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This is my personal space. Be warned -- there may be instances where I could offend you. I am vulgar. I do not tolerate being taken as a fool. And I could tear you apart with my bear hands if you provoke me enough. But keep in mind -- that is only a fraction of who I am. And these mindless ramblings are just that -- mindless ramblings. I can be real sweetheart if you play your cards right.
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Auf Wiedersehen! [29 Apr 2004|07:33pm]
I've given birth to a livejournal. I couldn't get into blurty for the past week. Plus, I'm impatient. So click here to see what I've been doing.

Hey Mama [23 Apr 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Garbage - A Stroke of Luck ]

Wow. I'm really starting to forget things. Earlier, I know I was updating my journal, but I don't remember really finishing it. Hmm..

Nevermind. I'm not even gonna stress about that shit.

Anyway, I'm getting tired of my journal layout. Don't worry tho, I'm in the process changing it. I just have to decide how I want it to look like. If I had the choice, I'd change the layout every other day. But I don't so too bad.

Bob left Guam yesterday. He's headed to Cali for his girl's prom. I wish him the best of luck because he's gonna be jet lagged up his asshole! I'm sure he'll enjoy it tho.

If you guys don't know by now how Driff and I decided on our girl's name, well then here's the low down.
Aeris is a character from Finaly Fantasy VII. She gave her life to save the world or something like that. Driff was the one to came up with it. It just clicked and that's how we decided on naming her Aeris. Such a pretty name too. I don't know anyone that has that name. I hope she likes it.

Hmm. What else?
Oh. That Black Eyed Peas song, "Hey Mama" has been playing in my head for the past 3 days. Actually, Driff kept singing it and I caught on to it and we can't get it out of our system. So I finally gave in and downloaded it! Grr! I have to admit tho, it is a pretty catchy song. And honestly, it makes me miss dancing. And whenever that damn video plays on t.v., I can't take my eyes off that chick. She has such a gorgeous body. So, after the pregnancy ladies and gentlemen, my goal will be to have a body like hers. Trust. Besides, I have no excuse not to work out cos we've a gym downstairs that is available to us 24/7. So there.

Anyway, Driff doesn't get off until 2am. It's only 7:57. That sucks hairy balls for sure. So yeah. I'm gonna fold some clothes and then make myself some dinner.

Internet Junkie [22 Apr 2004|10:08am]
[ mood | good ]

Cool site. Check it.

Internet Junk*

Tip: Apply for Senior Membership.

You dig?

lush635, from this day forward,

your Blues Singer name shall be....
wicked lincoln

Case of The Crack Head [21 Apr 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey! Driff and I saw our first crack head yesterday! We went to the clinic for his check up. When we were walking back to the car, there was this haolie chick that was just strolling down the parking lot. She obviously was on something cos she was just in her own little world repeating, "Cos they don't give a fuck!". Seriously. It was weird. We should have taken a picture of, or better yet, with her. That was definitely something you don't get on Guam!

Hmm. I just thought of something. Haolie means "foreigner" in Hawaiian. So, me calling the crack head a haolie is wrong, right? If anything, I'm more of a haolie than she is then. How weird.

Another thought.
If you call someone a dick, then that would be a bad thing cos it means that they're being an asshole, right? But why is it a good thing when a guy says that he's got a big dick?

John didn't know how to answer that.

I have no idea where I come up with these kinds of questions. I can go all day with unanswerable shit like this. But it makes you think, don't it? *wink


Just A Thought [20 Apr 2004|10:15am]
[ mood | curious ]

I wonder if Ashton Kutcher would ever PUNK Snoop.
Or Whitne Houston.. or even better .. Mike Tyson! Watch him bite his ear off!

I wouldn't miss THAT episode for the world!


M U S I C ♥ [19 Apr 2004|07:45pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | Chili Peppers - Walk About ]

I have to say this . . Listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute
Seriously guys. This band rocks like a MUTHA and leaves you wanting more. I think this is more groovy than the latest album they had out, but it doesn't really matter cos the Chili Peppers are fucken amazing! FUCK! I miss playing the guitar! I miss heading down to Casa to listen to the band play. LIVE MUSIC - nothing can get better than that. I don't care how badass your friends' recording is, there is NO WAY you can top live music.

Well . . anyway . .
This album graced us before the wretched EMO days. Why is everyone EMO now? Isn't it just a clever way of saying that someone is bummed out all the time? That's just like how goth people came around, isn't it? The difference is only in the fashion. Oh! My wretched life! The horror! The horror! Funny, ain't it? I know Emo is still a part of music, but all these bands sound like their biting off each other. Yeah man, you sound cool singing like that! I'm gonna sing like that too!

Go ahead, be emo.


Her Dreams Are Picture Perfect [19 Apr 2004|03:56pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes ]

I just won some vacation to Florida and Cancun, Mexico for 2 weeks. The company that held the contest were going to pay $2500 and I just had to pay $598. It's a long story and to make it short - I turned the muhfuhkah down. I guess they were a little upset that I did but I don't give a flying rats ass cos I've got more important things to do with my life rather than spending hard earned money on some Florida getaway. Oh well . . spilled milk.

Traffic In The Sky
Listen to Jack Johnson
If you're in the mood to just chill with your friends, like at a barbeque or something, this is probably the perfect mood setter. I guess he has that island vibe going on and it makes me miss being on Guam. I miss eating red rice. I miss going to Crea and making myself an iced hazelnut latté. I miss driving down to my mom's house and dragging her to the mall so that we can hang out and shop. I miss hanging out in Tumon and seeing my little brother buying something for himself.

Speaking of my little brother..
He wrote the cutest thing in his livejournal, "My sister writes cool entries." Awww! Spanks! It feels good to know that he can read my entries and get somewhat inspired by the things I write. At least I can influence him in a good way. Cos I think I've influence that boy with all the bad stuff at first. I remember forcing him to smoke a cigarette in front of me. I remember smoking him for the first time. Haha! That was classic!

It was a Wednesday night and my parents were off island. My friends and I planned to drive around the island for some reason but I'm sure you can guess that we didn't end up driving around the island. There were a bunch of us: Kaipo + Shane + Josh + Tré + Nikki + my little bro + I. Anyway, we were just waiting for Hiko to get off work so we all went to the Jonestown look out to kill time. Someone had a joint - I can't remember who - but the 7 of us shared one slightly lame joint. We all got pretty stoned off of that tho. I remember that was the very first time my little brother smoked a joint and I think he got pretty lit off of it cos he started laughing super hard and kept punching Tré on the arm. It was classic.

I like hanging out with my little brother. Especially when we see each other at mosh parties. It's sad that he and my older brother can't really get along like that. I hope one day the three of us can party together. I think it would be fun.

End of The Day [18 Apr 2004|09:40pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Incubus - Warning ]

That VH1 Divas thing went on tonight. I was watching it but it wasn't exactly my cup of tea at the moment. They hardly show anything good on TV anymore. The only show that I'm super down for these days is What Not To Wear. Seriously. I wish I got a credit card worth $5000 just so that I can go shopping. I'd give up all my old clothes gladly! Take it! I don't need it!

I was working on Photoshop earlier. I'm gonna be messing around with that program alot cos I need to get more familiar with it if I want to pursue this whole graphic designer thing. At least I have experience with it already. I mean, it's not like I don't know how to do shit - I was a graphic designer - on Guam. I just need to enhance my skills on the computer, that's all. So, probably by next year, I'll be able to enroll in the Art Institute and take my classes online.

Driff and I were talking about me working as a Japanese concierge. It's weird how there are hardly any Japanese speaking people here. Not like on Guam where practically everyone knows a thing or two. But yeah, he was talking to one of his managers and he told him that I could speak Japanese fairly well. And he told John that I could get a job faster than he can around here just because I can speak Japanese. That's cool. Maybe I'll do that when the time is right. I just need to brush up on the formal stuff. It's funny. I don't know how to say "How may I be of service to you?" in Japanese, but I DO know how to say, "Don't fuck with me!" with passion. I guess that's what you get for hanging out with them Japanese folk everyday for 4 years straight. I liked it tho.


Why I hate [18 Apr 2004|02:09pm]
[ mood | devious ]
[ music | Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place ]

A question was brought up to me a little while ago: What makes trouble making seem so fun?

I guess it's the thrill of the whole thing. Allowing yourself to be honest is pretty liberating. I mean, why fake liking someone when you really despise them? I mean, don't get me wrong - high school was pretty fun for me - but I'm thru with all that fake plastic friends bull shit. I've always hated those girls who act all nice to you in person and then once you're gone, it's "Omygod! She's such a fucken bitch!"

Or the worst ones are those girls you think are your friends, but in actuality, they'd backstab you in a heartbeat. They'd go around telling all the secrets that they swore never to tell and then straight up deny it when you confront them about it. "Girl, I would never do that to you!" But I guess you're the idiot if you still end up hanging out with them after all that bullshit.

But the ones I fucken despise the most are the ones who fuck with my friends. I'm sure everyone has the same feelings. If you fuck with my friends, then that means that you're fucking with me. ESPECIALLY when they think they can get away with doing shit like that. What amazes me is that they can actually look someone in the eye and lie. What kind of a person is that? I know everyone has lied at some point in their lives, but after numerous confrontations about their failure to be truthful, that person should get the fucken hint that they should fucken stop what they're doing. Apathetic fucks like that should know how it feels like.

Oh God. The other thing I fucken hate is when someone knows that they're at fault, but then turns it around and blames the person who really is the victim. That's the fucken worst shit in the world. Can't you grow up and admit that you're wrong?!

So, okay. Going back to the whole trouble making thing. I wouldn't really call it troublemaking now. I think it's just showing how you really feel about a person - not being fake. I just fucken hate these people who lie out of their ass and act super innocent when they get caught. Seriously. Cause it all boils down to respect - if you don't have that - karma will be inevitable.

That is why I hate liars and cheats. People who have done this to me have been cut off from my life; people who have done this to the people I care for will forever be on my shit list. Boo fucken hoo.

Blue Elvis [17 Apr 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I MiSS MY GUiTAR! I'd be learning a song right now if I had Elvis. *sob*

すごい! [17 Apr 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | The Velvet Underground - Heroin ]

Free movie tickets are the shit. Especially when you're planning to watch a kick ass movie. John and I got free movie passes again from Albertson's which we can use for whatever movie we want to watch. That's why we saved it for Kill Bill Vol. 2. And I think it's safe to say that it was an, eye popping experience. I certainly . . uh . . didn't see that coming(?) hahaha!

Okay. I'll stop.

Even though the sequel wasn't as gory as the first movie, it was still a brilliant movie. It explained everything well and in good form, the dialogue didn't drag itself around the whole movie and the fight scenes were awesome. I had a feeling that she knew how to do to that 5 palm point exploding heart technique. Okay, maybe some of you haven't seen the flick yet, so I'm not gonna speak of it any more. But if you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you do. And if you haven't even watched the first one then you're missing out on a whole lot of chick fights.

Go Go Yubari is still the shit tho. She fucken rocked that ball and chain like nothing! I guess the reason why she was so damn hot is cos her cute little school girl outfit. I guess it just made her look too innocent to know how to do that kind of shit.
Another movie she was in was Battle Royale. Now THAT movie was fucken crazy. There aren't any subtitles unless you get the DVD. It's about a bunch of kids that are brought to an island only to kill each other. These kids woke up with these things around their necks that were actually bombs. So, if you were to try to escape the island, the bomb would explode because you've gone out of range. So, the only way to survive was to kill each other even if they didn't want to. And it doesn't matter if you and your friend hid from everyone else, at the end, if there were more than one person breathing, then the neck bombs would explode. It's a pretty clever movie. A little cheesy, but clever nonetheless. Oh and the thing was that all the students got survival packs. Each contained food, water and a certain weapon that differed with each and every bag. That means that someone could have got a bag with a butter knife in it BUT someone else could have got a bag with an axe in it. So, if you got the bag with the pot cover then you're just shit out of luck unless you learn to kill with your bare hands. Watch this movie if you're into the Nihonjin.

But don't watch Battle Royale 2. It sucked ass. The director from the first movie passed away so his son decided to continue on with the whole sequel but I guess the son was just too into the U.S. military so he actually used the whole army thing in the movie. Trust me, it's not as great as the first one. But .. you can watch it if you want. なんでもないよ。

Lou Reed is one clever mofo! [16 Apr 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | The Velvet Underground - The Gift ]

The Gift by The Velvet Underground. It would be more intense if you were to download the song first and then read the lyrics and listen to it at the same time, only because it's hard to hear what he's saying at some parts of the song. This is only ONE of the reasons why this band fucken rocks. Who would be clever enough to make something like this now? But yeah. Download the song and then read the lyrics. You'll appreciate it more.

Artsy Schmartzy [15 Apr 2004|11:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | No Doubt - Hella Good ]

You tell me where your skeleton's hiding.
Tell me all and I'll tell you.
You think you have a real good fucking answer,
A fucken answer I'll give you!

I love that song. It feels liberating in a way to just sing a long with the band. Cussing and everything. It's great. Anyway, it's Thursday morning. Well, actually, it's almost noon, but it's morning to me cos I woke up just an hour ago.

I got a call from this Design school that's here in Vegas. This lady was really insisting that I see her for an interview. I guess since I told her that I worked for an advertising company back on Guam, she was super stoked on me attending that school. I really wanna go back to school, only because now I realize how damn important it is. And I have more of an idea of what I really want to to do with my life. I also got this brochure from The Art Institute. The great thing about it is that I can do all that shit online - which is really what I'm looking for cos then I can spend time with Aeris and John at the same time. I think I want to go into Digital Design. It's kinda like what I was doing at Inhouse. After the 12 month thing, then I'll be prepared to work for the newspaper or magazines. I just need more training than what I got back on Guam. I was really lucky actually. I didn't know anything about Illustrator or Photoshop and Kaz just saw some hint of potential and hired me. He actually PAID me to learn about stuff like that. I always get lucky with stuff like that.

Come to think of it . .
All the jobs that I've had, I never had to apply for it. Well, except for Gucci. I kinda wished that I stayed there longer than I did. I actually quit for stupid reasons that I kick myself over for now. Well, I shouldn't really be saying that cos at the time, I really wanted different things in my life. But anyway, yeah.. I wished I worked at Gucci for more than those damn 2 weeks! I never even got to enjoy my commission paycheck. That sucked ass. It was funny. I didn't even wanna work there in the first place. I just applied because Karen asked me to apply with her. And thinking that I wasn't gonna get hired - I applied. Then it turned out that they hired me instead of her. I felt really bad about that. I don't know why I still went along with it. I guess I just wanted to try it out. I dunno.

Oh! I'm gonna start selling stuff on the net. I was wandering around the net and I stumbled on to this site called Cafepress.com. This site offers a bunch of products like shirts, hats, accessories and stuff like that and anyone could join and design the products however they want to. And they can sell it! It's cool. So, I'm thinking I'll do that and see what happens. I just need a damn scanner. K.

Down With Teenie Boppers! [13 Apr 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | The Velvet Underground - Take A Walk On The Wildside ]

I don't remember where I put my Beck Mutations cd. Argh! I think I left it back on Guam. It's okay. I'll just download it off the net again. That cd brings back a lot of strange memories. I remember listening to that cd in my car. I think I was going thru some stupid break up and I got stoned by myself and just drove around. But that cd was the shit tho. I should suggest some bands you fellas should listen to. I'm sure if you're Gene Park, you'd already know about these bands.

YuraYura Teikoku: Japanese band. Name means "Floating Kingdom". Sounds similar to The Kinks. Sounds extra groovy when you're lit.
Cornelius: Another Japanese artist. He's more of a sound mixer. This guy is awesome.
The Velvet Underground: Everyone should know about this band. They were the pioneers of rock. If you are any kind of music lover, you should get to know your roots and listen to this band. Seriously. Even tho they probably recorded while they were super high on Heroin or something, this band fucken rocks like a mofo. Listen to it when you're drunk, stoned, sober - just listen to them. You will not regret it.
The Doors: This band was probably on acid when they recorded their albums. But this band is another great influence in rock. Fuck censorship.
The Beatles: What's cooler than a British rock band? These guys paved the way for many musicians today. The songs they created are still being covered today. Everyone knows who The Beatles are. Maybe they were the first boy band - but they still were the first.

Hmm. I guess that's all. Sometimes I wonder about these new punk rockers that are out and about now. I wonder if they know where their music came from. I wonder if they know where PUNK came from. I wonder if they're just in the scene because it's the hip thing to do. Even with my little brother - sometimes I want to talk to him and ask him if he knows his musical roots. And these teenie boppers with their black and white checkered Vans. Do they even know what and why that design is there? It makes me wonder.

Punk is all about going against the norm. Not conforming to society. That means, not giving a flying rats ass about what they wear or how they look. But, these kids are claiming that they dress the way they do because they ARE going against the norm - but then going out of their way to buy that "punk" looking belt and buying black and white checkered VANS. It's actually pretty funny - but incredibly annoying.

And the whole meaning behind the black and white checkered design. That was to show that black and white musicians played on the same stage back in the day. I wonder how many of them knew that. I wonder if they even care.

I really hate these fucken trendoids. And the music just sucks majorly now. There is NOTHING out there that has a new sound to it or is that influencing. It's just sad. It's cover after cover after cover. These Punk bands cover songs from Madonna, or from old school bands that did doo-wop songs in glitter gold jackets and most of these kids don't even know about shit like that. If you love music the way you think you do - or say you do - you should educate yourself more on it. Know where it came from, who was there, why they sang those songs and everything. It'll make you feel better knowing these things. At least you can back yourself up when you proclaim yourself a music lover.

Ring! Ring! [13 Apr 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Last night, around 8:30, my cell phone rings. I ask John if he knows the number that's showing on the phone. He says no and I'm thinking, "Great. Who the hell's calling me at this time?" I expected it to be one of those fucken telemarketers. But no. Tracy calls!!

I was so happy to hear from her! She updated me on the drama that's been going on back on Guam and honestly, I'm glad I'm not there to go thru it. Well, maybe a little part of me wishes I was there just so that I can throw shit at everyone's faces. Tré and I would probably be making fun of everyone and laughing right in front of them - especially if we were drunk. And I dunno, man. I sounds like all of our boys are going crazy because they're L.O.S.ing. It's so stupid .. it's actually pretty funny .. but gross at the same time. Ew.

But she says that her and Coop will be moving to Washington around June. Which is super cool cos then we'll be closer to each other. And I really hope that we meet up for Christmas. That would be so much fun. Hey, maybe we can go up to Reno and try snowboarding! That would cool. Even though I know Tré and I don't know how to snowboard for shit, I think it would fun, not to mention fucken hilarious, that two tiny girls are falling on their asses trying to balance themselves out.

I haven't chatted with my parents for the past 3 days. I should log on just to see how they're doing and let them know that I'm okay.

Okay. Gonna do it now.

So, where's Brad Pitt? [12 Apr 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Wayne Newton - Luck Be A Lady ]

So, we've all heard of Ocean's Eleven, right? Y'know, that movie with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Daemon and blah blah? Okay. That movie was filmed in Las Vegas where it featured the "oh-so-great" Bellagio Hotel Casino. Well, in the movie, they managed to cut the power for like a second and a half or something in order for them to get away with the money. Which, in real life, would never happen because people just aren't that slick anymore.

Last night, the Bellagio's power was cut off. I have no idea why it happened, but they still haven't got their power up yet. They're actually hoping that they'll be able to fix it all up by tomorrow. That's fucken crazy. But they didn't forget their guests tho. They actually put them up in other MGM hotels for the time being.

Drugs Are Fab! [11 Apr 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | -nothing- ]

Happy Easter Lovelies!
Instead of celebrating Easter by going to mass or brunch or meeting up with friends to have lunch, John and I woke up at 12, cuddled and then went to Albertson's to buy food for the house. It was all good. We wanted to check out his auntie's Easter get together but when we called, no one was there to pick up the phone. So much for that. John left to work at 5.

I'm watching this thing on super models. Now how about that, eh? Getting paid for looking fucken hot. Free alcohol, free drugs - crazy crazy crazy. I remember saying at one point that I'd never ever try Cocaine. But I guess after watching Pulp Fiction and Blow a little too many times, the curiosity just grew. I just want to see what all the hype is about Cocaine. But Heroine. Now that's a whole different story. I wouldn't want to try Heroine at all. And I know that if I ever did, that would be the end of me. Seriously. That will be the day that I die. Maybe not physically, but I know my mental state would be at an utter LOW when I decide I want to shoot up.

I have to do some major running when Aeris is born. For real.*
Lucky us - we have a mini gym downstairs!

Late Night Crack [11 Apr 2004|03:45am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | - silence - ]

It's 3:45 a.m. and I can't sleep. I'm just gonna ramble on this thing then.
Wanna hear something funny? Okay. I told my older brother to look at this site so he can see the pictures of the studio and everything. And I of course, he notices the one with my belly. He says to me:

Why don't you try doing sit ups?

I'm 6 months pregnant, dummy.

That was so fucken weird. John said that he'd laugh if he found out that my brother still doesn't know that I'm pregnant. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't know.
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Actually, it's Easter Sunday right now. Happy Easter!! John and I were supposed to go to his auntie's house to celebrate with all the other Chamorros that are here in Vegas. But he's been working long hours for the past 2 days and I think it's better if he'd just stay home. Plus, he has work in the evening. But, maybe we'll go there and chow. Who knows? Maybe we'll grab for balutan! Haha!

Anyway, I think I should log off now. Oyasumi*

Me Casa [10 Apr 2004|07:17pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Coldplay - Clocks ]

Okay fellas. I took some pictures of our place and of how big my belly is now. Enjoy!*

Kay guys. That's the basic run down. It pretty much shows the whole house, except the bathroom, only because I couldn't get the whole room in the picture. The pics also show the key that we use for entering the building - it's an electronic key, which I personally think is super cool. I'd take pictures of the exterior, but I don't want to have to go outside. The rest are just miscellaneous stuff. And the last pic shows how big I am at 6 months. I'll put up more stuff later*

Drama Club [10 Apr 2004|12:05pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Okay, so everyone's probably heard about that VH1 Divas thing that's being held at the MGM Grand, right? I wonder how many people actually show up to that. I mean, I know there will be thousands of people, but I don't think I've been in a crowd that big! I bet John's gonna see a bunch of celebrities at work this week. Last night he saw that Tula chick from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We all know why she's here. She's gonna present one of the awards for that show, I believe.
Oh God! I remember when I was in my Justin Timberlake phase! Hahaha! That was funny. I remember one night, Tré and I were at Gameworks, just shooting the shit, and they were playing the Rock Your Body video. My eyes were super glued to that damn big screen! I don't know, man! He just moves so good! Pop and lock*

Okay whatever.
So I hear that Jimmy's not going out with that sleaze anymore. That's a good thing to hear. I'm glad that he finally faced the fact that he was dating a stupid little girl and that he couldn't change anything about her. But, I'm not sure if he's really "progressing". Ey, whatever floats your boat, man. I just hope the next chick Jim goes out with isn't a fucken skank like the last one. [yeah what?!]

Relationships. It's quite a funny thing actually. Sometimes, people go thru this phase when they feel the need to have someone in their life. As if it were almost necessary. They tend to jump into stupid situations and all this crap starts happening and then they wonder why their life is the way it is. I guess people are just afraid of finding out who they really are. And when with someone - there tends to be this superiority/inferiority thing going on. But when alone - they don't even know who they are and what they really want out of life. And I guess they feel the need to be with someone because in that way, the other person could be the one to take care of you or be the one you'll be taking care of. It's such a weird thing.

The best ones tho, are the ones that start out pure. Cos seriously, the relationships that start out with so much drama probably END with much more drama.

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