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this is my update beeitches [12 Nov 2003|12:00pm]
oh yes it calls.. DANI prt2..back by popular demand

Dani oh yes dani
sits on her big fat fanny

playin sims and eatin mac
talkin hella smack

her lips are small
she dont got a top one at all

she got some curzy hands
and jocks folks from bands

she tries to be hard
but is full of lard

sandy made me do PRT 2
cuz she is a jew

dani n sandy r suh-weet
but shurry got some nasty feet

ok im done i cant rhyme no mo'z
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~*~MaUi WaUi~*~ [12 Nov 2003|11:48pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | ShOoP~ sAlT n PePa ]

oh shit, today i went to skool, met up with nick and we hot boxed the shit outta my car with some maui waui, it was fuckin pimp. i came home ate some taquitos, put reenie in the bath, took her to school, came home ate ice cream, went to meet my ISP counselor, got more homework, came home took a phat ass nap, woke up ate some chicken strips, took reenie home and ate some french bread there, damn i swear that shit fucked me up! i had the munchies all day!! i love it! ok so yeah, im still hella tired off that shit...damn...ok well im givin in to the force, im goin to bed

<3 Mo

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