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Come and talk to me [08 Jan 2004|12:01pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | Cadillac~Mest ]

as crazy as this may sound, but it just hit me that dani is the only person to comment on here..then another came to mind...i need more folks to hit me up sometime..it gets lonely...*sigh*...joseph left me..>tear< he's goin on his cruise then back home, ima miss him sooo much. but we went out to dinner last night to red lobstah shrimp fest..good god yes...some scampi! remi is still a little fat shit LOL but i love her, even though she's more vicious than i am..but any who, ya know what i cant get tired of yet...i believe in a thing called love by the darkness i forever bump this, i love it its comedy. it reminds me of waynes world and that one song..that one where its like im just a poor boy from a poor family...or whatever the one they're singing in his car, its called bohemian rhapsody by queen, download it and educate yourself...jon already wants to get serious, like we have something to prove and we have to get serious now, especially with the drama thats goin on. oh! and he's all well then ill just sit here and be your friend and wait until you're ready for commitment...how uncalled for was that? shit ill make him wait a long time now.. well my teacher switched my appointment date, i now go thursday at 2 which is better gives me more days to slack off...ok well i pulled hella scams she let me look over my science test and takes notes of what i should study for, i wrote down all the questions and even the answers to the multiple choice, im bouts to get an A! then this guy that comes after me his packet is like 4 homework assignments and mine is like 3 inches thick and we started on the same day october 29...oo and im on the last chapter of world history and im done i can move on to US history and then like another chapter or 2 moer for bio and im done and i can do ecology for an elective, then once i get all my credits required to graduate form EGHS im goin back my senior year the second semister to be a T/A and take fun classes hooray! ms mckim is really tryin to get me to take child developement like i really want to carry around an annoying ass baby for a week FUCK THAT she's on crank..

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GoT mUncHiEz? [03 Jan 2004|04:00am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Kill You- Eminem ]

last night was off the hook, we had a phat ass kick back, james, nicole, mole, joseph, thomas, tony, rib, nicole, angel and her man albert came over. i got soo smoked out the whole night. me angel n albert smoked a cotton candy blunt mmmm i loved it. he's hella bunk. we were blazin in the garage like around 2:30 and he hella started coughin...like that aint suspicious and shit then we come in the house, right by my mom's door his retarded ass says, "thanks for the marijuana" i woulda slapped his bitch ass right then and there but angel was between us, then i walked them to the door gave her a hug and he tried to give me props i looked at him like he was stupid and shut the door. now they're tryin to get me to kick it all the time cuz i got the bud hook-up. damn scavangers. ok and my mom...thinks im a liar and a scam artist...shit...why!?! ok well its cool, i will work things out...hopefully..

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NeW yEaRs EvE [31 Dec 2003|11:52am]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | La La La- Jay-z ]

well today is the day, were having a party and gettin all kinds of fucked up..w00t w00t...ok well last night jon came over and he didnt leave til 12:30 we played pool, cuddled, and kissed, basically the usual...um i got my baby too, shes so cute, jon and doh-doh want to steal her, shes on the amurrica's most wanted list ya heard meh homeboy? tonight is tournament of the champs, but my infamous reputation for scratching and not aiming doesn't qualify me, LOL no they can't stop cuz im a pimp, LOL NO! wait..yes yes i am a pimp...i like jon waaay better than chris, he's so sweet, and he can be affectionate without trying to stick his hands down my pants...all the time anywase, hopefully he can come back over tonight.. um so yeah...he met 1/2 my family they approved cuz they talked to him, which was cool..tell me why my mom tried to say he was too old for me cuz hes 20 and im 16 ok well lemme tell you this, i told her jeremy was 19 and he started dating his future wifey when she was 14, and my other brother josh started dating nicole when she was 16 and he was 21, so i got her there HA! can't touch this, i told your bitch ass i was a pimp... but anywase, remi is soooo cute, he already sleeps with me LOL i love her, she licks my neck and whines when she has to go potty which is every 2 hours, so needless to say i got some bags under my eyes today...i wonder if my mom has any creams for that shit...didnt miss congeniality use hemroid cream? im not tryin to use that shit though, my luck i would and jon would come over and he'd wonder why i smelled like desitin or some shit like i got some ass rashes or some shit. thats just not krackin..oh well i'll probably take a nap today anywase...ooooo, tell me why levill called me, its this guy i met at the bowling ally like 4 months ago, he just got out of jail, nice...way to go jorge, sad what some people will do for booty, too bad he wont get any..EVER!! ah ah...see i told you imma pimp...i wonder what marques is up to this days...work and school..he has bills..direct quote, momma knows what im talkin about.. LOL oh well...

p.s. what does jubilant mean??

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UpSIe DaIsY [27 Dec 2003|10:45am]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | Xtacy-Bone Thugs N Harmony ]

ok well...me n jon made up which was awesome dude..then last night i went to his house and got some lovin..i got this phat ass pipe, it looks like a shroom. um anywase, x-mas was good ya know mane. well i been high as hell all week and tomorrow im gonna shroom so it shall be lovely mmk? ill let you squares know all about it. oh man the best munchie food...raspberry pie and vanilla ice cream.. *drools* ok well jon is lovely kisser might i add...very attentive to certain spots ah ah

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ALL BULLSHIT [21 Dec 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | RoLL aLL dAy ~ IcE cUBe ]

ok well me and jon have been arguing all day for stupid bullshit reasons. i can't handle it, he has too much drama. he just gets on my nerves. then the drama with mole's mom, imma slap that hoe lemme tell you this child. today has been a crapp day..and chris god don't get me started on his ass..i've had it up my neck with their whiney bitch asses..how the fuck can downloaded music skip? thats some damn bullshit too..i got my bed jacked today too..aint that some shit, no one thought i was coming home so i got locked out and my bed jacked..but the thing that pissed me off the most was jon. i really dont need his drama...i dunno, i dont get how a guy can have soo much sensitive drama, AAAAHHHHH....ill slap his bitch ass too..GoD i HaTe WhInEy aSs BiTcHeS!! this shit upsets me LOL..fuuuuuuck...hmm the best thing about today..hey hey i got my nails done, lets break out the balloons and party favors, were having a celebration! should i call jon or no? yeah i agree fuck no, let that hoe get ahold of me..he knows his role! LMAO yeah fuckin right..

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whiney ass bitches [18 Dec 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | I got what you want- Nicole ]

ok i swurr i got some bullshit little pieces of shit for men...they're all whiney..i like bad boys but i end up with dudes more "in-touch" than me, i can't handle that shit..and they get more mad cuz im mean about their feelings..damn..fucked up situations. plus im tryin to fight off a cold, its a cold, dont even say the flu or i'll beat your ass, think im playing? ok...well... santa clause got run over by a ford ranger!! thats classic...i guess he doesnt make deliveries to the hood, so some punk ass bebe's kids ran his ass over... thats fucked, but its comedy...

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!!MaJor UpDaTe!! [15 Dec 2003|11:52am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | The Voice Within-X-tina...what the fuck? ]

ok this weekend, off the hook. i got drunk a fuck, and im soo sleep deprived. me n chris almost broke up due to some faulty testimonies from his skanky sister givin me n attitude and she got one back and he got butt hurt. then he started assuming i thought he was cheating and shit and blah, it was drama. but we made up. jon my play toy, ahaha...is in full effect, he's my little secret and thats how we will keep it. so this weekend is gonna be cool if it works out, me momma eddie(her man) and jon r gonna go to the movies, i want chris to come, but he's a lamer and wont, he forces me into the arms of another man, oh well...dont tell him! kelly is going out with ashley. and lori, mole's mom is a nasty bitch, she has a tower of bloody pads in her bathroom and i told her to clean it and she got mad and talks shit behind my back like some other little white trash bitch i know...ok so anywase, saturday night i drank 3 shots of soco and 5 bacardi silver raz. mmmm...waaay better than regular bacardi silver. ok me n mole picked up dion to go get some coronas at AMPM around 1:30 in the morning and we got there and the clerk wanted some bomb, so dion got the bacardi's and we went back to his house got some bomb, then went back, me n mole were waitin in the car and this guy gives me gum and was like i dont want u ladies gettin in trouble for driving drunk and i was like im not drunk, and hes all i wanna know if u want some cock, and he stuck his ass in my window and i was spankin him to get out and hes all damn your a tease, i was like no we gotta. but anywase we got plugged! 2 12 packs of coronas for the price of a payday! woohoo..today i went to rosies and babysat the babies, so cute. siena is adorable and darius is hella jealous. they're some cute ass kids. damn im sleep deprived..shit lol..well im goin to bed...peace

<3 MO

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I gOt SoMe LoViN [08 Dec 2003|12:12pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | Pussy Poppin-Luda ]

ok well i went to Chris's tonight...ahaha...he's moving down the street with his brother and his house was practically empty and he opened his closet and was shit i still need to move the weight bench and i walked over to him and i was like wanna play a game? and hes all what game and i said 7 minutes in heaven and pulled him in the closet. it was more like 20 minutes, but ya know..it was good..i met his neighbors...one was a bounty hunter, he scared me actually. chris said i was his bitch and i was like quit tryin to be cool in front of your friends, and the guy was all wow she got some fire to her i like that, and chris was like i know i like it too, and the guy looked at me and he smiled real big and was like were gonna have some fun with her, you're stickin around arent you? i was like fuuuck this. then we went back to his house and played 20 minutes in a closet, and i met monica the baby momma and nate came over, but he ignored me cuz she was there. but thats ok..hes just a baybay...and then i had to go, so sad, but it was cool. damn i got hella homework to do tomorrow...all math World history, science and PE shiiiiit... aight well im out

<3 MO

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YeS oH yEs [07 Dec 2003|01:24am]
well, i kept the little bugga. no seriously, we talked about the situation at hand, and i told him how i felt, and we decided to try anywase! woohoo! donnell, what the fuck is krackin with my background bitch? you're slacking off on my shit heffa. oh man the un-cut video for booty clappin by luda is off the hook, i have never seen so many asses floppin around..i was like DAYUM...hmm..chia herb garden? thatd be gangster shit, have a chia pet that grows bud! id buy one shit..
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=)ChRiS )= [04 Dec 2003|10:19am]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | At Last- Etta James ]

well hmm..i jis don't see a future for me and chris anymore. it's only been a day, and im having second thoughts..its insane...but seriously he's 8 years older than me with a baby..thats jis a little wierd. i could care less tho, i met his neighbors and his cousin, so soon too, he wants me to meet the rest of his family too...i just know my parents won't approve either. me likey a lot, but me also realistic, ooo i could lie about his age say he's only 20 and say we're just "friends" or dating. so i dunno, what do u think? keep him or dump him?

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I love SNL [03 Dec 2003|05:27am]
[ mood | giddy ]
[ music | sweet sounds of SNL ]

its comedy...you should too, so anywase i havent updated in awhile so it wont be big cuz im lazy. um im # 1 student!! woohoo, for once in my life it feels good, yeah. so um chris asked me out last night, u know of course i said yes, cuz he's so damn adorable! derek came over last night too, we hung out, hes sprung of my nuts. hes alwase like heathers hot, blah blah, oh well. camping was off the hook, i broke my pinky nail in 1/2 it hurt like a bitch and it was gushin blood, but it was a small wound for a big leap in science. we hiked up this big ass sand dune, oh shit, and sled down on a disk, its hella fun...JR sandy's brother went buck chow and threw chairs at everyone...he got some issues...mad drama went down with the people campin next to us. the bitch woulda got fucked up and she knew it thats why she jis talked shit through the tent...boofing...yes yes boofing...the ocean!! we went swimming. awesome, i got knocked down by the big ass wave and i took momma down, then it happened again...blue crush moment. its scary, you get tooken under and its so strong u cant get up and it takes u back out...but its fun. the showers were fun to, there's 3 and me dani n JR each got in one and we sing and talk to each other, bang on the walls...we karaokeed a lot. good times, some grease in the mix. it was cool. um last night i rain over a storm drain and popped my front passenger tire.. LOL .. um ok...well im bored now, so ima go now peace out nigga

<3 MO

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Oh WhAt A nIgHt [20 Nov 2003|12:43pm]
ok well lets see, i went to skool today, and my teacher said im a top student! woohoo other than that today wasnt exciting. i went to mommas house, she bit me and now i have a fat ass bruise on my arm...hmm..ok, lame ass update, but deal with it, cuz thats all i got
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HmMmM... [19 Nov 2003|12:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Here with out you? -3 dOoRs DoWn ]

well kids let's see, today...full of homework, i did 4 math assignments, my world history, and "p.e." wow i just saw the mcdonalds commercial for cat n the hat, he seems like a creepy fellow. me n momma went to eddy's house today, marcus called and i blew him off, then mole called me sayin she met a guy for me, like i can't pull hoes on my own, but ya know...she was tellin me his vitals, ya know got a good job and i was all wtf do u think im a gold digger and donnell was all yeah, that piece of shit...well eddy is a cutie patutie, momma once again got herself a fine man...beeitch! haha...baby luh my baby luh i need ya oh how i need ya...its cold as hell..3 DoOrS dOwN...w00t...damn, im not goin to class tomorrow, i do not curr im sleep deprived all week...i need some sleepy-poo...sign your name on the dotted line, the lights went off and nikki started to grind...its cold as hell, ya know mane? damn...ok im goin to bed, peace out ya

<3 MO

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[18 Nov 2003|01:12am]
[ mood | dirty ]
[ music | Harder to Breathe ]

Bondage movie! You're into BSDM (Bondage &
Discipline, Dominance & Submission) and chances
are, you're fond of whips, chains, harnesses,
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little pain with a LOT of pleasure, baby!

What kind of porno would you star in?
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[18 Nov 2003|01:10am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Darlin Nikki- Foo Fighters ]

GARAGE GURL - Flirt inna Skirt!
A GARAGE-GURL. Youre into loud music, hot guys and
wild fashions. Youre most at ease when youve
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Your virtues: Confidence, fun nature, sociability.
Your flaws: Loudness, jealous tendency, need for

What kind of girl are you?
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FiNdInG nEmO [17 Nov 2003|02:15am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Macaframa- Xraided ]

so what brings you on this fine day to the E.A.C? gimme some fin, noggin...duuuude...oh intro, offspring jellyman; jellyman offspring, oh hello, jellys! sweeeeet..totally! swim away my son...jellyman its awesome, burry them in the sand and coocoocachoo they fine their way back to the big ol' blue...SHARK BAIT OOO AH AH, meet us on top of mt. wanna hauck a loogie..LMAO yes...i love FiNdInG nEmO! you should too...get in my mouth if you want to live...Sandy Plankton said its a butt!! saved your life, AHHH you guys made me ink...hows the lucky fin? lucky! duuude? duuude? oh dude you made it! where am i? oh dude you were like WHOOAAA and i was like whooaa, you were like whoa... i need to get to the E.A.C. dude you're riding it! hi im flo, don't listen to anything my sister says she's crazy...BUBBLES! BUBBLES! my bubbles...ok thats it im done...HAHA u get it, i love the finding of nemo..

<3 MO

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thats the spot, thats the spot right thurr [16 Nov 2003|11:32am]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | AnY mAn Of MiNe~ShAnIa TwAiN ]

oh man, i went to chris's house tonight, and oooowe..he is a good kisser, he tickled my neck with his tongue, and on my ear lobes and oh man it shot chills through my body, ooowe...tell me why i had a mild heart attack drivin home i was doin 90 down the highway as usual, i look up in the rear view mirror and see flashin lights, im like oh shit so i start freakin out about the fuckin registration cuz i dont know where it is, i pulled over and he passed me so i thought he was gonna pull in front of me but he just kept going, i was freakin out.. i was hella shaking and shit, i couldnt even think..damn LOL..ok ATTENTION: 28 days later sucks ass!! seriously, its complete bullshit...oh well...im out kids like anorexic in a pie eatin contest..

<3 MO

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oh sheeit! [13 Nov 2003|11:15am]
haha i know you are jockin my journal bitches! my shit is hot right? yeeh! thanks to my momma door nail, i luh yew guh. today was comedy, me n her went to teds house and he had to sneak out so we kicked it and then when we were leaving i started honking and yelling bye ted to get him in trouble, i don't think it did damn it..well let's see...im a pimp, i got 3 dudes on my jock, 1 is hella fine, u know MARCUS and chris is aight, i dunno bouts derek tho, he's a cool cat. ok tell me why i saw b.lo's nasty ass today and he wouldnt lemme alone. followin me around the house and hella starrin at me, creepy motha sucka. tomorrow im goin to go see tupac:ressurection HOLLER! ah ah -20 fingers- i fuckin love my back ground dude...its fuckin awesome like pop eyes chicken..tell me why i found out jana is tryin to get roy (old "fling") aka donnells cousin to come campin with us, im screwed..i hate that gangly motha sucka now. oh its kick ass...camping! BODEGA BAY bitches!! ahahaha...alright kids, ill up date later..oh yeah, my mom said to send marshall my journal and pics of my room, i was like yeah ill do that, shes all he might send you some tickets i was all yeah some tickets and a big fat restrainin order for being a stalker..!! LOL
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~*~MaUi WaUi~*~ [12 Nov 2003|11:48pm]
[ mood | high ]
[ music | ShOoP~ sAlT n PePa ]

oh shit, today i went to skool, met up with nick and we hot boxed the shit outta my car with some maui waui, it was fuckin pimp. i came home ate some taquitos, put reenie in the bath, took her to school, came home ate ice cream, went to meet my ISP counselor, got more homework, came home took a phat ass nap, woke up ate some chicken strips, took reenie home and ate some french bread there, damn i swear that shit fucked me up! i had the munchies all day!! i love it! ok so yeah, im still hella tired off that shit...damn...ok well im givin in to the force, im goin to bed

<3 Mo

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this is my update beeitches [12 Nov 2003|12:00pm]
oh yes it calls.. DANI prt2..back by popular demand

Dani oh yes dani
sits on her big fat fanny

playin sims and eatin mac
talkin hella smack

her lips are small
she dont got a top one at all

she got some curzy hands
and jocks folks from bands

she tries to be hard
but is full of lard

sandy made me do PRT 2
cuz she is a jew

dani n sandy r suh-weet
but shurry got some nasty feet

ok im done i cant rhyme no mo'z
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