killer's chumpette's Journal

Friday, April 30, 2004

5:22PM - Today

today, today...lets see...My last day to school before I got to High Borrans. Rachael seems super extatic abotu ti and she says shes not gonna miss anyone or anything blah blah. Believe me she'll at least miss her cat. I'll miss loads of people, well mum, dad, jonny thats about it since im not the most popular person on the planet. I'm not the most active person in thee world but im sure ill be ok at stuff. It'll be cool sharing a room with rahael, grace and abby they're nice but abby's sick at the mo but i hope she can go. I'm going to see Yfriday on sunday and it should be fun although i dont know if theyre crap or anyhting but y'know-they're supposed to be good according to emily t. Well, talk to you guys soon-oor myself whoever im talking to...byeee

Current mood: sleepy
Current music: Lagwagon-Mr coffee
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