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GRR [30 May 2004|09:27pm]
Am I wrong to be incredibly upset by the fact that my boyfriend has not called me? I always thought it to be dumb. However, I feel differently about the subject right now as it's happening to me. I feel like it's expected that I make the calls and I write the e-mails and he takes it all in. I feel like he's not putting forth any effort. I understand his been across the country. But he can still pick up a phone or log online. I told him on FRIDay "call me tomorrow." "OKAY!" he says to me. So, for that reason I do not call. I do not e-mail. I just sit and it makes me so mad. I almost want to avoid it when it comes. At the same time, I want my boyfriend back so badly. I think I'm crazy sometimes by doing this at such a young age. I know it's no big thing to him, his not calling. I wonder if he's even thought about it. I guess I just want this to feel reciprocated. When all the work's on my end, he's making this even less enjoyable than it already is. How hard is it to pick up a phone and dial?

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