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2 //biitches love me
[02 Dec 2003|05:19pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Deadsy ]

yey so we got the 15+ people to start the Animal Rights group. im gonna talk to Mrs Weil tomorrow and we're gonna get this all started ASAP. =] im very happy and excited about this.

=\ ive got to figure out a perfect present to get Cesar for christmas. i want it to be something really special and hes not good with the whole 'recieving presents' idea and is buying me ridiculously expensive boots and i feel bad im gonna get him shit compared to that =\ i just want it to be really special but i mean, he's THE most perfect person so i doubt id ever find a gift thats nearly as perfect as him

Donna and Destiny are here til Friday//Saturday =] Des is so cute. me and Donna have been talkin a bit, i miss her. it sucks she moved so far, i used to be able to tell her a lot of stuff but now we're nowhere near as close as we once were. i love my neice, she's a good girl and i dont mind taking care of her for Donna, it's just scary when she cries lol ;X i dunno how i'll ever take care of my own kids if i freak out when my niece cries =\ ehhh ive got plenty of time so no need to worry about that

biitches love me
[30 Nov 2003|01:39pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | --- ]

wanna know about <b>me</b>? )

5 //biitches love me
[30 Nov 2003|12:51pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Snake River Conspiracy ]

whoa; stop there. this biznatch is friends only

Friends Only;; only people who are known and liked by the owner of the journal can read the journal

wanna be a friend?
;; comment and add me ;D
;; having a few things in common is a ++
;; update every-so-often
;; have an open-mind
;; be a friend of one of my friends

why wont i add ya?
;; you dont comment or add ;P
;; we've got nothing in common
;; you never update
;; i dont like you ;X

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