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[20 Apr 200303:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i have a new name..its that will be my new journal add me and i will add you back! i will be updating on there soon..later tonight..much <3.Later HAPPY EASTER!

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To hell and Back [16 Apr 200306:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Sum41-Still waiting ]

Well Erin is finally back! My god i've been going threw so much lately and not many people know! Lets see i fully changed now so i'm all punked out! ITS FUCKING HOT being this way! lol i love it! its awesome i'm so happy this way it is really me! it brings everything out in me! but my mom is not to happy about it so fuck her and i've been going threw a lot with her and i'm getting help for me! lets see last week was SO shitty i got 4 blueslips! 1 detention and maybe after spring break i might get two days of iss! so my mom was not happy! and most of it was cuz of swearing and talking back to my teachers and stuff..and i found out i've got an anger problem so i need to go to anger management or something like that..starting soon! so this should be pretty interesting! i mean my life is a shit hole! i started to write in a book again and i let people read it like amy and ally..sara..and rach and that's about it! and ms.Szwich! she is awesome! such a cool teacher she is 29 and just awesome! she helps me threw a lot! well yeah besides that fact that i've turned into a badass we don't need to talk about that or how shitty my life is cuz there is no point! anyway.. I'M GOING OUT WITH STEVE! yay lol i'm soooo happy now! he asked me out on the 15th! it is the day after the 14th..which this 14th was 1 month i have not been going out with it helped me a lot and i'm really glad to be with steve! hehehe! me and jess are really cool now we worked things out and talk more so its all good..and now tomorrow is my last day of school till break and then we go back for 2 days and then we are off to Washington DC on the 29th! YAY i can't wait to just get AWAY FROM EVERYTHING! and just have fun with friends and everything! and over spring break i want to get together with a bunch of friends and have a party and STEVE! my god i love him! finally erin is over bryan..::happy dance:: lol..but yeah i thought i would let you guys know how my life is going since i haven't updated in awhile cuz i'm such a bad gurl all of a sudden and i just got the computer its cool! i will try and stay out of trouble but i doubt i will be able to do it! you watch i will do something bad in like the next 4 days even though we will be on break! its okay! well i'm gonna get going so i will talk you guys soon! comment me! much love! Laterr

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another day.. [10 Apr 200305:56pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | BlindSide-Pitiful ]

hey people..this weather has been shitty! i HATE IT! damn rain and snow! grrr! the sun and nice WARM weather better come out VERY soon or else erin is going to be very mad! Anyways this has so far been a good week! erin has liked there is a dance thingy this friday so yea it should be fun hanging out with many people lets name a few..Rach..Amy..Sara..Jess..Ed..Lou..Bryan..Rich..Brian..and other people but yeah anyways i'm having guy problems..two guys and i don't know what to pick..i really really want bryan a lot and i think i'm gonna stick to that..but i might just give one guy one chance if it works but i know if i give that guy one chance i won't get over bryan no matter yeah but one day i will be back with bryan..he is just having a really hard time right now but we won't get into that right now cuz we just don't need the whole fucking world knowing! I'm very happy for my gurl AMY! she is gonna hook up with Rich.L! YAY! so cute together and he is older! yay and he is getting a job a hot topic so you know what that means...FREE STUFF! cool cool! lol umm what else to talk about..hmm i haven't updated in awhile and my life has been up and down...i've been having many of those days..UP and then DOWN which sucks being down but hey what can i say? i have my reasons and most of you guys know what is with my life and what i do..but anyways i think i'm gonna get a new layout and icon cuz i need one so if anyone has any ideas or would like to help me let me know..i'm going to get going and call amy back and then get ready to call Rich later..comment me..Later

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Grow up people [06 Apr 200306:05pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]
[ music | Linkin Park-Some Where I Belong ]

Where to start? Amy slept over last night and we had a blast..we went to the mall too and i got some more new clothes *yay* so that was fun..then we had fun making fun of my cat lol and we vedio taped some of it..and i watched a little thing on it that amy taped when she was at eds house..omg it was so funny..and i didn't finish watching the whole thing so i will one day! lol sara is coming back today from cape cod she should be home soon.
I have to say life has been getting shitty..i don't want to sound like a lonely lil bitch that has nothing better to do then say how life really does though and not many people see or understand what i'm talking about..i probably know about 7 people that know what i mean and how i feel and only about 4 to maybe i would want to say 6 but i think that's pushing it..know the whole story about my whole life. And the thing is people need to grow up i mean if someone is different or something you don't need to talk shit or whatever they do half of the people are here are fake, don't know what fun is, or how to live their REAL life so they hide behind a mask and act like everything is just GREAT! Those people think others will care well we REALLY don't give a shit on whatever you say or talk because it all goes back to them and we are the ones who live our own life's our REAL life's and act and dress the way we want..that's how you lfie..i really don't know how the get by each day living like they live..if i was one of them i don't know what i would do..but just to think i was one of them at one time that's why i changed cuz i wasn't happy..and being like that for many years messed up my got a little better but it will always be messed up cuz i was like that! i can never go back either and fix it i wish i could but i can't! And to add to my list i'm having fucking guy troubles with two guys and i don't know what to do but i'm not going to get into that until something happens and most of you people know what's going on with my nice lil love life -lol- so yeah..and now we are gonna get more fucking snow but hey that's good i don't have to go to school and see all those fake people that i HATE and one day they will burn in hell and get payback and all i will say is "we told you your day would come and you'd get it!" and i will laugh! This Friday there is a dance cuz last Friday it was supossed to be then but it didn't happen cuz of the fucking ice storm so now this Friday so i hope to have a good time and find my love life out by the end of this week..but i don't think its looking that way so we will see what happens and how this week goes..i will keep you guys updated..comment me..Later
Mine and Amy's song..for us for many reason..i love you amy! lol <33 and no not in a lezbo way so get over it people you know who you are!

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dumbasses [04 Apr 200306:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | sum41-still waiting ]

okay so my b-day was the 31st! yay! i had a good b-day this year i got some good money! and some new clothes and now this sat. amy is sleeping over and we are going to the mall and get erin more new clothes lol..umm so yea it should be fun! tomorrow there is a dance and i don't know if i'm going to go to it or not..i have to think about it..last night from like 4:30-8:30 i was on the phone with amy & ed and then we were talking to vinny for was fun..ed is really funny..he is a good person to go to when you fell down..i have so many reports due i have on in general music i'm doing it on the ataris and then i'm still doing my stuff on teen yeah i've got a lot of researching to do. My mom got her new cd player put in the blazer..its really nice i was like whoa i want that one in my car! lol. today was pretty good..but amy and me went to the office well we got called in to talk to mrs.coxs and hayes cuz some people have been saying some mean shit to amy i mean come on that name calling shit was like in 4th grade! LEAVE IT! drop it my god people are so gay!! fuck all of them..they will be getting their payback..and it will be fun doing it..haha..i wonder were amy or ed is hmm..well yeah i just wanted to update but i'm really board right now and i have nothing to do so i guess i will go and talk on the phone talk to you guys soon..comment me. later

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quiz [28 Mar 200310:39pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | switchfoot-ment to live ]

Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

wow that quiz is SO heart hurts so much..i'll always think of bryan <33 life just really isn't fair right now it really sucks..i'm getting those moods again to where i want everything to end..and i'm talking to brian about it right now cuz he feels the same with himself..and he is the only one i can relate to with this so i'm lucky to have him as a bestfriend..i need to finish talking to him so i'm gonna go..much <3 later

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sleepy [28 Mar 200310:31pm]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | The Ataris-In this dairy ]

LONG week let me tell you! wow it has been crazy!! yay i love this song! its really its mine & sara's song! yesyes! anyways..umm there was a lil dance tonight it was pretty cool..i got to watch bryan HAHA. and i found a lot out about something i've been told about for the past 2 days and i've been flipping out kinda sorta lol most of you know about what but he told me that he said he told this gurl he liked being good friends but then i heard other yea i'm keeping my head up pretty good! I had brian and alex beat up these 2 kids that kept coming up to me calling me a sex whore and asking me if i would do i trick..i was the nice the first few times then i started to give them the middle finger THEN i got brian and alex cuz i had enough! anyways aww ed & rach! how cute they are together lol..they madeout in the middle of the hallway it like came outta no where i was like "whoa rach!" lol so yeah i was with a lot of people..brian,alex,sara,rach,ed,amy,bryan<3,lou,ally,amber,cait,gared,cliff,steve,jut,tyla..a whole bunch of people i was all over the place so yea! i'm so glad its the weekend! yay thank god but i heard it is gonna be really shitty out with rain and all and THEN i heard about some fucking SNOW i was like omg please god no more snow! i mean it just started to get nice out for like the past two weeks and now snow?! i think NOT lol. but yeah 3 more days till my b-day yay..i can't wait to get money and everything so i can get outta this life of mine and change! lol i can't wait till i'm all happy for myself i'm doing this for the better ya know? it will fit me! lol..but yea erin is tired cuz this week has been nutz so i'm gonna get going to bed talk to ya soon..comment me x0x0 much

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thingy [26 Mar 200304:48pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | radio 104 ]

+-| 12 People you talk to regularly daily |-+
[1] Amy
[2] Rach
[3] Sara
[4] Brian
[5] Ed
[6] Bryan
[7] Andy
[8] Holly
[9] Katie.D
[10] Lou
[11] Jess
[12] Mom

+-| 5 Movies that you like |-+
[1] Crazy/Beautiful
[2] *LOL* Lifetime Moviez
[3] American Pie 2
[4] A Walk to Remember
[5] How High *LoL*

+-| 5 things that scare you |-+
[1] Being alone
[2] Not becoming successful
[3] Not be loved
[4] Dying Alone
[5] Not being able to walk again

-+| 5 things you hate |-+
[1] Liers
[2] Haters
[3] Backstabbers
[4] Shyt talkers
[5] When you try to explain something to someone that is mad at you, and you just can't get through to them, they just block you out, and you didnt do anything wrong.... its hopeless! OH WELL who needs them! lol go us!

-+| 5 things you don't understand |-+
[1] Why people aren't straight up with you, and are *FAKE*
[2] Love
[3] Life- I hope you understand what I mean by that.
[4] Why bad things happen to good people.
[5] Why people waste their time trying to fuck up other peoples lives.

-+| 5 things you can do |-+
[1] Be there for my friends and family..always
[2] Be *REAL*
[3] Smile
[4] Love and live today like there is no tomorrow.
[5] Accept when I have done wrong.SOMETIMES

-+| 5 Things You Can't Do |-+
[1] Bring back those who I love that have left me.
[2] Change the past
[3] Forget the past -bryan-<33 lol
[4] Stop the shit talkers
[5] Stop talking

+-| Top 13 songs you think are cool |-+
[1] SwitchFoot-Ment To Live
[2] Sum41-The Hell Song
[3] Disturbed-Remember
[4] All American Rejects-Swing Swing-Jess lol swim swim
[5] The Ataris-Diary
[6] Social Burn-Down
[7] Finch-Burn
[8] Taproot-Poem
[9] Taking Back Sunday-Cute without E
[10] The taste of ink- The used
[12]Linkin Park-Some Where I belong
[13]Mudvagne-Not falling

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bLaH [26 Mar 200304:15pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | SwitchFoot-ment to live ]

< b > WOW < /b > this has been crazy! So much has gone on! well lets see i got some good grades my bad one was a 69% in history tho with mr.hickman! uhh i < b > HATE < /b > him! He has been such a fucker but then again when is he not? got me in trouble with hayes and everything god damn fuck that teacher! lol..anyways it should be good now and bring my grade up cuz they have this young guy in there he has been around our school for like 4 years now but yea mr.nurinburger lol he is cool. But umm yea amy got dumped because she was going out with mike and lou at the same time..what a gurl huh? lol but yea its a long story and i'm not gonna type it all lets just say me and bryan<33 told lou what was going on and this was amy 2nd chance with him and well she kinda messed it up so he dumped her..then about 3 days later mike dumped her! lol i was like wtf okay then..i mean YES lou had a < b > VERY < /b > good reason too but mike?? nooo he didn't even know what was gong on and he said to amy "i liked it better when we were friends and they way we flirted and clicked" i was like umm yea ok mike..why would you dump amy for that..whatever fucker lol. anyways me and colie got into a fight its anoter long story i don't wanna type lets just say..she thinks i'm ditching all my "old" friends for my new ones cuz i'm going to be changing my style and going all skater/punked out right after my b-day and i get all the money and shit so yea! but they are all mad cuz i'm changing and i am not getting new friends..i've been friends with my skater/punked/ whatever you want to call them go ahead but don't say goth cuz we aren't and so what if some people are get over it! but yea they are mad cuz i'm going with them i mean i've been friends with my skater people for bout 3 years now! and i'm not happy bein a nice lil preppy bitch! i wanna have fun and skater and snowboard and do all the fun stuff! i'm SO much more happy with that! uhh whatever to the people that think i'm going to be ditching..two words -GROW UP!- thank you! anyways moving on..ed and rach are still together *yay* happy for umm what else..i don't know what to write so much to think about lol..ohh i'm doing this thing on teen suicide..cuz i know a lot about it..i mean you all should know everything about erin..if you don't lets just keep it as -erin knows a lot about suicide- yes i do. but yeah i'm really tired and board right now and ed! i'm gonna kick his lil ass lol he hasn't been in school for 2 days! he needs to come back! but i just wanted to let you guys know what was going yea more to come some other time lol..comment me! x0x0 much <33! Peace Out! ohh yea 5 more days till my b-day! and James.K'S! yay! go us! lol. LateR

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Better* [22 Mar 200310:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday-Cute without E ]

Well i haven't wrote in here for awhile now..sorry! WELL erin is better finally! I took my pills -i still am for like the next 2 weeks- so yeah my throat is all better though, i just have a headcold now..but its all good. Umm i will be going back to school -yay- cuz i need to see my amy sara rach ed lou bryan important people that helped me feel better..then the rest of the other people i still love Mike came over last night and we were talking to amy & sara wow we had a lot of funnn! now today me,amy,sara, and mike are all gonna chill..and well i kinda got into a lil fight with amy last night cuz she is going out with lou BUT i found out that she likes mike and then mike and her were going out so i yelled at both of them..cuz lou he needs amy but i can't make amy be with lou if she isn't happy ya know? so she was with him and got rid of mike and now last night bryan tells amy lou found out about the whole mike thing and they aren't i really need to talk to lou cuz i've been helping lou..and then amy says bryan was being an ass to her but i don't know he was being fine to me but amy is better cuz she is gonna see mike today..then later tonight me andy and mike are going to this truck show i won't be home till about 12ish..should be fun lol..*i hope* umm omg we are in fucking war! this is crazy!! i swear they aren't gonna make anything better of course we are gonna win *cross fingers* but i mean why fight just try to talk it out and then go kill those two fuckers who are running it all i mean bush really shouldn't of called war but ohh well ya know? now i'm like freaked to go to a mall or something so i hope this ends soon so we all can go back to a normal life..well my b*day is in 9 days -yay- happy! lol i can't wait so then me amy sara and rach can all go shopping and i can change my fashion -woot woot- lol i hate how i am now..i really think i'm gonna go all skater-any ideas?- lol i'm kinda getting tired of being good gurl prep shyt i mean amy is all skater/black wearing i don't wanna say goth cuz she is NOT you have to know her! sara is a mix between skater and goth..and then rach is all like i wanna go all pac-sun and hot topic and lifestyles i mean its not bad i wouldn't go all black and be all freaky nooo i just wanna go all skater..but by next erin i'm gonna be changed -yay- i'm going into a gym starting next monday with my mom so i can get in shape and lose weight for the summer -happy- lol so i will be all in shape and shit and be ready for whatever is ahead this great summer and the rest of this school year! But anyways its almost 11 so i'm gonna get ready to go take a shower and get ready cuz i should be outta this house by 1 to meet amy and sara and then go get i'll update later..comment me! Much <3 ta ya..LateR*

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DiE [18 Mar 200301:10pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | linkin park-some where i belong ]

well i went to the doctors today and guess what! i have god damn strep throat!! Isn't that just great! so i won't be in school for the rest of the week..besides we have no school on yup i'm just in a great mood, NOT! so much pain!! it is killing me! and my nose is all running! i woke up at 4 this morning..i FINALLY fell asleep last night prolly around 11:30-12ish..and then i woke up at 2:30 and then woke up again at 4 and stayed up..i already drank 4 cups of tea and my mom went down to pick up my meds. so yea i am hoping this will go away like really soon! i mean we are in spring already so yea! and my b*day is almost here..march.31st! woot woot! mannn i miss bryan! lol i wanna go to school and see him and talk to him! err i have been talkin to him online like the past 3 days cuz of this god damn cold! so yea i probably won't see him for like another 4 or 5 days! uhh! that really sucks! but yea anyways i just wanted to let you all know how i'm doing i will talk to ya all later..x0x0 luv yaz! ohh and i am gonna try and start to reply to all the comments i get..byeez

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sIck [17 Mar 200308:27am]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | all american rejects-swing swing ]

wow i haven't updated in here in awhile huh?? so much has happened i don't even remember..i'm sorry i haven't been writing in here, i've just been really busy! i stayed home today from school cuz i'm SICK! on patty's day! great fun huh? wow a lot has happened jess and max are together..andy and colie aren't..things with me and bryan are all good now lol..umm i have this big ass science report due tomorrow and i still got a lot of work to do so that's what i'm gonna be doing. I'm tired of getting bitched at..i mean like somedays are all good and everything my mom doesn't bitch but then my aunt does or someone else has to bitch at me..there is not ONE day that goes by that erin doesn't get bitched at..always getting yelled at..oh well! I've gone into that lonely feeling again for awhile not always sometimes its just there once in awhile and then it goes away..a lot of my friends have been saying "erin you've changed, you aren't yourself" and then on saturday night when i got in at 11 from the dance my gram was over and was like "erin hunnie are you happy?" and i was like "i guess" she was like" you never smile anymore you hardly give me a hug you are always by yourself and you just seem unhappy everytime i see you" and i was like "well don't feel bad your not the only one who has said that, all my friends do and everything the only person who hasn't said anything was mom" and my mom was there and she just looked at me i was like "i know mom prolly thinks i did too but whatever" so yeah people are started to relize that erin is not herself anymore not always happy..i mean hello i have been like this for like two months now..well 4 years but it has gotten a lot worse over i think i need to go and get help..uhh fuck i hate being sick! my throat is killing me and i keep getting the feeling like i wanna throw up..yucky!well yea a lot of shyt has been going on in this fun life of i will try and keep it updated there is a lot more..but i don't feel so great so imma go get some to ya all later..x0x0

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TrUe LoVe [09 Mar 200312:01am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | ]

yay! i just got home from bryan's like 20 mins ago! i'm sooo happy tonight/today was the BEST day of my life omg i didn't wanna leave him at all...i'm so in love and i'm sure we are gonna last a LONG time! i will never forget this day...and i know me and him have more to come..well imma go and try to get some rest talk to ya all later i just wanted to let you guys x0x0 luv ya all! night! **sweet dreams**

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*LoVe* [07 Mar 200307:44pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | i have the radio on...rock 104 ]

heyhey guys! how was your week? mine was great! lets see you all know how me and bryan finally hooked up *woot woot* i'm soo happy now i have everything i need to be happy with now..the only thing i need is him..i'm so glad i'm in *true*love again, its soo amazing! uhh i love him so so much, a lot of my friends and people that i know say we are gonna last a long time cuz of how me and him are with is just amazing! well moving on..ummm lets see we had another 90 min. delay..we had no school yesterday cuz we got MORE god damn snow! uhh i hate it! and then we had a 90 min delay on wens. so it was a good week though..and we didn't have a lot of work either and here is a plus...i didn't get in to much that good or what? lol..i'm glad me and amber.G got so close rocks..she is really sweet too! haha all my friends are sweet..uhh yea umm brian is doing a little better, still not fully his self and i still feel so bad for him cuz i mean, he does not need shyt from anyone! he has enough going on in his my god give him a break on somethings! hmm what else?? umm yea there is a dance tomorrow night but i'm not going cuz i will probably be with bryan* all day tomorrow cuz we are going to chill at his house for awhile, then go to the mall..maybe see a movie..and then i guess go back to his house or something and chill and then i'll be home so yea i won't be at the amy you gotta tape it like i said with the art thing! and with amber and dan please..thank you lol. umm yea i'm a lot happier now has you can tell..well i don't know what else to talk about so i guess i will get going and update more tomorrow or to ya all later..x0x0 comment meee...

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yay [05 Mar 200309:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | nothing... ]

a really fast and bryan are finally together...hehe yay! i'm so happy i just had to let you guys know to ya laters..x0x0

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hApPy/UpSeT [04 Mar 200310:24pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | linkin park~somewhere i belong ]

hello guys! wow i haven't updated in awhile AGAIN oh well ya know? lol i can't help it if i'm busy..well lets see what has happened in the last past 3 days..hmm so much i'll just start with the easy stuff umm today andy and colie started going out *yay* i'm happy for them hmm katie wasn't in school today cuz i think she is "tired" lol so she just stayed home..umm yea today in school was pretty boring i know i failed the science test i know that much..umm i got home and i was on the phone pretty much all the way till about 8:30 with bryan* not on the phone for that many straight hours but we kept calling eachother back and stuff and then talking online..wows i'm kinda excited cuz on saturday i think (well i know we are lol) we are gonna be going to the mall i gotta find 1 hundred and 20 bucks to buy cds for him lol he doesn't want me too cuz he says it too much and he isn't worth that much..well to bad cuz imma get them for him and he is worth a lot more then that *giggles* you all get my point lol..hmm yeah amy and art are back together and sara and mike.F everyone is hooking up and amber.G are better now we are good friends again -thank god- we didn't talk cuz she thought i still hated her and i thought she still hated me but n0pe we fixed it lol..i gotta stay outta trouble, i've been getting in a lot lately and i think i need to deff. bring my grades up before i get in deep shyt that won't be good..0h guys i feel so much better cuz you know how i said i wasn't in the greatest mood well it was cuz i found something's out about bryan and i didn't like it, it hurt me a lot but it was 0kay cuz we worked it out and it wasn't about me it was just something someone else asked him and i got upset over it..i'm kinda worried right now because of brian.P, he is having such a tough time guys it not even funny i feel soo bad for him, i mean not everyone knows everything that is going on he is telling me more and more about him and his gurl his life and family how he wants to leave he is never much shyt i can't stand it i wanna help him so bad and i'm not that much better so me and him were like we will run away together and have tonz of fun go far away lol..alrighty well i will write more later but i gotta get going and get shyt ready for "fun" school tomorrow haha..i h0pe you all are having a good week..x0x0 luv ya all..c0mment me..thanks to all ya that like my new layout..i <3 it lol

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life is a joke [01 Mar 200307:08pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | disturbed-stupify ]

wow, i've been lazy huh? i haven't updated in much stuff has been going on..let see school haha what a joy, i've been getting in a lot of trouble lately but i guess some of it is worth it ya know? you gotta have fun in that place sometimes...well i have a new layout, and i love you guys like it? i hope ya do! hmm i went to a dance last night it was pretty cool..i chilled with amy, sara, rach, rach, tyla, john, frank, brian, cef, bryan, ed, holly, lauren, mer, stacey, a whole bunch of people..i was stuck to amy though we went all over the place lol..they started a mosh pit too it was pretty funny..yeah but i'm really tired today..and i'm not in a great mood, cuz i've found somethings out that i don't wanna know and it makes me feel so bad right now..i can't take going into depression again cuz of some small stuff but i really can't stand it anymore..and i really need to talk to colie or jess right now and i can't find either one of them..but yea i don't know what to write right now i'm thinking about too much, so when i feel better i will update..i hope you all are having a great weekend..i love ya all..x0x0

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life-haha one big joke [25 Feb 200307:24pm]
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wow has today been great! hahaha i love my life *cough-yea right* i wish! dude i know how everyone gets mad because they think people bitch about their life but trust me if you know me, than you'll understand cuz almost everyone knows what's going on, and it sucks..not just the whole jess.k thing, A LOT of shyt..which i will try and get into but i'm not to sure if i'll get into everything..uhh okay school..uhh fuck it sucked! dude i got a fucking blue slip yesterday from this fat ass bitch..mostly for fooling around..and me and matt.E really weren't he picked up this thingy and he didn't know it was filled with water, and he dumped a whole shyt load of water all down my back and some of my hair got wet-the bottom half- and so we had this fat ass teacher has a sub and she came over and matt was like don't worry don't worry..and she was like "what's going on here!" i was like" he fucking dumped god damn water on me, don't fucking worry about it okay?" and i said that cuz i was hella pissed she was like that's it go into the next room..well i did and brian.p was there, rob, matt.r, and than she sent matt.e over..and so she comes in and bitches at me for saying bad language and all this shit and i got pissed at matt so i was yelling at him and then the dumb teacher was like" STOP IT ERIN" i was like you know what fuck this! and i had enough of that and so did matt and so she was like "erin i'm sorry but you are getting a blue slip!" i was like then i forgave matt and all that..and so than later that day i find myself sitting in the principles office to see mrs.coxs..and she was asking me what happened and all this and i explained to to her and matt was like if you have to call me in mrs.coxs was like well a lot has happened so you get, a blue slip and i want you to write a paper on what happened, what you feel, and what you can do for your yea anyways i had a good yesterday and now today i had to hand in the paper and everything and omg i was so pissed at that! but yea today i got into a hella fight with jess.k, me and colie had enough of her shyt i mean everyone has...i will talk more about that tomorrow..ohh and andy dumped her -haha- she is just screwed over in the end cuz now everyone hates her...oh well her own fault..but yea i gave bryan* his cd today-disturbed~believe- he was very happy that was a good thing..but yea a lot has happened today and i spent like most of my time talking about yesterday so i will update on everything tomorrow..i hope you all had a good week end..ohh yea and surprise danie didn't write any shyt back about me in her journal haha i'm sure she will though..x0x0 luv ya all

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BiTcH she IS.. [23 Feb 200303:56pm]
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wow, i've been so busy like the past 3 days..none stop running around *crazy* but i had fun it all started friday chillen with jess, we went shopping i got a few new pairs of pants shirts and sweat some b*day gifts and got bryan* his cd -believe- disturbed and now i gotta go back for -sickness- cuz they didn't have it then so i was like uhhhh! but i will do it for him* hehehe...yeah umm saturday i thought i would just relax and recover from friday and hung over! haha but noo that's not it i had to go to this shitty family get together with my mom, brother, and andy..but it turned out to be okay, and now today i have to go to andys cuz its my aunts b*day party so few i'm trying to get ready and shyt..i'm gonna be SO tired tomorrow for fucking school..BLAH i have to go back! But yeah i will tell you more about all that shyt later or sometime else cuz now i wanna move onto the good stuff about a b!tch cuz me and travis were talking hahaha...
I'm so glad how it turned out for me and travis and how we got so close in such little time..i'm really happy about that. But we have been talking about (we will just call her a..wuss,gurl,baby,bitch,slut,whore,a whole bunch of names you get my picture) so travis and i have been sharing stories and talking about this bitch, and omg i don't even know how i could of been best friends with her me and her were so close and then everything fell apart cuz of her and then travis went out with her, and we are like SO pissed at her its not even funny but then he was like hey well just think if none of this happened we wouldn't be friends and cool with eachother..and he is so right..and i don't want people to think all's me and travis talk about is the whore cuz we don't we talk about a lot of things, but i want to just talk about her right now..haha me and travis saw her journal about her "little dream" haha now that is mad funny!! and she thinks that we talk shyt behind her back (which we do cuz me and him hate her so so much now cuz SHE fucked it up!) and then she wrote like they can say it to my face..well well well me and travis almost died of laughing because she wrote that and then me and him find out that..she blocked us! HAHA so she must of blocked us right after she wrote that cuz she is a afraid lil bitch! and me and travis WILL say it to her FACE trust me we will, but she blocked us which makes matters worse but she'll find out soon enough..she thinks she is all that writing shyt in her journal about a bitch-(me) and a ex boyfriend who is a fucker-(which is travis) hahahaha go ahead keep writing about us..because it won't hurt me and travis and me and him will always be good friends and so we have our lil plans and shyt so yea all's i have to say to that bitch is..WATCH OUT and make sure you have your lil back up friends or plans for us cuz you will need them! alright guys there is a lot more which i will let you know about but right now i ran outta of i hope you all had a joy reading about what a bitch this gurl is..and if you knew her, trust me you'd hate her too for all she has done to travis and i and probably more and him wouldn't be surprised..okay well i'm gonna get going and finish getting ready..i'm sorry if you don't like listening to me go on and go about this slut and bitch about her but oh well, i'm a bitch so put up with it..*hehe* talk to you all later..x0x0 much

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love [20 Feb 200309:34pm]
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hmm i'm andy and my aunt stopped by before..we got I was on the phone with bryan again for the longest time, he called when my aunt and andy were here..aww poor thing is sick, i felt soo bad! i hope he gets better..hehe i might see him tomorrow cuz me and jess are going to the mall and shop and shit and then me and jess are gonna have a sleep over and i told bryan i would get him two cds..and i will get them for him and he said something before he got off that made me really happy...i was like yay!!! hehe omg i'm such a dork i get happy over the littlest things but its worth it! yeah so this fun vacation is almost over then back to school *ahh*! help lol. I can't wait till i'm just outta school whoo hoo party! Yesterday it was weird cuz out of no where "colin" IMed me and i was like but me and travis were talking and boy oh boy do we know the truth about everything that has been going on..we were telling eachother storys and wow someone has got there self in a lot of shit and i found out a lot of fuckin lies i was getting told but you know what whatever..cuz i don't talk to this person anymore so i will forget about it..ahh i need more money for tomorrow i only have 1 hundred and 25 bucks! ut oh and i wanna buy *bryan* two cds..hehe beinq the sweet person i am..but yeah tomorrow should be fun..i gotta call bryan before i leave tomorrow for the mall he said lol..i've been downloading songs like crazy and i wanna burn a lot of cds but i gotta wait and ask bill cuz there is something wrong with my burner so i hope to find out what's wrong with it soon..
OMG i was so happy last night, cuz i've been watching the bachlorette and she picked -ryan- i was like YES! he was such a cutie and so sweet! my mom and katie.D said they wanted Charlie they thought she was gonna pick him i was like nooo i bet it will be ryan..haha i was right! wo0t w0ot! lol and omg i watched the thing with the whole aaron and that gurl Helene or whatever her name is tell all..omg aaron is such a dick i don't believe half of the shit he told her! i felt so bad for her! he was like i'm not in love with you anymore and all this shyt and she was crying was like awww omg!! i felt so bad! but she can do better and move on so i'm happy for her she doesn't need him anyways dickface! hehe i'm such a bitch..oh wellz! yeah alright i got a lot more to say but i needa go get some things ready for tomorrow so i'm sure i will update later..i luv ya all! x0x0 comment me! :]

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