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[05 Apr 2003|05:23pm]
new user name:


add that..please... thats the new name...
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[05 Apr 2003|11:40am]
everyone this IS ASHLEY someone HACKED into my journal...yes..stupid fuckers...i have a new journal, if u would like me... at

thank you
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[05 Apr 2003|01:50am]
too cool for school yo, i'm a little green alien from around somewhere. it's great. i have a shirt on my head, and it's hot as hell. you know it beotches
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HAHA friends only! [11 Feb 2003|09:42pm]
[ music | Misunderstood-Mest ]

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY

Why this journal is Friends Only
-I am sick of stupid idoits making anonumos comments
-I like to see who reads my journal
-Because I can

How do you get to be my friend (oh joy)
-Comment Bellow, I'll add you.
-If you want to know more, just read my user info

What do to not to get me to add you
-Be rude
-Never comment, you will be removed
-Add me so you can show you have more friends

Garage Band Queen
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