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22nd August 2003

&Bye bye!!

This will probably be my last post until Saturday the 30th... I'm off to Ireland for a week with Sam. No doubt there will be lots of shopping, drinking, partying, dancing etc. Things are good with Drew, he's away this weeken though so I won't see him tonight...

I hope everyone has a great week & all the English people who read this- make sure you have a kicking bank holiday weekend, enjoy the late bars on my behalf.. can't believe I'm missing them :'( Oh well!!

Take care,
Current Music: Lifehouse- Somewhere inbetween

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21st August 2003

&Le sigh

This one piece of paper will decide my future.... all I have to do is sign it and I will be going to university this September. Alternatively I could tear it up and stay closer to home. I don't know what to do....

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20th August 2003

&To-Do List

I have far too much shit running around in my head about things I have to do so here is my to do list to help myself. Me, myself and I.

Set up roaming for new phone.
Highlights/Cut/Style 11am Friday.
Call Hut.
Send back UCAS reply- GEM, V.IMPORTANT!!!
Pack pack pack.
Buy thankyou present for Mike.
Get Digicam fixed.
Pick up white trousers.
Sort out MP3 player.
Ring about DJ/Live music for leaving party.
Book venue for leaving party.
Sort out mortgage website.
Forgot the rest :(


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19th August 2003

&New Layout

New journal layout since summer's almost over :'( It's in memory of this fabulous summer!!


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18th August 2003

&Abe had this idea..


(HINT: Pick the final option!!!!)

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13th August 2003

5:00pm: This is a test. If you see this you are in my special Men friend group, you will now be able to read my stupid rambling about men.


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24th July 2003

8:41pm: cant... stop... it! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, GAHHH! says:
omg i saw tim3 in his car today so i turned my car around and went into safeway to hide

I get Miss Immature prize of the day :D

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29th June 2003

&Questions for you

Reason for blurty username:
AIM sn:
Reason for aim sn:
Do you enjoy reading my blurty?
Interesting fact about you:
Weird fact about you:
Will you post this in your blurty?

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28th June 2003


Eek I'm tired... I got up at 9:30am today to go shopping with my Mum but didn't actually leave until 11. Shopping was good, I bought a new outfit for tonight- red mini skirt & black/red/white top which is very pretty. My sister's going to put my hair up- hawt!!

Last night was great... really chilled, really fun. Except I pulled Aidan :| Shouldn't have done it but I did... I know I'm back, spank me!! I got so many compliments on my trousers last night.. apparently they look a lot classier than mini skirts and my arse looked good. No complaining from me then :) This was me last night:

Right.. I've got to go, things to do.. can't wait for tonight!!!!!! xx

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12:05am: great night, feeling merry.

oh weoll.

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