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Love [30 Jan 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | morning bell ]

The Witch King asked me to explain what love was to him today...this is what I said:

"love is nothing and is 'a boy and a girl - simple, yes, but eternal, always' is running parallel while in a state of is finite and is the driving force of creation and the violent force of is is is is is god and is the power behind which all mankind is driven, and the force behind which all mankind is abruptly halted in their is murder and the justice served is the knowledge that you don't know what love is...and the knowledge that all you feel is all you love is anything you want it to be...what you feel may be may not...but whatever it is, it is your reality...your reality is your world...your world is what you make it...and in my short time on this earth, my experiences have lead me to believe that it is best to make your world as pure and simple as possible within your power"

yeah...anyone who reads this, tell me if you think of that...i'm interesting in hearing some opinions on this mystery we call love...

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I WANNA BE A KENNEDY [30 Jan 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I owe Kate my life for her generosity in helping me with posting this picture...

I'll Be Brave Tonite...

yeah, that's a picture that Ross took of me when we went to Ocean City in like September...i know that i showed like 2938765928317598431125 million people already, but i'm like obsessed with it...because i really like the picture, and then add the main line from the chorus of Kennedy by Kill Hannah (whom i simply orgasm over), and it's like...yeah...i like hair is a lot longer now, though...oh well

Kill Hannah - Kennedy

I wanna be a Kennedy,
I wanna be a big heartbreaker -
Live fast and for real,
And you can follow it in the papers

I wanna be a Kennedy,
I wanna shake hands with heroes
And kiss the girls of centerfolds on the tongue

And die young...

I'll be brave tonite,
Either live or die...
I'll be brave tonite,
Standing tall and bright...
Such romantic eyes
Got me hypnotized
And if I had my chance, I'd never let you go...
And if I had my chance, I'd never let you

I wanna be a Kennedy,
I wanna be tall and handsome
I'd conquer the world
And you'd see me on television

If I could be a Kennedy,
If I could be a big heartbreaker
I'd watch you crash into my arms with the stars,
Under the barrel of a gun

We die young...

I'll be brave tonight,
Either live or die...
I'll be brave tonight,
Standing tall and bright...
Such romantic eyes
Got me hypnotized
And if I had my chance, I'd never let you go...
And if I had my chance, I'd never let you go...
And if I had my chance, I'd never let you go...














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Honey honey, where's my baby? [29 Jan 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | silent... silent... ]

She knows better than to cry...

yeah...nothing much...blah...

I keep the wolf from the door,
but he calls me up, calls me on the phone
tells me all the ways that
he's gonna mess me up
gonna steal all my children if I don't pay the ransom
and I'll never see 'em again if I squeal to the cops...

what's the point of this thing? who reads it anyways?

Sehensucht versteckt sich wie ein Insekt
Im schlafe merkst du nicht dass es dich stickt
Glucklich werd ich nirgendwo, der Fingern rutsch nach Mexico
Doch er versinkt im Ozean,



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Dizzy Jive and the Uptown Five [25 Jan 2004|01:33am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Flogging Molly-can't get enough of my irish drinkin' songs! ]

sup fools...yeah...i was just feelin' a little sassy, so i got a new journal's a bit more radiohead themed when compared to my last journal (UsedUpLoveSongs), a lot has happened in the last few days...since thursday all the way until this coming monday, life was, is, and will be very hectic...we'll start with thursday...carley irwin came on over, because i left my glasses in her car from all the way back when ross and shawn and her and i all went to york to play lazer tag...then i had a job interview at pizza hut, BAAHAHAHAHAH...that's pathetic...i mean, come's hard to picture me having a job, let alone at a pizza joint! but hey, if they hire me (which im not sure they will, i was supposed to get a call from them today, but i didn't), and someone asks me about my job, i can tell them that i'm a cook, lol...cause i applied for cook...i think the dialogue would go a little like this...

Random Girl: hey tyler, i heard you got a job - tell me about it

Me: Well, I'm a cook, but i prefer the term "gourmet chef"

Random Girl: GODDAMN THAT IS HOTT!! Tyler, I think that I'm in love with you and I want to have hot sweaty steamy wild native monkey jungle sex with you, right here, right now, hard, on the floor!!

Me: sorry, no time...i gotta go put some jew...i mean...highly intricate casseroles that only someone who has mastered the culinary arts such as myself could ever possibly concoct in the hut...yeah...

Random Girl: Oh no, I was so in love with him but he totally shut me I'm going to write a melancholy poem about the inner torment that i'm experiencing:

"that makes me want to cry
that makes me want to die
that makes me want to lie
that makes me want to kill"

(since this dialogue is getting long and is going nowhere) *falls over dead*

hahahahahahahahahahaha, there were two inside jokes in there that i feel i should explain...alright, the jew not really racist againgst jews, lol...that's for richard the communist miller...because he's always on my case for being the aryan poster boy...fair skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed...yep...that's me...and the pathetic little poem at the end there...well, ross and i were taking notice of all these "depressed" goths who try and write really deep poetry, but since half of them aren't really depressed so no real emotion goes into it (or they're just complete mansonite fucking morons), their writing usually consists of really idiotic and cliched lines, such as "staring death in the face, forever we die", or "im roasting marshmallows in hell because im sad" or something of that ross came up with that four line little diddy in mockery of it all...that pretty much sums up every "goth" poem you'll ever read...i find it humourous how these kids who think their poetry is the deepest, most heartfelt emotional statment ever made are the same ones that bitch about having to read shakespeare in high school because "it's stupid"...they're just waaay too goth for influential english literature...that's usually dark, dreary, and, this is turning into a rant...well then, i'll end it here...

ok, so that pretty much covers thursday, lol...carley irwin and job interview...then on friday, i was supposed to go to writing club, but it got cancelled...but that night, i went over to ross' and we had a proper zen night with steak bolies and video games and two minute bed deflated completely by morning, haha...oh well...then i came home today and cleaned out the garage for "band practice"...haha...i wouldn't call it band practice, tho...for those of you who know me and i haven't told you, i AM starting up a band once more...and it's not going to be anything like the last band i was in (Shock Injected), this band will not be a shitty wanna be metal band whose guitarist is trying to make it the next metallica or some, instead, this will be the best alternative band to ever grace this earth since the Smashing Pumpkins, far we have me at the mic and on rhythm guitar, richard miller on lead guitar, both of us are capable of handling the keyboards/piano when necessary, new kid (alex johnson) on bass, and we're currently searching for a drummer...haha, richard asked me what our name i said "dizzy jive and the uptown five"...haha, and he said he liked it!! i think that's our name temporarily...until we actually get a few songs down, i don't think we're going to have a serious name...but yeah, i got off topic again, there...ok, so, basically, "band practice" means that richard came over and we messed around on our guitars and went through some songs we'd like to cover...that brings you all up to i'm here telling of my adventures up until this for tomorrow...tomorrow, KATIE IS COMING OVER TO MY HOUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME!! yaya!!! she'll get to meet my baby sister madison in person for the first time!! she's absolutely going to die, hahaha...and yeah, i dunno exactly what we're going to do all day, but hopefully i'll be able to entertain her well enough...and then, on monday, if we don't get snowed in or something, i might have school...and at seven, i have a meeting for the student exchange program that im going to germany with this summer...that's about all i have scheduled,, and if i get that job, i'm gonna have work on top of everything...damn, i wish it was the summer again...everything was simpler...i lived at ross' house, pretty much...and every day was zen day...nothing but tenchu and ninja training and playing resident evil and silent hill and jesus i miss last year so damn much...besides holly leaving me for tim, everything was perfect until this school year started...but things have gotten much much better since last semester...i gots me a band going, i have a great new girlfriend, i have some badass classes (physics *im in love with that class, mr kauffman is the shit*, German 5, geometry, and gym with ross!!), and the zen day tradition lives on! yeah, i can't complain...i'm in a very content state...that's good...real good..., that is one GARGANTUAN entry that i know damn well maybe three people might read...oh well, it killed some time...and of course, i must leave you all with a song!!...tonight, i think it will be...SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK ALIEN!! YEAH!!!

The breath of the morning, I keep forgetting the smell of the warm Summer air...
I live in a town where you can't smell a thing - you watch your feet for cracks in the pavement
High up above, aliens hover, making home movies for the folks back home
Of all these weird creatures who lock up their spirits, drill holes in themselves and live for their secrets
They're all uptight...


I wish that they'd swoop down in a country lane, late at night when I'm driving, and take me on board their beautiful ship
They'd show me the world as I'd love to see it!
I'd tell all my friends, but they'd never believe me...
They'd think that I'd finally lost it completely!
I'd show them the stars and the meaning of life
They'd shut me away, but I'd be all right
All right...
I'm just uptight...


goodnight, everyone...

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