tips on frugality. Over the last few months, I've learned a lot, but I still have a ways to go. Hope I'm welcome!
    12:00 pm
    This community is a great idea by the way.

    What I need is someone to HIDE my money far away where I can't get at it.
    That will probably be the only thing that works for me.

    I'm 31, I moved back home with my mom after struggling in Los Angeles for a little over a year. I was planning on only being back with mom for a year until I saved up enough to move back to L.A. It is now 4 years later and I'm still broke, even though I'm making more money than I ever have in my life. I'm just real good at making it disappear. I know I should probably bring my lunch to work everyday, and maybe even stop having a social life, but where's the fun in that? I am just about done paying off my car, which will be an extra $250 a month I will have. And I will probably be paying my student loans until the day I die at the rate I'm going

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    11:56 am
    Tips for Cutting Your Expenses

    • Keep a spending diary for one month. This will give you the most accurate picture of your spending patterns.

    • To figure out how to spend less, divide your expenses into two categories: fixed and variable. (fixed are childcare, rent, car payment, insurance, etc. variables are those you control such as groceries, entertainement, spending money, etc.)

    • Concentrate on cutting variable expenses first. Do you really need the $2 cup of coffee on your way to work? Are the little snack size bags of chips worth the extra cost?

    • If you must make major cuts in order to live reasonably within your means, you may have to change some of your fixed expenses. For example, some people move to a cheaper apartment or raise their insurance deductable to save money.

    • Once you've whittled down your monthly expenses as much as possible, aim not to spend above that figure. This can be hard at first. To me, it has become a challenge.

    10:50 am
    This is the sister community to one that I run on LiveJournal with the same name.

    I hope that we will get some sincere members who are willing to share, challenge, encourage, and support each other in our quest to lower our debts.

    I have a financial/accounting background and would be willing to help ANY of you to set up a realistic budget. Please feel free to contact me, either privately or on the list, if I can help in any way.

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