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Date:2003-05-21 00:22

Let ye who is without judgement cast the first stone. Let it be one that holds wisdom. And let it crush his very soul.

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Date:2003-05-09 13:40

She whispered softly, slowly
And took his hand in hers
She reminded him
Of the life he'd left behind

And then she took his heart
With the carelessness of a child
To reassure him
Of the pain he held inside

And in that time they spoke
Of the lies they'd like to tell
And she ran with him across the gates
She took him from heaven and into hell

He begged her to stop as the tears fell
Quashing his every burning desire
But she, like the devil herself
Pushed and got under his flesh

Pierced a hole through his heart
Searing pain soared through his body
He died, lying on the shore
Blood gone, love gone, lust remained.

(c) L.R. 2003

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Date:2003-05-08 03:10
Subject:Do you see? Do you see what I'm becoming?

I sliced them today. In my mind I did it. And I saw red. And I saw him. Begging. For me, for me to stop (not me). But I saw him through it all. And I stopped before the cold steel hit my warm flesh. Because he saw me. And not just what I'm becoming, even though through it all he knows. He knows what I am becoming, and he sees. He sees pain, this is not a way to live. This is a way to die.

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Date:2003-05-07 10:05

Bite into me. Crawl into my flesh and make yourself a home there. I know last night wasn't what I wanted but it still felt so good to have your hands all over my naked body. Maybe it was the alcohol that I drank, maybe it was me tempting you with that forbidden fruit you're longing for but never take down. I'll take you down, I'll see you vulnerable and make you look at me. You'll want to look away but it isn't going to be in the cards. Because I just dealt a straight and we're playing russian roulette, but I'm holding the gun, and you're just pleading for mercy.

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Date:2003-05-06 21:10

He smiled and lifted up his shirt. I pulled my own down. I knew that he wanted me and somewhere inside I wanted him too. I wanted to devour his goodness. Eat his heart, combine it with my own, and smile sweetly. Asking for forgiveness. So, he gave into his lustful fantasies and I took away the one thing he could never get back. His virginity. All I wanted was a good lay, how was I to know he was looking for love?

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