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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

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    3-17-04 *Happi St. PatriX Daii Ya*LL!
    Hey pPl. 2.daii I hadda qo 2 usual..umm almost ever1 wore green, but at our skewl ya ain*t aloud tah pich ppl 4 not wearin* qreen. :( Lmfao. Mikey told me dat Mr. Star* said that I looked good for my age...Wo0~`Wo0! Go me! Ne ways..Mom picked me up and showed off all her blacked eyes and bruzes on her face from where Janet HArper*s cuz came up and started sum shytt. was a kewl day. Mikey wrestled me to get me to tell him what instrument Mr. Warner was switchin* me to in band..Tenor SaxX I thank. :) I'm quitten band cuz I can*t put up with tha band geekz nomore. I skipped Homebase today but Mrs.Miller will juss thank that mom picked me up umm yeh. Tianna*s is on tdah 22nd of dis month...we was ganna go to Chuckie Cheesez but mom*s face is all messed ^ so iono. Welp dats bout how good it gotT! ByezZ!

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