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damn you to hell tmobile! [06 Mar 2003|08:56pm]
i have broken this phone at least four times. stupid piece of shit. and i am really angry because i want a reliable phone without paying 80 million dollars. i also hate someone else buying it for me; it's bad enough that i get my cell phone paid for. damn this cell phone world.
oh, and how do titrations REALLY make the world a better place? motherfucking chemistry. my head is spinning.
tomorrow is spring break and everyone is excited for their fabulous get-away vacation to florida or brazil or wherever the fuck on daddy's credit card. wow, that sounded unnecessarily bitter. i'm not at all - i just don't think that i need to succumb to the usual extravagant college-life behavior.
(lidd, my dark side is coming back with the lack of sleep!)
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to a tupperwarequeer... [05 Mar 2003|07:47pm]
i finally have my own cute little space on the internet to post all your dirty lil' secrets, mwahaha! (and for clarity's sake, i am not ani difranco, although she personifies greatness, of course.)
i am not feeling particularly prolific at the moment and i am totally in stream-of-consciousness mode, so nothing i say is going to make any sense whatsoever. i should go back to being a college student...
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the sun is forever [05 Mar 2003|06:25pm]
yay blurty funness! say hi to lydia who is a dear and is helping with this painful process. it is 51 degrees and we are all doing anti-snow dances because we are sick of cold weather. downloading catpower and having a grand ol' time.
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