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LOl 18   Sep2003|04:19pm
Hi dumbass <3 Lina . sept 19th 4:16 LOL omg it worked for me and not you ;p
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My Birthday. 11   May2003|09:21pm
music It's my party

Dear, Diary

It was my birthday, It was so wonderful <33

Charlie got me a CAT. I love him so much.
and Just that topped it all off, I saw James for a little bit ;\ That sucked. I got wonderful gifts! Thank you all <33
Alex told me all about her new `` Crush `` Shh. <3
And Charlie told me about the break up, I looked beautiful. And now I'm Fifteen. Oh I Loved my birthday.
What do I name my new Kitty ?

xoxo. Chloe

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Boils, best friends, and couples. 06   May2003|07:34pm
I swear, my two best friends are very thick. One likes the other, and I'm stuck in the middle with who said what.
I mean, they like eachother, and wish one would ask the other to the dance. Just they're very thick. And I'm supposed to be the ` dumb ` one, and they're in Ravenclaw.. So today Elias walked away to somewhere, he thinks he's hot shit. Just because he had to be somewhere with someone. What a jerk, just left me there. Then Carina came along, and we chatted for a bit; then she had class. I love her, I do.

James sent me an OWL the last night. I keep reading it, over and over again. I had a little meeting with Charlie last night, we didn't get too far. So we set up another date for the little conversation. We, boils are so gross. Parker cursed Tristan, and Aidan with boils. It was rather gross... And they're dating, it sweet and all. Just can we keep the public affection to a minimum? Parker really isn't that horrid of a person, just nobody understands her. I know what that's like to feel misunderstood.

( p. s ) I heart James Potter

xoxo Chloe
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close my eyes. 04   May2003|10:22am
mood happy
music stars- ta tu

He kissed me on my cheek. Touched me on my sides. Sat down beside me, and made feel like the only girl that mattered in the world. He has this thing about him, that comes over me, almost like a love spell. However, it can't be, because it all feels so real. His eyes enchant me, the way he moves, and talks. I just want to fall asleep in his arms , and never wake up. When he's around, eevrything is a whirlwind, accpet him. All I see is him, and we were meant to be. Too be I can see what is in store for us, him, and me. I hate this. i scream. I scream inside. because i can see . what's meant not to be seen. Other's can't see. However, not what I can see. It hurts. I'm scared & I want to run. I don't want to see. My gift is a curse, and now it's a fear. I don't like looking at myself in mirrors. I hate the silence, so I run. The silence brings it. I want to give it up. I'm not special, i'm broken.
If only others could see what I could see. Nobody would ever wish they were Chloe Davies. My eyes are open, and I want them shut. I see what willl happen. So I cry inside, cause I can't tell anyone. If i get too close to James will i lose him. If i don't tell him , is it my fault . If I told everyone would blame me.
` Why didn't to tell us, we could have stopped it! `
` It's all your fault. `
I could see it all now. And I wish I couldn't see.
I want to be a normal girl, I smile and Sparkle. Just with a gift, a gift that is a curse.

hide my eyes. I don't want to see anymore.

xoxo Chloe

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He asked me. 01   May2003|08:15pm
mood bouncy
music Yellow - Coldplay

I don't think there is a happier girl in this entire school, but me. You don't understand my excitment, that I can't even write to you. Ok, James Godric Potter, asked me Chloe Olivia Davies to the SPRING FLING! He was so suave, and smooth about it too. Just howI pictured it, I planned it all out in my head-- and it was just like in that story Cinderella.

Ashton,Alex,Charlie, and a few others were there. I like Ashton a lot , he's so funny. He always makes me laugh. Charlie still won't talk to me though... I told Alex everything, she's a sweet girl. Needs some work done on her, however that doesn't bother me. Even though were totally polar. I can see us being friends in the near future. Carina still needs a date, even though we already know who will ask her. Still James asked me what I want to wear, and what time to pick me up. He's so wonderful! I can't get over it. I just wanted to fall in his arms ; and never wake up ever. Just like in the stories mum told me when I was young.

I really do have an odd felling about Tristan though, he doesn't seem very open. Like he's ready to bite me when ever I say hello. Oh well I'm going to the Spring Flong with an older guy<333 This totally made my week.

look at the stars, look how the shine for you..
I should have seen this all, however I didn't and it was all so wonderful.
Write to you later love.
xoxo Chloe

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Pick a petal for me ? 01   May2003|11:17am
mood awake
music Everyone falls in love sometimes-Devonte

Elias has been one of best friends for a very long time. We both know what its like for people to be jealous of us, and we have a lot in common. I even did something I wasn't supposed to do, I gave him the Hufflepuff password so he could visit me. Boys are not allowed in the girls dormitory, and I let him in all the time. I trust him, with secrets that you're only supposed to tell girls. So anyway, all morning we were in my room talking, and just doing what we normally do. So I brought up the topic of James , I don't know if its jealously, or Elias knows something about James that I don't. He got highly offended when I said I wanted to be escorted by James there, then going on about how I could do better than James. That's not like Elias, so we changed the subject after he saw I got all pink the cheeks. However, we got on the subject of Carina; and it was all so very cute. They like eachother-- but don't tell anyone Sshh Sshh

Then after sitting up in my room for several hours, we saw Charlie, and Ashton. There both very nice boys -- Just for some reason ever since Charlie befriends Parker, he's been mean to me. I still remember the first time when him, and James took me out at night. To visit the Great hall for food, after hours. I really felt like we were friends. I guess that all changed. So, I tried talking to him, but it was just no use. He ignored me, and folded his arms. That wasn't very nice of him at all. So went to the Library with Elias, and he went off looking for a book.

Alex is quite miss popularity this past week. Not only has she been invited to Spring Fling already, but she was talking to a really cute Slytherin guy. I wanted to talk to her about being asked, I still am.. Just that wasn't the right moment. She seemed very busy with Tristan I believe his names was.. However, for some reason when I saw him. I got a strange vibe from him. Kind of a cold one, with passion behind it. I don't think its a bad thing-- Just he seems very admit about something. I'll have to ask the cards about that one.

I have to go now love, so I'll talk to later. After I write an Owl to Charlie, on how maybe we can try to clear things up. That's what the cards told me to do, so I shall try.

xoxo~ Chloe

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I wonder if.. 29   Apr2003|04:55pm
mood amused
music Beautiful World- Coldplay

Dear, Diary.

I'm so sorry I left you under my pillow for so long, I couldn't remember if it was the pillow; or under the third floor board. Anyway, I'm just happy I found you love! I have to tell you so much! First of all, I finally think I found mister right. He wrote me a letter, and everything! Carina seems jealous, However, I already told her that if she plays her cards correctly & she shall find a price charming too! The other day me, and Elias were talking about the difference between a boyfriend/girlfriend, and just being `together `He said when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend they care more to talk; and say `that's my girlfriend. ` Rather than just kissing, and holding hands -- and everyone just wants to know. When you are going out, everyone knows! So like I was saying he's really nice, and all just i don't know if he likes me, or just has sympathy for me?

I'll ask Trewleny tomorrow. She most likely already knows, just asking is more polite. I saw my very first fight the other day. Parker was involved, she really is somewhat of a nice girl. Just I don't she likes people getting in her way. Ugh, the girl she had a tiff what had the most horrid lipgloss color I'd ever seen. I just wanted to whip straight of her lips -- ugh it was an ugly boogie. I still have problems with Juniper, She still keeps calling me her best friend. She's a nice girl, and her mum & my mum were best of friends when they went here. So I think she thinks were best friends. Just were not, I like her and all -- but I have my own friends. Oh well no harm done, just sometimes I want to be with Carina, and Elias without her tagging along. Oh Carina is here, and she might find this so I'll write to you later.

p. s His name is James, and he's so wonderful!

xoxo. Chloe

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28   Apr2003|11:47pm
mood blank
music Thursday -- Cross out the eyes

<33 I'm done! Hope you like it Tara. I'm sorry the journal Collin made for you sucked ass. ;o

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28   Apr2003|09:33pm
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