10:47pm 04/04/2004
pink passion

Your Passion is Pink!

You're a bit innocent when it comes to sex.

Not that you're not experienced...

You've just prevented your heart from being corrupted.

You're passionate, in time, but it takes a while for your colors to deepen.

What Color Is Your Passion?

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hey bizznatch   
01:25pm 04/04/2004
  hey everybody!. i just woke up like, an hour ago. im supposed to go to jimmy's house with cortney in a little bit. damn, today is the last day im going to see jimmy... hes going into the army tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. its really gonna suck. im gonna miss him sooooo much. but think of how hard its going to be on cortney !! shes his girlfriend and all....
ooh! speaking of cortney, me and jimmy went with her to aftershocks yesterday so she could get her tattoos. she got a sun on one hip bone, and a moon with stars on the other. i really want a tattoo , but my parents wont let me have one :(:( i want an ankh on my back between my shoulderblades, and a little bat on my left hip bone. lol, like i have a obne, its all covered in fat!!!! lol..:p.
when jim gets into the army, hes going to have his last name tattooed across his back like a jersey, and hes going to have a flame band going around his arm, with the flames going up to encircle hid dragon that he already has.
OMG!!! cortney shaved jimmy's head last night. lol!! he looks so different. i mean, i could barlye handle it when he shaved off the shit on his face but now.. omg..lmao... it looks good though. cort made it into a mohawk before she shaved it all off though. lol. damn, i really am gonna miss him.


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01:28am 04/04/2004
mood: lethargic
music: whos gonna save us- the living end
this is my new blurty. my last one was xdeadwoodx, and i promise that this one will be much less depressing. i hope :P. well, anyways, um, yeah!!. i guess ill go and fuck with this some more. talk to ya later!!

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