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3rd July 2004

8:31pm: 'sup
'sup, i hate this journal and will most likely get a new one! <3 ya!o

28th January 2004

12:27pm: So yeahhhh

I had sex with Matty boy. I know my friends are going to read this post and all, but it was really good. I told Ally this. Dave is like, freako boy, he still calls me and is like
"Caitlyn, call me back. - Dave"
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19th January 2004

4:33pm: Update
Okay. So, after my last post Dave and I got back together. Then, he made a sextape with another guy and I broke up with him. Now, I am dating Matt. No, not the jock he had sex with, another Matt who is a football player. Dave is a good guy, really, but he won't come out of the closet. And, we all know. I have the flu right now and I got it from Matt after a steamy makeout session in his car. No. We didn't fornicate. Even, if I have done it before. Matt made a joke about our own sex tape, and how we should give it to Dave. Haha. Dave, if you are reading this ( SINCE YOU ARE A STALKER!) go jack off with another guy, kthnx. I am tired of your bullshit. You see, Matt is hot. I want to marry Matt and have his babies. I will be Kate Samson. Hehe. Unless, Matt dumps me and I marry James Lafferty or Adam Brody.
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10th December 2003

4:10pm: Hehe
I have kept y'all wondering if Dave and I broke up. We did. Because, he had sex with Matt, a jock. I talked to him about it, here's a re-enactment of the convo:

Me (skating around with Tina and Libby )
Dave (talking with Jason, Bobby and Susie)
Me (skates to Dave) Let's talk
Dave : Okay (walks with me to outside of rink to picnic table)
Me (takes off skates ) I've heard stuff...
Dave (clueless look) What?
Me: You were with Matt Digrano on Friday night last week, right?
Dave (weird look) No, I was with Tim
Me (glare) : Tim was with Tina
Dave (sigh ) : Alright, I was. Why?
Me: Don't lie to me, I know what happened. Did you do anything?
Dave (sighs, pauses ) Yeah
Me (screams): I HATE YOU! (stomps off madly)

7th December 2003

1:54pm: Survery
1) Name - Caitlyn
2) Nicknames - Cait, Caity, Demi (lol), Blondie, Avril (ew), Jessica Simpson (LEIGH a.k.a Britney Spears, ERICA a.k.a Mandy Moore AND TINA a.k.a Christina Aguilera ), Ya - Ya (lol girls) and Mrs. James Lafferty
3) Age - 17
4 ) Grade - Junior
5 ) Status - Dave, unless he is cheating on me! ><

TV - One Tree Hill, The OC, Punk'd, That 70's show, American Dreams, Friends and Everwood
Movies - Pirates of the Carribean, Grease, Legally Blonde, A walk to remember
Books - The Lovely Bones, A time for dancing, A walk to remember
Actor - James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray and Ashton Kutcher
Actress - Mischa Barton and Katie Holmes
Popstar - JESSICA SIMPSON, she is the only dumb blonde who rocks
" Punk " group - hm. Good Charlotte, only because they are hot

Un - Favorites
TV - Hm. The news
Movies - Monty Python
Books - Much ado about nothing
Actor - Josh Hartnett
Actress - Britney Spears
" Punk " group - hm. NFG.
Subject - ENGLISH.

1:50pm: MAD
You know, I thought I loved that bastard

I can't jump to conclusions yet. But, if it's true. I'm going to cry.
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9th November 2003

2:37pm: I miss him
I miss Dave, a lot. He's like, my life. Welll anywhoo I'll tell you about yesterday

So, yesterday morning Paul drove Leigh, Tina, Joe and I to N.Y.C. We went to the Natural History Museum since Joe has never been there, ate lunch at a cafe and saw Pieces of April, the new Katie Holmes movie. Last night I got home, went online, chatted and ate dinner. Nothing exciting. The eclipse was last night, it was gorgeous!

I had a dream last night. That I was sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee and this little girl comes up to me. She keeps calling me mommy and I can't talk to her.
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You Are Sam From "Benny & Joon."

You are very talented at physical comedy. People are in awe of your abilities. However, you have many quirks which can either win people over or completely annoy them. But you're a sweetheart through and through, and it's hard not to love you.

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8th November 2003

7:57pm: Update
Dear Diary,

Gee I'm neglecting you! Sorry, hun! I still love you!

- Updates about life - Sooo, I have a boyfriend named David " Dave " and he is my RENT hottie. He loves RENT everything. And, I am in love with Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty! HAHA

Favorite Actors: Orlando bloom, chad michael murray, james lafferty, ashton kutcher, Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody

Favorite Actress: Katie Holmes, Mischa Barton, Mandy Moore, Julia Stiles, Natalie Portman, Alexis Bledel, Bethany Joy Lenz and Shiri Appleby

Favorite Group: Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, All American Rejects

Favorite Singer: Kelly Clarkson, Stacy Orrico, Mandy Moore, John Mayer and Michelle Branch

Favorite Movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A walk to remember, Legally Blonde and Pieces of April

Favorite TV show: One Tree Hill, The OC, Newlyweds, Punk'd, TRL, Gilmore Girls, Angel and Tru Calling

Favorite color: blue

Boyfriend: Dave

Sports: Dancing, Soccer and Volleyball

Current Mood: cheerful
Current Music: Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5

29th August 2003

9:33pm: School
First day back was good. But, who am I kidding, Tyler wasn't jealous. He was sucking face with Lana. Lana is a Freshman which is quite insulting since she isn't a nice Freshman who cooperates, she's a bitch who acts like she could be a Junior as well. In Sculpture class she grabbed a piece of clay and threw it at me, I ducked. Unfortunately, for Gabe, his sweater was covered with clay! Don't worry, I'm washing it for him. Lana got sent to the principals office, serves her right, she has a detention on Tuesday HAHAHA. So, Libby and I got into a huge fight today. She was being bitchy and so was I. I refuse to talk to her. Libby if you are reading this, go to hell bitch, kthnxs
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29th July 2003

9:14pm: :D
God, wherever I turn. . .that word appears. I mean, what is sooo special about love? So, what? It's an emotion. People are like "Cait, you are turning into a sore bitch just because Alex dropped you". Maybe it's true. But, I just can't take that stupid 4 letter word. If only I could fly. I have considered suicide you know, but really, it isn't worth it. Maybe being a nun. . .I mean, that 4 letter word isn't involved in that job description. Of course I wish what any other girl would. That a knight in shining armor would wisk her away to a magical castle and life, but in real life that knight doesn't exisist. There is no perfect man nor soulmate and there never will be.

When I was 12 I made a list of my dream husband. I found it today and decided to share it with you.

Caitlyn's List
1) Brown hair
2) Brown Eyes
3) Taller than I
4) 6 Pack
7) Loves Sports
8) Loves Traveling
9) Treats every person, race, gender etc with generosity and extreme kindness
10) Is very smart
11) Is very funny
12) Talks a lot
13) Wants to live life
14) Romantic
15) Will completely fall head over heels for me the moment he lays his gorgeous brown eyes on me
16) Will know I'm the one
17) Have a perfect smile
18) Will never let me down
19) Will let me cry on his shoulder
20) Loyal to the very end
21) Will always see me as a beautiful person
22) Will have nice cheekbones
23) If we break up, he will never forget me
24) He will cherish me forever
25) Will make me do things I'd never thought of before
26) Will travel to 2nd and 3rd rate countries and help out
27) Will always be a good friend
28) Will listen
29) Will never lay a hand on me or another person
30) Will travel anywhere as long as he's with me
31) Will wipe away my tears
32) Will make me laugh
33) Won't boss me around

There you have it. My very hard list of the guy I will marry someday.
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20th July 2003

11:13am: Picnic
What the subject is. Tata!

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19th July 2003

1:47pm: Introduction

I had to delete my last one since a certain friend got offended by something I put in there. Oh well, most likely won't be showing her what I put in here. Just to warn you diary, I bitch a l o t. So, people reading this, you might get offended by what I say. So, I'm 17 and still pouring my heart out to a piece of paper or in this case a computer. I am a ballet dancer, a cheerleader and a Junior in Highschool. I am not a preppy snob, I am a nice preppy person. I live with my Aunt since my parents died in a carcrash, let's not talk about that one. Currently, I am single. So, here begins my adventure as luci0uslime17. And, hopefully we will have many wonderful entries together.
<3 Kated
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