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[13 Nov 2003|01:53pm]
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Whoa I havent been here in forever! <3 .. well if you guys remember how i was stuck between those ryan and scott dudes, well me and ryan are offical together since november 1st 2003<3 yes yes . Here are some new pictures, they wouldnt let me upload them as PNG. which pissed me off so sorry if their a little blurry

okay I really dont like this picture ^ but its me and ryan

mike me holden

me and missy

me and missy again


[28 Oct 2003|12:37pm]
All my lil Britney Spears fans, please gemme your email address d:]

[01 Oct 2003|12:41am]
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[29 Sep 2003|12:32am]
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okay.. time for venting... this is wen i need you girls the most <3

i am so confuzed I dont know what to do but cry...

okay theres this dude ryan.. he likes me or whatever.. and weve been hanging out alot! <3 .. Like i go over his house and I stayed the night there .. all in less than a month and .. we always go to this place *MBP* (my brothers place) its a place where local bands play.. like good charolette always played there before they got big.. and stuff.. and ryan always tells me he likes my eyes he loves hanging with me and stuff and he asked me out like 2498786 x's and i was like ryan no im trying to get over someone.. and I felt bad.. BUT! .. at MBP friday night.. he was being distant.. he said i kept hitting him.. and he didnt liek it.. okay well im trynig to talk to him and he pulls away .. and i pull him back and he considers that hittin him or w/e .. I guess I cant blame him.. BUT heres the other thing...

Theres this dude Scott.. he doesnt go to my school.. neither does ryan.. and Scott likes me and Im guessing i like him too! i hung out with him friday and saturday night .. and we went to the mall with his friend Jay and watched movies and what not... and im talking to ryan and like ... he said he doesnt like me as much as he did before.. and he doesnt know why.. maybe its scott? who knows.. and i was like "ryan i miss our old friendship" and he goes "yeah me too" and stuff.. and we say we mean alot to each otehr and what not but im afraid of this ...

if i go out with scott.. im gunna miss ryan SOO much cus i LOVE hanging out with him hes so awesome and hes just fun.. and if i go to ryan then im missing out on a good relationship with scott.. im so confuzed and all i feel like doing is crying! i overreact alot sometimes and i hate it.. but scott says he doesnt mind.. i just dont know what to do.. like wen i talk to ryan hes not very open.. like he wont say things he feels unless i say things first!

BUT! ... there was another encounter where one of his friends said he liked this girl ashely and his best friend andrea and ME .. which kinda pissed me off.. and he siad hes always like andrea but doesnt wanna go out with her cus itll ruin theie friendship.. and with ashley.. she has a freakin boyfriend and she led him on.. but yeah.. ryan tells me "i really really like you" and now its like "i just dont like you as much as i did but i still do" .. cus in his room im like all over it.. cus i write on his walls and i traced both our hands and put Anne Elisabeth Fjellheim and Ryan Xavier Pyle.. and stuff and he wrote my name and his on paper and put best friends forever and put hearts and stars around my name and hung it on his wall .. and he never calls anyone and he calls me and like he let me cut his hair and he loved his hair cut before i cut it.. and ugh everyones like he must have really liked you or w/e

but with scott... man oh man he is super sweet.. he says he loves being with me.. and talking to me on the phone untill like 3 AM. and stuff .. and .. yeah Im so confuzed becuase I really dont wanna looose ryan.. or scott.. they both mean alot...


[20 Sep 2003|07:26am]
whoa sorry guys.. I havent been here in forever.. but yeah.. ill update you on some stuff thats happened lately.. well i live in MD and got stuck in the hurricane .. 9/18 and we lost 4 trees and 2 housed down 2 big trees went through their house!! but ugh omg.. i wanted to go to MBP so bad! its where all these local bands play in waldrof.. and its where good charolette always played before they got big.. cus my friends band masic was playing but i couldnt go cus i threw up 6 times yesterday and I NEVER DO... i am SOO sick.. sore throat.. stiff neck... headaches.. muscles sore.. everything.. so this is what happened last night :[ 9/19

they took me in the ambulance and ive never been in one and stuff adn wen i got there.. the put this I-V in my arm (if u dont know what it is its a shot that stays in u the whole time ur there) and there was this big bag of fluids that was going through the shot to my veins.. and it took like 3 hrs to finish the bag but omg it made my nasuea go away.. i was soo glad... and then.. i would like fall alseep during times the doctors came in and out.. this is where my mom works so alot of her friends stopped by and talked to her .. and then i got my blood pressure like every hr maybe.. and my tempertuare takin... and then i got a catscan to make sure i dont have .. this virus.. i cant remember what its called but it can kill u and i tested negative for it.. but i tested positvie for mono... and ferrendjidus (sp) .. my neck is still stiff and my head still hurts and I threw up wen i got to the hospital, and ugh it was so terrible and then i got a shot in my back spinal cord to make sure i didnt have that virus thing that could kill you.. cus i cant take my chin and put it on my neck.. blah but i got at the hosp. at 8 ... and I got home just now at 7:!5..

yeah so that was my crazy night, so im just gunna go and lye down now.. i love you guys <3 please dont think ive forgotten you

whoa i havent been here in forever [03 Sep 2003|04:47pm]
im still here babes.. i just feel like not much attracted or w/e towards blurty anymore as I used to be <3 but im not leaving

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[20 Aug 2003|02:02pm]
okay well im home... umm not much to update about .. seattle was fun i went to canada for a little.. my first time out of the US. ha.. uhm yeah.. my mom just came in my room and was like "anne i made an apointment with a plastic surgeon" and i was like "oh for my skin" (cus i got off acctuane so ima get all my scars off my face gone).. and then she goes yeah and for your boob reduction. LMAO my boobs get on my nerves.. so i might get them smaller.. I dunno yet .. I'm scared cus its gunna hurt and I dunno what size i want them and all that. ah ;x :[ k thx

woop alix whoregasm is back. i love you baybe <333

edit something I made last night :/ ROFL .. it might take awhile to load cus i saved it as PNG. so it wil be extremely cLear :]
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[20 Aug 2003|02:42am]
ANNE IS BACK FROM SEATTLE!! blah Let me get caught up on thingssssssssss :/

[02 Aug 2003|10:41pm]
ok im going to seattle tomorrow.. for 2 weeks so i wont be commenting or updating much.. yeah last nite i stayed the night at robs.. thigns went well, but uhh im so confused cus ive heard things.. and they hurt. but w/e regnesybi8impn4 d5iojft

omg. okay me and rob are like through... i dont think well be talking like that anymore, i heard too much shit.. so whatever I dont care .. this is all bullshit, so yeah i dont wanna talk about it so.. yeah.. bye

EDIT again..

iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: Heey
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: nick is not goin to make it
lil annners: omg are u serious
lil annners: how do yuo know
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: yea...nikki oliver
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: his frens are allowed to see him now
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: he is in PG shock trama
lil annners: what hospital
lil annners: shit man
lil annners: im going to seattle tomorrow
lil annners: are u sure hes not gunna make it
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: yea
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: he is brain dead and has a 5% chance of living
lil annners: omg
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: yea i know
iDa NeXtPlAyMaTe: its sad

[31 Jul 2003|10:17pm]
hello ;] hi everyone it's [/~imperial] otherwise, ryan. anne wanted me to upload a few things... so im just updating her journal, cause im that nice. well, have a superday


[31 Jul 2003|03:49pm]
Now nick is on life support and has a 5% chance of living and was in a coma earlier yesterday. My friends sisters friend is friends with Nicks G/f. thats how I know this :\

[30 Jul 2003|01:20am]
whoa. my friend kim just now told me that my friend nick was ontop of some car and it was driving and he busted his head open and the doctors said he might not make it. OmG .. this will be the frist time i wil loose someone so close to me.. because he was the first dude who ever liked me .. and he always had inside jokes like .. UH PIGGY and jaws. and stuff.. and i remember me and ashely fought over what group he was gunna be in for the zoo filed trip :[ and and and i just saw him yesterday.. i hope he'll be okay.. serioulsy :[ OmG i feel like crying.

[30 Jul 2003|12:03am]
new layout. I made myself <33 thanks angie for the code for the info thing and helping me put this together <33 muahs

[28 Jul 2003|07:28pm]
bLah okay i just got home.. me and rob went to the movies and everything went great. well i got there before him and i waited inside and he saw me and he had already bought 2 tickets because he didnt think i was there yet! OmG he always wants to pay for stuff.. and then we saw shirley and josh and they were watching the same movie as us .. *lara croft* which was so boring by the way.. so shirley wanted me and rob to sit with her and josh. and OmG the fLip-fLops I was wearing.. OmG!! they like skinned the side of my left foot and between my big toe and the one next to it on my right fooot. OmG i could not walk :[ .. So then me and rob walked back to the mall after the movies and went into the disney store, and then pacific sunwear. and he bought me a pack of toe rings and a sheLL necklace I WAS GUNNA BUY MYSELF! he wouldnt let me pay :[. Hes still at work right now he wont be off untill 10 or so. but then my mom and g-ma met at the mall and i went back to pacific sunwear and got 3 shirts and my dickies hat. and then.. i went up to rob's work and got a nose ring. and my mom got to meet him and so did my g-ma. anddddd now im home and i took some pictures, so look if you like... *muahs*

eww these look like CrAp when uploaded ..... :/
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journal by mizz_anqie ;]

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Okay.. My name is Anne Elisabeth <3
I'm 16.. Born on Sept.6th 1987..
I'm currently not single,
RYAN XAVIER PYLE <33 [November 1st 2003]. <3 .. umm I have blue green
eyes and diirrty bLonde hair if you even care.
I love britney spears. shes awesome. Don't like her?
Fuckin leave. now. Kthx <3 :] .. I have a britney
community and an icon community if interested..
britney_lovers ..
I love pictures so alot of my entrys
will have pictures in them..

If you want me to add you,
do not add me without commenting or
telling me and expect me to add you,
because its not happening. dont ask me
for anything. I helped to many people and
they learned not to credit so i give up.
But yeah. add me and ill add you back. *muahs*

go  :  earlier I love Britney <3333