Times Have Changed...   
08:24pm 17/09/2003
  Well, Lets See If This Works....  
A Clean Slate   
09:40pm 16/09/2003
mood: blah
music: Evanesence - Haunted
Well, I Got Tired Of My Other Journal, Too Much Depressing Shit, And I've Decided That I'm Going To Start Clean And See What Happens From Here On Out And Forget About All The Bullshit In The Past. So Here Is The Start.

I Got My Permit Yesterday, Good Stuff, Now I Just Have To Wait Till March To Get My Lisence, My Mom Should Be Calling About The Car Pretty Soon. I Have To Go To The Doctor Sometime Soon To, I Might Need Some Surgery On My Back, But Who Knows. Well, I Don't Really Have Much To Say As Of Right Now.