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11th January 2004

1:07pm: Morning :D Last night was my birthday celebration and it was fab but can't be bothered posting about it now.

so byeee.

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6th January 2004

10:34pm: Woo it's my birthday tomorrow :D

Kind of want to stay 18 though... 19 is such an odd age.

Go shorty it's yo birthday :D


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20th October 2003


I took some fab photos of the beach the other night.. take a look:

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28th September 2003

7:59pm: I'm sitting here drying my bra with a hairdryer. Yes I am a loonatic. Actually no I'm not; it's the only bra I can wear with this particular top so shushup. Not sure why I'm posting this either!

I'm seeing Vez tonight, can't wait.. no doubt Darryl, Ron etc will be out too. Haven't seen vez properly in a while :) Sam's birthday next weekend, woooo.

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25th September 2003

&I'm home!

Well I'm home... I actually ended up liking uni, well the social aspect anyway. It's been like one holiday- I've been to the uni maybe two or three times, shopped yesterday, walked around on tuesday and done way too much clubbing.

My ears are paying for it now with their ringadingdinging :(

I'll update in a few mins properly, got lots of catching up to do.

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23rd September 2003

10:51am: I hate university.

So much.

I wish I wasn't here and I can't wait to go home.

I hate it. A lot.


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12th September 2003

3:39pm: Aha before I forget. A classic quote from last night..

"And Drew's been kissed by Gemma the detonator. He will never smile again. He's been poisoned."

Thanks Tim.

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1st September 2003

5:14pm: Ahaha Gem discovered the SCN function on her camera.

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31st August 2003

&I'm Back!!

I'm back.. and I'm about to write a scarily long post. One section will be about last night/last Friday night and the other about Ireland. There will also be an entry for the people in my "man group" only.

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