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hey sluts [26 May 2008|01:21am]
[ mood | active ]

scanning through my blurty looking for some old links.

My pic sites are getting closed cuz i've been away too long. update to blurty- do not become inactive. keep the good work up. you dazzle. later!

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hey sluts [21 Aug 2007|05:03pm]

well. i'm going to be 21 in less than a week. I am jobless. And yea summerslam is on my birthday. Wow i hate getting older. Time sucks ball. I miss tea party. I feel like everything from now on is downhill. Ewl. I need more time to grow up. I dont want to work my whole life to pay other people. I don't even know what i wanna do. Im an ass complaining like this, my poor dad. After 35 years hes starting over. I want to be supportive. But i need support too. Shit i hate doing dishes.
I played age of empires the other day. I love that game. I took out a whole village with 3 war elephants. I rule.

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hey sluts [20 Aug 2007|05:42pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | tea party- stargazer ]

linkage!! haha! pfft. myspace.

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hey sluts [26 Jun 2007|07:07pm]
nothing really matter huh? beloved benoit. what coould drive a man to so much. the pain he must have felt for what he did. to kill with no reaction? i guess thats the kind of man who likes to fight for entertainment? i dont know. It makes no sense. He was steel. How could he takes his sons last breath. Malicious or merciful. Benoit you break my heart.
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hey sluts [08 Jun 2007|02:33pm]
myspace scares me. kidnappers and baby rapers. Even corporate blockings. Myspace is bad.

OMG i found this graphic

thats hot. hahaha paris and nicole are fat camp counselors. they tried to break the fridge to get the snack food and the camp boy likes paris its so cute. She was acting real for once. Nicole is still so jealous you can tell. Nicole explained that when people gain 10 or 20 pounds from stress its no big deal, but losing weight everyone accuses. They are so spoiled. They are lucky they aren't being forced to live in darfur for one night.

i want to rent welcome to the dollhouse. omg i just read that dawn weiner is a lesbian!!! imdb shows her with rosie. gross loser rosie o'donnell. ew. She looks retarded too. A gay retard. oh no. Welcome to the dollhouse, i love the song but wish it really was mabius singing.

I aM Dead Body. IMDB is loverly

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fucking gay fucking html [01 Jun 2007|06:08pm]
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[29 May 2007|09:45pm]
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[29 May 2007|09:25pm]
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[28 May 2007|04:46pm]

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hey sluts [28 May 2007|04:20pm]
i love this journal i dont want to lose you. I've missed you. Mother and Father are no longer. My beloved kiki has escaped. AND tonight is monday night raw. Raw as in my throat. Sick again. I have the incurable. I am human. Zinc is gross.
right now loving oak island and paranormal activity.
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hey sluts [04 May 2007|07:55pm]
i am so BAD at being human.
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hey sluts [16 Feb 2007|11:10am]
Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has quit the short-lived "supergroup," citing "irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences," he said on Thursday.
I really love their lastest album. I cant believe they would walk away.
Chris is going solo. Whoopie...may 1.

Rip AudioSlave!
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dum dum [06 Aug 2006|02:02pm]
[ mood | hot ]

i was just on the blurty homeage. i cant believe after all these years fortune i still the top blurter. get a life. its sooooo fucking hot out. I dont even feel like typing. Im glad i got an air conditioner this year because its the hottest. This is the future, each year only getting worse as we glutton our way through life. I was attempting to buy he deegan MM etnies but found that if it wasnt sold out it didnt come in my size. Only after seeing a full photo did i abandon all hope, the soles were tan. How ugly.
Jimmy changed his show date. To the 19, a bad luck day for me. This caused me to miss a tip to lilydale, and a friends party. Why all on one day? I was reayd for ours he 29th. Dang, at least my buddy would still like to see them. Too fucking hot. sianara

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hey sluts [14 Jul 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | blah ]

oh the jeff martin experience, followed by OURS. how ironic. I'm not sure why anyone would want to miss out on that. whoop whoop i took some nice shots of danielle and jeff martin. jenny and i got our pic with him, and im pretty sure when i get the pictures, jeffs hand will be in my hair. score! He was very impersonal, just getting it done. I asked him to write that i was awesome but he wrote All my love, thats ok too. I shocked and flattered him with praises for Turn the Lamp Down Low, which i had never before seen live in all the shows i've been. Its sorta a favorite, I let him know. Downside, Jeff Martin was wearing his goofy Irish countrymans hat. Also, no Stu.
I am looking forward to seeing the showplace once again in this lifetime.

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hot hot hey sluts [13 Mar 2006|07:47pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | none ]

i'm giving life one more year, then i quit. I need a change or a purpose to present itself. One more year and I will be as helpless as i began. I just cant sit here anymore. fuck this journal is depressing. i need my htmls so i can sparkle this shit up. i will be working on that.

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hey sluts [25 Feb 2006|01:48pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | none ]

i love this journal. i cant help but update to keep it active. i love the stuff i said/did only a few years ago. this is a great reminder of how far i've come. i still want to bitch about the stills situation that i discovered this morning. Theres not much to do about it. Just kinda sit and wait to see what happens. thats no fun now. im on djangos to buy cds and dvds. that is fun. i want to own all my favorite movies. aprils having a baby heather was not impressed by the first sonogram. shes only 2 months so i said its probably a fetus still. speaking of fetus' dad will be returning to work after 5 weeks vacation/relaxation. I think i will use this more often to vent and elaborate.
Elaborate like.........THIS!


yes awesome
lustaddlunacy@ muchos

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hour and a half to go [03 Dec 2005|06:28pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | wheelchair alarms ]

20 years by Placebo

There are twenty years to go
Twenty ways to know
Who'll wear
Who'll wear the hat

There are twenty years to go
The best of all I hope
Enjoy the ride
The medicine show

Thems the breaks
For we designer fakes
We need to concentrate on more than meets the eye

There are twenty years to go
The faithful and the low
The best of starts, the broken heart, the stone

There are twenty years to go
The punch drunk and the blow
The worst of starts, the mercy part, the phone

And thems the breaks
For we designer fakes
We need to concentrate on more than meets the eye

Thems the breaks
For we designer fakes
But it's you I take 'cause you're the truth not I

There are twenty years to go
A golden age I know
But all will pass will end too fast, you know

There are twenty years to go
And many friends I hope
Though some may hold the rose
Some hold the rope

That's the end and that's the start of it
That's the whole and that's the part of it
That's the high and that's the heart of it
That's the long and that's the short of it
That's the best and that's the test in it
That's the doubt the doubt, the trust in it
That's the sight and that's the sound of it
That's the gift and that's the trick in it

You're the truth not I

Im not so sure i have anything of importantace to say, but that wont STOP me. Tonight I'm just gonna go home and relax. I will lay in bed an watch tv for several hours. Later i will crack a blunt, roll a blunt, smoke a blunt. After that I will be hungry and probably make a sandwich. I think, sticking with the theme and all I will watch my placebo DVD and celebrate their career for myself. I may or may not write a love letter to paul banks. I will definately feed the cat.
I know its Saturday night but this is what i like to do. It'll be better then any Saturday night you've ever had.

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im at work [25 Nov 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | visitors speaking in the solarium. ]

there is nothing to do except sit here and be excited about upcoming events. I may go shred some officially confident documents, but other then that I'll just sit here and watch the phone, daydreaming- until the ocassional old person bothers me. The monitor on this computer is not black like the keyboard and modem. never noticed. How boring of a day. I cant wait to get out of here and cash my lottery winnings and buy a 50 cent hoodie.

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omg [05 Nov 2005|11:59am]
i miss this.
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bye sluts [29 Nov 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | him- the heartless ]

this journal is no longer active.
buh bye

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