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messed up love life [09 Aug 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

ok, well...heres how it all started. I had this friend, Evan. he was in a band with 4 other guys...., first i dated Chris P. for about 2 weels. Then i sorta kinda cheated on him with another member, named Jake...who then i ended up dating for 2 months, then i ended up breaking up with him, to date his best friend, and another member named Danny. I was still crazy in love with Jake, and didnt realize it untill it was too late..and jake loved me, but when i finally told him how i feel, he no longer cared. i soon broke up with danny....then a week later, i moved about 45 mins away. danny and i are still friends, same with me and chris...jake and i talk sometimes, but its never going to be the same (before we started dating, we were best friends for about a month) so now i have feelings for jake, and a DIFFERENT chris (Chris C.), who ive known for about a year...chris c was crazy about me, but i never told him how i felt, and he told me how he felt, we got in this argument and didnt talk for about a week and now he only wants to be friends ...ah...this sucks. oh well. any advice?

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my kinda community... [07 Aug 2003|07:09pm]

[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | punk rawk 101 ]

hey im alina
i am (obviously) new to this community
i just thought this was my thing
cuz i have a pretty screwed over love life
and bitchin is a hobby of mine lol
bf: jay
crush: andrew
so as u can see i got some things to work out. i dunt lyk jay. i dunt break up with him for the fun of it but hes on vacation for lyk a month (best fuken month of the year) so i cant break up with him. but ill dump him when he gets back. i love andrew. me n him were in love for about 5 months. n den we fell apart. n now i love him again. but he likes this girl natalie. n i just duno wtf to do. this all sucks. my love life is shit. bitchin rules!

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new [07 Aug 2003|04:44pm]

[ mood | just there ]
[ music | taja seville - i & i ]

Hey, my name is andrea and I live in tulsa, oklahoma. I love to bitch and so I found this community for a place that i could. right now, i despise men, i think they are nothing but trash talking assholes who think love is a game you play to impress your friends.

but that's about all i have to say, thanks for letting me join . . . i hope to make friends with some of you, you can im me on aim anytime you want if you want to talk. thanks

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Over... [22 Jun 2003|06:11am]

[ mood | suicidal ]
[ music | The sound of my tears hitting the desk... ]

So. Matt and I are over. Offically. And I cried, I screamed...I threw a temper tantrum. And you say "All this over one lousy boy?" Matt asked me to marry him. We had been engaged. And one day everything changed. His moods changed. His attitudes changed and we were no longer the same couple. Everything was so, just different. Well we broke up today. He had made me cry all week. Broken up. Got back together. Promised no more break ups. I was also supposed to go see him yesterday. Guess that didn't happen. :[ Well he said he didn't want to be in a relationship. He said he needed time. This hurts me a lot. I tried explaining my love for him. He just doesn't care. But I think there is more to the story than he is letting me know. Anyways I cried, screamed, cut my wrists...I had a friend come over and I cried...and he let me cry. He didn't stop me. It felt great to just have someone just be there while I cry. To hold me and tell me that everything will get better and to put down the razor and tell me that there are better options. But you know, there is no one else I want. I am just so confused by everything that is going on right now. I really don't want to move backwards. And I refuse to go forwards. So I am stuck.

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[16 Jun 2003|03:57am]

Hey guys whats up!
so my b.f and i have been goin out for hmm about 2 years now :-/ and things havent been so great... you see he lives all the way across the u.s.a and cmon you cant expect us to cheat on him now he tells me he doesnt which i believe him i mean ppl tell me all the time hes never really got ne gurls i just so happend to like him myself! well anyways one day about a year ago i had met this guy and cheated on him with this kid... now i know i shouldnt of done that but grr i needed sex lol i mean i never see him i cant help it you know but whatever ever anyway we got over it and we became really close again....and then about 2 weeks ago i did it again grrr "Damn Me!" i couldnt help but tell him after i mean i cant lie to him i love him to much..i really didnt want to do it with this kid but you know i had to...but now we are kinda brokein up and i cant take it its killing me i miss him so much but all in the end I HATE GUYS!! blah i think i am gonna become lesbo ......

P.S There was alot more that went on with the guys that i didnt want to get into so thats why i think there big assholes!!
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So he gives you a headache? [13 Jun 2003|06:50pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | Buried Myself Alive- The Used ]

Well here it is, a boyfriend RANT community. If you feel like you need to just let it out, here is the place. When he pisses you off, makes you cry, drives you to the point of insanity and you just need a place to bitch or cry. Well here it is, a community made just for those of you who need it.


Read the RULES and join. It's pretty simple. As soon as you join and have actually read the rules, leave a post introducing yourself. This place can be filled with your day to day problems that occur with your boyfriend or crush, poetry, seeking advice, giving advice, anything you feel fits this community.

Boyfriends Name: Matt
Together Since: 05-15-03
Relationship Status: ROCKY
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