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Sunday, August 24th, 2003
11:41a - uh uh uh-oh...uh uh uh-oh
ok i dont even really o where to start... i guess with the most daughter....o my god she is getting so big...shes as big as my friends 2 yr old...shes gonna start crawling anyday now reallll soon she gets up and rocks and moves her arms but falls and everytime she stays up longer and longer...she started eating baby food my mom thinks she says ma-ma but it doesnt sound like it to me...i ono shes everything to me i love her and thank god for her everyday...her fathers an asshole but as long as she dont turn out like him shes set for life...i went to toronto last week got spoiled as fu*k and stayed in a beautiful hotel room with a huge jacuzzi...ha....everything from the 2 hour car ride to the food was so perfect i needed it so bad and in a way wish i coula def. stayed longer...but im 18 w/priorities...i got my nipple pierced i know it sounds dum when i only say one but where i went it was exspensive as hell so i only got one...and im pissed cuz my friend said she went wit her man and he got both done somewhere for 10 dollars late now...and i got another tatoo...its on my right leg a little teddy bear that has a diaper and the teddy bear is sitting on three purple hearts with m y daughters intiails in them...its so cute it hurt more than theone on my back i wana get my other nipple pierced within the next like week....and i wana get chinese lettering...on my shoulder blade...i think thats gonna hurt....but i look at it like shit i had i a baby i can handle this...arite well theres more to write but i g2g b w/ my baby cuz shes wakin up from her nap...luv...xoxo....holla

current mood: cranky
current music: nEvEr LeAvE u ReMiX~LuMiDeE

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