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( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[30 Mar 2005|05:00pm]

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

new journal` [17 Feb 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | comatose but audible ]
[ music | buried a lie - fucking amazing song ]

go there or be square

i won't ben updating this sucka no more..

(1 just wait and you'll see you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

does it feel like.. does it feel like twenty below? [17 Dec 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | Straylight Run - a slow descent ]


my computer has finally come back to life, after a whole week of being dead.. therefore i should have mucho to say, but sadly i will leave you with only my reminescints (oh yeah im breaking out the big words) of saturday..

in case you dont know me, a few nights ago was the Finding Westerly/Hidden In Plain View/Copeland/The Early November concert... and it kicked total ass.. so we left to go there pretty late.. the line was monsterous.. we get inside, i buy a t-shirt and a poster.. i didnt see finding westerly but i heard that they were good so.. then hidden in plain voew came on and i felt stupid only knowing two songs.. but oh well.. then copeland came on, and i hate to say it but.. i was too distracted by ace on the side of the stage to pay attention to anything else.. but then i left to get a hipv cd for me and copeland for kate.. then who comes on?.. oh yeah, my boys of TEN.. they kicked so much ass.. i absolutely love them.. have you ever been somewhere where you are kind of detached from the world, and it is just you and the music, and then you realize just how great it is?... it was kind of like just really serene and all.. then i saw ace again and i fell in love.. the whole sergio jumping into the crowd off of the balcony was AMAZING!. I got a picture.. woohoo!.. did i fail to mention the fact that out of 25 pictures, i used 17 on ten?.. oh well it was worth it.. they brought kenny out for fluxy and i could have sworn i saw him before the concert, but then i figured it wasnt him because he would most likely be mobbed.. After the show, we had to go and find vin and alex.. so we find them, then me and alex see philly style.. i was like ahH!. its philly style!.. i was a whole freakin foot taller than him.. pretty funny.. then we see jeff so we go over and get a picture with him... then i like put my arm around him and he was like "wow, i didnt think you would go all out like that, considering how sweaty i am".. then i got my poster signed.. mMm yeah!.. so then we see serg and get shit signed, i smacked his butt.. he didnt even seem to notice, he must get that a lot.. then we go outside.. we meet Rob.. AHEM> BOB.. lol.. me - "can i call you bob the builder?".. rob - "sure".. me - "hey bob!.. rob -"actually,. its rob.." muhaha.. i felt like an ass.. so then i met Spencer and Joe.. of HiPv.. cool stuff.. then i meet ace again, i swear that kid is the nicest person in the world and you can tell he genuinely loves everyone who goes to the shows or buys the cds.. so we get a picture with him.. kate cant take the picture and she starts to apologize.. but ace is like.. no no its fine, just take your time.. i swear i love him.. then we meet joseph.. he is pretty cool too.. he went home with his "daddy".. and then we basically went home and a few days later.. here i am on my computer.. weird..

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

staple gun + 12 one dollar bills = pure fun [07 Dec 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | ten - the mountain range in my living room.. ]

ok i stole this off of hitormissme33, who stole it from someone else.. you can take it from me if you want..

S You are very broad-minded.
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
M Success comes easily to you.
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.
N You like to work, but you always want a break.
T You have an attitude, a big one.
H You are not judgemental.
A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

A You can be very quiet when you have something on your mind.

B You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.

C You definitely have a partier side in you, dont be shy to show it.

D You have trouble trusting people.

E You are a very exciting person.

F Everyone loves you.

G You have excellent ways of viewing people.

H You are not judgemental.

I You are always smiling & making others smile.

J Jealousy.

K You like to try new things.

L Love is something you deeply believe in.

M Success comes easily to you.

N You like to work, but you always want a break.

O You are very open-minded.

P You are very friendly and understanding.

Q You are a hypocrite.

R You are a social butterfly.

S You are very broad-minded.

T You have an attitude, a big one.

U You feel like you have to equal up to people's standards.

V You have a very good physical and looks.

W You like your privacy.

X You never let people tell you what to do.

Y You cause a lot of trouble.

Z You're always fighting with someone.

weird.. theres no t in danielle..

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

anyone wanna have a snowball fight? anyone? hello?... anyone? RUN!!!!! [07 Dec 2003|02:33pm]
[ music | oh christ number 11.. its going to be on for a while.. ]

ahh yeah im back, i died for a little while but now im like a ghost that comes back to haunt you.. excuse my bad metaphors and similies and shit but, yeah..

so last night was fun.. mel's friend matt is hot.. oh yeah kate!.. so yeah the sliding down the streets was fun! .. funny how i go and talk about my horrible aim then when they come back over i hit adam square in the head..

i discovered a way not to get in trouble when your mom is pissed to shits about you coming home too late: go to your room to avoid the screaming.. listen to some mnusic and within five minutes of going upstairs.. go throw up!.. lemme tell you, it works like a charm.. guarenteed!.. unless of course, you puke on the ground or soething, then you will get in trouble for that..

hey i got paid 25 bucks this weekend, because everyone thinks im a lazy mofo.. well i guess that isn't far from the truth but i did prove them wrong..

i want to go out in the snow but i am too lazy.. i guess i will go out at home.. i hope there is more snow up there than there is down here... plus besides what i did on friday, the snow should be untouched.. and last i checked.. it was perfect snowball making snow, so we have to finish the war with cory and ryan cause i am not going to give up as easy as that.. that as in my oscar worthy performance..

hahah we had to make our german projects or whatever, and i put a computer on mine and on the screen i put a picture of the beautiful arthur "ace" enders.. then mrs. parks said my project was "cute".. i hope she wasn't referring to my ace.. or yeah..

i just realized i have twelve dollars in ones, that isn't going to look too good.. oh well..

six days..

we need to get a coolor or make room in the freezer for the snowballs..

ahh. ace cut his hair!.. why?.. oh well he is still beautiful..

danielle probably thinks im obsessed with art.. ok, maybe i talk about him a lot but, can you blame me?.. the other day in german he just kept looking at me and i think andrew or bob told him that i said he is a sexy beast.. oh well.. haha i am gonna leave now
later gaters..!

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

muhaha.. [05 Dec 2003|05:10pm]
*About You*
What is your name?:Samantha
What are your nicknames?:Sam, Loser, the occasional "Hey You"
How old are you?:14
What color is your hair?:dirty blonde
What color are your eyes?:blue - grey hey, they even decide to be green sometimes
Where do you live?:Pennsylvania
Do you have any siblings?:yeah.. 7
What are their names?:Megan, Christine, Danielle, Kaitlin, Alison, Maureen, and Liam
How tall are you?:5'4 ... or something like it
What kind of car do you drive?:n/a
What color is your car?:n/a
What color is your house?:white.. i think
Television Programs:the oc.. call me a loser, but oh well
Ice cream flavor:mint chocolate chip
Color:blue, lime green.. depends
Time of day:mid-afternoon or night
Movies:donnie darko
Song at the moment:hipv- twenty below
Musicians (Singers, Bands, etc.):brand new, the early november
Beverages:pepsi vanilla
Sport to play:softball
Sport to watch:football
Hobbies:listening to music.. i kind of getting into photography..
Day of the week:saturday
Academic subject:uhh..
Lunch meat:HAM
Soda:pepsi vanilla
Place to be:at a show, or at home listening to music
Animal:grr.. a monkey
*Love & Junk*
Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend?:nah..
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:nah..
Are you straight?:yeah
Best eye color in the opposite sex:i dont really care but jesse lacey has some purty eyes
Best hair color in the opposite sex:i really dont care
Best height in the opposite sex:uhh..
Initial thing you look for in the opposite sex (appearance-wise):nice eyes
Qualities (personality-wise) you look for in the opposite sex:funny, witty.. you know what im talking about..
What would your perfect date be?:a show
How old were you when you had your first kiss?:13..haha
Where was your first kiss?:at a party
Did you enjoy or dislike your first kiss?:dislike
What do you like best about your boyfriend/girlfriend (if you have one)?:n/a
*Your Future*
Dream vehicle:any.. preferably a FORD BRONCO
Dream job:none
Dream college:uhh
Where do you want to live?:in a box
Do you want to get married? If so, at what age?:yes and uhh..
Do you want children?:maybe
How many?:2 at most
Boys or girls?:boy then girl
Names?:arthur and jordan
What can you see yourself doing in ten years?:umm.. being a bum on the street begging for money
How about twenty years?:same thing
*More Random Junk*
Your pets and their names:n/a
Have you ever gotten something stuck up your nose?:i dont think so..
Have you ever jumped off of your roof?:nah..
Have you ever streaked in broad daylight?:nope
Do you get good, satisfactory, or horrible grades in school?:uhh.. it all depends
Have you ever gotten into a fist fight?:not a real one..
Have you ever stolen something?:yeah
How many detentions would you say you have gotten?:1.. haha
How about suspensions?:none!
What did you get suspended/detended for?:n/a
Do you consider yourself a mean person?:nossirreebob
What are your bad habits?:uhh..
Any fears/phobias?:i am afraid of getting old
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?:sometimes
What was your childhood dream?:to never grow up
Who was your childhood idol?:i dont know
Have you ever snuck out of the house?:no, i dont have to
Who/what comes first in your life?:family i guess
Do you support the second amendment (the right to bear arms)?:uhh.. it depends
What do you think of President Bush?:someone needs to resign.. and fast
What do you think of homo and bisexuality?:i dont mind it..
What is your view on abortion?:pro-life
The death penalty?:make them live with their guilt..
Do you have any tatoos?:nopers
Do you have any piercings?:yeah, my ears haha

Long, Random Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[17 Nov 2003|07:12pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeah so im gonna update this piece of shizzle 'fo rizzle.. enough ghetto out of me..
.. christines coming home .. 2 days! yeah i shouldn't be too happy about that because she is only coming home because we have to go to my grandmoms funeral.. yeah, she died yesterday.. i feel wierd because i don't feel that bad, i guess it just hasn't hit me yet..

anyway, i went to the tbs/std show on friday.. fun stuff let me tell you.. the first band to play was moneen.. i thought they were pretty good..
then tbs played.. lets just say, good stuff.. i love them live as it is, but i think they played exceptionally well.. haha..theres my inner nerd coming thru, but oh well.. yeah they played some new stuff, and despite what i heard, i thought it was actually pretty good.. that wioll teach me to stop listening to other people too much.. so yeah the one song title stuck in my head because it was weird, and of course i would remember it.. it was called "number five hit the bullet".. i thought it was good.. the new guitarist plays like everything, so he must come in handy lol.. yeah so during the hook of every song adam wasn't singing the song but the audience was, so i couldn't hear what he was saying, i bet it was about john!.. you should have seen him during cute without the e.. fricking monkey was hanging upside down from the balcony, singing the song.. it was cool to watch though, so..
then came std.. i dont like them too much they are actually kind of boring.. they dont run around and act retarded or anything.. they just kind of sit there strumming their guitars and all..

afterwards we were walking around but then i went into the bathroom and kind of threw up a little.. oh well.. so then we go outside and we go around the back, cause thats where the buses were.. so were standing there and tom gryjdkfdojksbf from the starting line came walking around the corner and i was like hey tom!.. and i gave him a hug.. no body really noticed him but then we got a picture with him.. so yeah..
then we met chris conley and some other people in saves the gay.. then adam comes out and we get shit signed and all.. pretty cool guy, i wish i could have talked to him fort longer though, but he was bombarded by people so yeah.. then me and kate.. the great (not).. we sat there and talked.. eddie - "have you seen my girlfriend, wheres my girlfriend", haha..

im bored, can't you tell.. wait this is how i end every thing so no.. im noit bored i am just not having fun :)

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[10 Nov 2003|04:28pm]
what band will you get gang-banged by? by hulahoopwoundss
what band will fuck you (a lot) afi-but first make davey cut his hair again
date it will happenSeptember 12, 2010
you will meet them ata thrift store (you trendy piece fo shit)
how many STDs you catch6
money you make from the video$542,850
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

ahh!! save me

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[10 Nov 2003|04:10pm]
[ mood | random.. haha ]
[ music | story of the year - and the hero will drown.. ]

ahh.. i haven't updated this in so long, wow..

i have no clue what has happened since then, so i guess i'll just talk about today..

lets see german - why must we speak in that class.. it is way too early and i get all my words confused, oh well, i got a 100 on my test the other day.. so did danielle..
ahh we had that special breakfast thing today for people with a gpa of 2.75 or higher, so i went to that .. it was gay everyone and their mom waas there, but hey free food!
english- we read Romeo and Juliet, i kind of like it. but it can be confusing at times..

social studies - we did that thing on political cartoons and stuff.. that was pretty fun.. i had an article on the talks Bush has been giving to the mideast for democracy.. i liked it because it showed how the government favors our allies and critcizes the countries who aren't, oh well enough from me on that topic..

math - i had a 4 page (front and back) test, i didn't even get to finish it.. i am probably going to end up failing that class.. well i hope not..

so far thats it for today.. i saw finding nemo yesterday, what a great movie!.. MINE.. haha i will probably start saying phrases from that movie, so beware..

wheres my nights of the hardshell?
ahh, Senor Taco.. you are my master.. cory, why are you in it.. you don't deserve it.. ahaha..

me - "cory has an infatuation with ryan's ass"
ryan - "whats that mean?"
kate - "it means obsession, like sam is infatuated with god and ford broncos"
ryan - "you like to have orgies with god and four broncos?"

haha, that was so totally random, its great..

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[01 Nov 2003|11:05am]
aww man, last night i tried to go to the brand new concert, but i couldn't get another ticket for kate, so i just didn't buy it off of that kid.. but anyway, we went in the back alley, and guess what, the balcony to the venue is there and vin is up there smoking a cigarette.. then jesse comes out and comes down to us, but some girls were there and were asking him to take pictures in a photo booth with them.. he kept telling them no, but they wouldn't stop bugging him.. then he blew the girls off and comes over to me and shakes my hand and is like, hi my name is jesse, what is yours?.. so we stand there and are talking for like ten minutes haha, he told us to beat the other girls up and steal their tickets.. and brian comes out and the girls start bothering him.. then brian dissappears somewhere and jesse told us to wait here, that he will be back.. but the girls go over and they are like, i cant believe he wouldnt talk to us.. even though when he was talking to them you could tell they didnt give a rats ass as to what he was saying.. so what do they do?, they follow him.. and you could tell that he was clearly annoyed with them.. but jesse never came back, and i don't blame him because some kids just act really stupid... they should respect him enough not to follow him around everywhere..

then after that, i went out trick or treating.. i dressed up as a dead school girl.. i rocked the old ephrems uniform like no other.. haha.. the fricking blood crap will not come off of my face.. then we went to my cousin.. well sort - of.. and he was puking his brains out.. and we got ot see riley.. aww he was a little jester for halloween.. so cute.. and denny kept telling me i looked weird and i was a weird kid.. then he was telling me that my shoes were ugly.. haha, 12 year olds suck ass.. they were all bums for halloween.. i told them to make a sign saying "will pay for food" because, why would they be begging if they had no money.. no one gets my retarded humor.. oh well..

so yeah i have to go to a party.. peace out..

Jesse Lacey owns me.

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[31 Oct 2003|05:10pm]
Pick a band and answer only using that band's lyrics.
How do you view the world?:Does anybody remember back when you were very young. Did you ever think that you would be this blessed?
Describe yourself.:If looks could really kill, then my profession would be staring
How do people feel about you?:You never do what I tell you to. You never do what I say.
How do you feel about yourself?:i am heaven sent, dont you dare forget
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest.:I waste all my time just thinking of you
What would you rather be doing?:We saw the western coast (seeing the western coast)
Describe where you live.:And tonight will go on forever while we walk around this town like we own the streets and stay awake through summer like we own the heat
Describe how you live.:This isn't highschool
Describe how you love.:Broken down in my dead bedroom, stuttering to pictures of you.
Share a few words of wisdom.:Die young and save yourself

Lyrics Survey brought to you by BZOINK!

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[29 Oct 2003|05:00pm]
[ mood | sick ]

aww man.. i havent written in here in so0o0o long.. haha since then, i did basically nothing.. oh yeah, i went to the Mest/Goldfinger/Good Charlotte show on friday.. it was fun except for the fact that fat heffs were sitting on effing top of me cause the crowd was swaying s0 much that it was almost impossible to stand up.. Yeah, i drank out of joel's water bottle after he did, (its going to be funny to see how many comments im going to get from teeny-boppers who wish i were dead) and i went crowd surfing.. i dont think anyone touched my ass, luckily for me!.. so yeah, that was fun i guess, my little cousin met chris cause the blockhead had seats and she got to walk around.. ph well, what are you going to do.. lets see.. oh tbs sold out.. wtf.. now im angry :( GRRR.. haha i wanted to go to that.. oh well, im going to the E11 show!.. oh wait, i shouldnt jynx it.. so.. OMAN.. muahaha tom is way better.. christ joe, must you always kick my ass?.. woah i got copyrighted today.. some kid decided he wants to copyright me, so i drew a c in a circle on myself.. cause there is no way someone else is going to copyright me.. hahha.. i am so bored.. and i have joel germs and im going to cough in a jar and sell them on ebay

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[19 Oct 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | None of my friends are punks - Allister ]

aww man drive thru invasion.. what can i say, it was great.. we got there like 5 minutes before it started and senses fail opened.. holy shit they were insane, i mean literally.. then came the early november, their fathers came out on the stage, and were standing there with their equipment and stuff then they came out, sexy sexy ace.. he is so sexy.. aww man i need to get the rooms to cold.. they are so incredibly awesome.. then came allister, that was fun jumping up and down and actually knowing the words while all the teenyboppers around me stared in disgust.. hah.. they played none of my friends are punks, the greatest song ever.. then homegrown came on.. haha they played i think your hot but i love you not, and i was singing along and people were looking at me.. i guess thats what happens when everyone is there for tsl.. lastly, the starting line came on.. fun stuff.. they played two new songs.. during the one song, they started a mosh pit next to me.. so we all go in and start dancing in the middle of the pit.. kate and danielle did the running man, and i did my old-skool dance, then we got pushed out.. haha, oh well what are you going to do?.. they were really good.. my 3rd time seeing them.. they finished with the best of me, but we wanted more so we started chanting 'play more songs' and they came out and did that part of the justin timberlake song... then they played this ride as the finale.. we let everyone clear out and just walked around and i found 5 bucks so we go to buy drinks and guess who i see, thats right, dave milla the killa.. so me and kate run up to him and like tap him on the shoulder and were like dave dave, but then i was like oh shit i should get danielle, cause dave is her love.. i hugged him twice!! you only got one danielle! so she gets her shirt signed, i get my ticket signed and we let dave use are marker and it runs out.. so i yelled at him jokingly, and he apologized, man i love messing with peoples heads.. then i see ace and i was on that shit so fast, haha.. i go over and get my ticket signed and i took pictures for some girls, cause hey, im a good person.. then i talk to him and ask him how he is feeling cause he had a concussion the other night, and he said he didnt feel too good, that he almost felt sick and i was like "aww" and he told me i was the sweetest fan for asking him that.. then i told him that he was a sexy beast and he said thats the first time anyones ever said that.. then i hugged him and had to leave, cause i had to say hi to my fifth cousin twice removed, scottie murphy.. i told him he was my fifth cousin twice removed and my stepsister was like, yeah my last name is murphy too and hes like oh, then were probably related somewhere down the line.. then we went outside and they wouldnt let us back in but we followed these kids back in anyway.. and then i was standing there when this guy with a camera comes over and was like give it up for the starting line.. then he comes over to me and asks about the shoiw and he was like whose your favorite member of tsl and i was like kenny, along with the 200 million other girls, he was like, haha i like that, then my sister was like, hey, wheres dan trapp and hes like oh, i see him all the time and then he said he was hiding in the back somewhere.. then we had to leave so i hugged ace and he was like, thanks again, which was cool cause he remembered me .. then i yelled bye cuz to scottie and left..

so here i am, i have a shitload of homework to do.. i dont want to do it.. ahh i hate school.. besides the fact that there are hot guys there :cough:thejoe,mikedaka,andthatkideric:cough:.. haha.. i am a loser, buh bye..

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[16 Oct 2003|07:40pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | people are talking.. ]

hey losers, im back and i am really bored so i decided to do this thing

pick a band and answer the questions using the lyrics

Brand New

1: are you a male or a female?
"It's ladies night, all the GIRLS drink for free"
-Me vs Maradona vs Elvis

2: describe yourself.
My island nights are all spent dying wait for summer to become wrought with lips my wishful thinking
-logan to government center

3: how do people feel about you?
"And I know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic.But when I say let's keep in touch I really mean I wish that you'd grow up."
-Mix Tape

4: how do you feel about yourself?
Oh, we're so c-c-c-c-c-controversial.
we are entirely smooth.
we admit to the truth,
we are the best at what we do.
-Okay, I Believe You

5: describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/love interest.
"It's only you, beautiful.
Or I don't want anyone.
If I can choose.
It's only you.
But how could I miscalculate...
perfect lies from a perfect dame.
If I can choose... it's only you."

-the no seatbelt song

6: where would you rather be?
"Eighteen forever."
- Soco Armiretto lime

7: describe where you live.

"This dark and quiet bed felt like the middle of nowhere."
-Sudden death in north carolina

8: describe how you live.
"I make collect calls to home to tell them that I realize that everyone who lives will someday die and die alone. And we won't let you in, though we're down and out. We won't let you in. I wrote more postcards than hooks, I read more maps than books. It feels like every chance to leave is another chance I should have took. Every minute is a mile, I've never felt so hallow. I'm an old abandoned church with broken pews and empty aisles. My secrets for a buck, watch me as I cut myself wide open on the stage, yes, I am paid to spill my guts. I won't see home till spring. Oh I would kill for the Atlantic but I am paid to make girls panic while I sing"
-I Will Play My Game

9: describe how you love.
"If it makes you less sad, Iwill die by your hand. I hope you find out what you are, I already know what I am."
-The Boy who blocked his own shot

10: share a few words of wisdom.
"Die young and save yourself."
-Sic Transit Gloria

yeah so that was that.. and i am happy, my little baby cousin is over, she is so cute.. and today was good, all for one simple reason, the joe was singing so happy together about me and him.. but then he sang it about bob, but oh well i am happy.. and that pedifile greg came up to me today and was playing with my hair then he told me i look like my sister danielle.. which i think is completely wrong cause i think she is pretty.. blah.. oh well. i should take it as a compliment.. but yeah coming from him, i dont think i should

(1 just wait and you'll see you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[14 Oct 2003|03:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | asl- the shooting star that destroyed us all ]

ahh.. its tuesday already.. which means tommorow is humpday..
plus theres only 4 days left 'til drive-thru invasion!.. or four more days 'til i get to see ace and his sexy beast self.. haha but its true, soo..
yeah today was fun i guess.. i wore my pimp rings.. showed them off cause hey, my pimp rings are sexy, i have a neon green heart and a hot pink diamond, WHAT NOW?
haha i am a loser..
so yeah today i went to sleep in social studies and i get woken up by these kids laughing and telling me i fell asleep.. i went to sleep for a reason damnit!.. i tried to sleep in german but thats impossible.. then in english i couldnt get to sleep..
so yeah yesterday i went to the mall and guess who i saw.. yeah damn straight i saw joe.. and he asked me if i was stalking him.. so i said i
im bored.. talk to me..

(2 just wait and you'll see you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[11 Oct 2003|06:06pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | timberwolves in new jersey - tbs ]

aww man i havent written in here for awhile..
ahhh well lets see what has happened since then.. oh yeah i started my new job today.. i work at shadybrook farms, come visit!.. yeah i guess thats alright, i had to do the register and the damn thing is confusing or im just retarded, either way i messed up a few times.. i also had to get the shit out of the truck and refill the drinks a few times.. so far i guess the job is easy..
ahh so i had to go to my madres yesterday, she might make me go back today again.. blegh.. my sister and her got in a fight this morning, it was pretty funny.. actually the whole thing was my fault but we can keep that to ourselves cant we?..
so this week was eh.. aww man that movie we had to watch was disgusting, it was about drugs, and they showed dead people and such.. they showed some girl in my schools brother and some girl's father.. i felt pretty bad for them.. ahh well what else?.. the marking period ended.. i saw some of my grades and so far, my worst grade is in math.. if the teacher wasn't such a bitch and knew how to teach, maybe i would know what the eff i was doing.. ahh well, its only an 87, but still i am pretty angry.. grrr..
so yeah who the hell is that kid at gregs table, dude he doesnt belong with greg, he should sit at my table.. damn that kid is a sexy beast.. lol.. and someone else is a sexy beast but you already know that..
im bored.. i have work tommorrow too.. ahh well..

im off to play some emogame version 2.0..what now bitch?

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[07 Oct 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Less than jake ]

hey loser..s..

im back and i decided after my last entry was so rudely deleted by the effin blurty i am gonna do it again..

so today was boring.. as usual, i went to school.. that was, well blegh.. i effin hate school.. especially fourth period, cause thats math.. i hate math and the people in my class make me angry.. especially that kid who doesn't get the point that i don't like him and wish he were dead.. we got to pick where we sat out of a hat and he kept trading with people so he could sit with me.. i hope he effin dies.. hes a big fat ugly low life loser.. and what makes him even more disgusting is that he likes me.. eww, i want to kill him, seriously i am not a violent person and i don't like to put people down or anything but i truly hate this kid..

okie dokie moving on.. emoglassesonthejoewhoisalreadysexyasitis.. isjustentirelyunbelievablysexy.. d'ya catch that?.. oh well if you didnt.. ill put it in Lamen (sp?) terms for your sorry ass.. ok, so i go into english today.. and guess who i see? thats right, the kid i am madly in love with, AND he is wearing EMO GLASSES.. how effin sexy is that?.. yeah thats right it is extremely sexy..

lunch was fun.. well towards the end.. jon thom, you need to stop with all the sexual innuendos.. me "how about car?" jon thom "well you see, cars have exhaust pipes and you know what can go in exhaust pipes?" aww man your sick.. that kid keeps CUMMING over then dissapearing.. hah.. and know jon thom, all keith did was drink my drink, no mouth contact prior to that lol.. that kid keith is just like you jon thom.. but in a more happy little bunny way.. yeah i said it.. lol

aww man im gonna leave now..


(1 just wait and you'll see you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[05 Oct 2003|06:15pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | rbr - better than never ]

hey kiddies, im back..
so yeah i went to penn state this weekend for the homecoming game.. we had some great seats, we were the six row off the field, at the 20 yard line, or at least i thought they were some good seats.. so yeah i was surrounded by "those goddamn cheeseaters" .. yeah there were feud type things going on all around us.. ahh well.. it was funny.. up at the top of the stadium, there was a whole section and half would go fuck you.. then the other would go penn state.. i thought it was funny..

so yeah i got a day out of school for that bitch, wahooo..

i have off tomorrow too!

i have a freaking project due on tuesday.. i havent started it yet but hey, what you gonna do?

im bored.. i would have started work today.. i regret not going, thats eighty bucks that i wont make..

so yeah we stayed in these cabin things.. they were cool.. no parents!.. although they smelt weird.. like wood.. well of course they would smell like wood, but yeah i didnt like that part of my blanket smells funny

ahh well, whats with all the college kids wearing flipflops and long pants..?

so obviously i am bored









haha i am a loser.. bye

(1 just wait and you'll see you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[29 Sep 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | homegrown give it up ]

Name: Sam
. Birthday: july.7th.. 7/7.. wow
. What time is it? 5:17

. Slept in your bed: me
. Saw you cry: ahhh... i dunno
. Made you cry: ayva.. way back when..
. Spent the night at your house: danielle..
. You shared a drink with: ummm..?
. You went to the movies with: rachel lisa mary and uhh.. kristyn maybe?
. You went to the mall with: meself
. Yelled at you: uhh.. my sister.. 5 min ago
. Sent you an e-mail: i dunno
. Said they were going to kill you: my sister, 5 min ago

. Said "I love you" and meant it? uhh..
. Gotten in a fight w/ your dog/cat/bird/fish,etc.? no, but i made my moms cat almost die.. stupid thing
. Been to New York? yeah
. Been to Florida? yeah
. California? nah
. Hawaii? nah
. Mexico?nah
. China? no way
. Canada? nopers
. Danced naked? no..
. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day? actually something kind of like that happened, but it was a much more tame version than my dream, hah
. Got a really bad feeling about something then it happened? uhh.. im not sure
. Wish you were the opposite sex? yeah..
. Had an imaginary friend? yeah, and i still do.. they are cooler than you are too

. Red or blue? blizzue
. Spring or fall? spring..
. Santa or Rudolph? Rudolph
. Math or English? englishshshsh
. What are you going to do after you finish this survey? eat..
. What was the last food you ate? uhh, food
. High school or college? this isnt high school, so college
. Are you bored? extremely
. How many buddies are on? 7. or so
. Last movie you saw? life of david gale.
. Last noise you heard? fizinch biznatch. im on drive thru website..
. Last time you went out of the state: in march, i went to texas.. yee haw..
. Things you like in a girl/guy: ahh dont even try it.. they know..
. Do you have a crush on someone? nah.. OF COURSE I DO BIZNATCH
. Do they know? yuppers
. What's his/her name? the joe, and jesse lacey, but hey i told them both!
. What do you think of ouija boards? they are cool.. when you dont have gay friends moving it
. What book are you reading now? ummm.. a day no pigs would die.. for school..
. What's on your mouse pad? dell . haha
. Favourite magazine? AP
. Worst feeling in the world? everything..
. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning? die you civilization..
. How many rings before you answer? i dont answer it.. or 19
. Future daughter's name? Madison and or Jordan
. Future son's name? Jordan..
. Chocolate or vanilla? mMm ice cream
. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? sometimes
. If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? ahh.. musician
. Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous? right
. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? nope
. What's under your bed? lets rephrase this; what isn't under my bed
. Favourite sport to watch? ahh.. none
. Hair Colour: blonde
. Eye Colour: ahh i dont know
. Height Currently: 5'4.. maybe
. Glasses/contacts: neither
. Current Age: your mom
. Siblings: ahh god.. i have megan, christine, danielle, kate, alison, maureen, and liam
. Siblings Age: 22, 19, 16, 15, 13, 9, 6.
. Location: bensalem
. College Plans: none
. Any Piercings: ears
. Best Friends: hah..tara probably
. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nah
. Current Crush: joe
. Hobbies: music 'nuff said
. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: anything
. Are You Timely Or Always Late: late
. Do You Like Being Around People: yeah.

. Have you ever loved someone you had no chance with: uh yeah
. Have You Ever Cried Over Something Someone of The Opposite Sex Did: nah
. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person you always go after: nope
. Do You Have A Job: yeah
. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: yea
. Ever Liked a close Guy/Girl Friend: nah.. i guess not
. Are You Lonely Right Now: well there are 6 people in my house besides me right now, so no
. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: no..
. Do You Want To Get Married: i could care less
. Do You Want Kids: maybe

. Room In house: the basement cause no one ever goes down there
. Type of music: rock
. Song: ahh..
. Memory: i dont know
. Day Of The Week: saturday
. Color: black
. Perfume Or Cologne: cologne
. Flower: red rose
. Month: july
. Season: summer
. Location for dates: hah

. Cried: no
. Bought Something: no.
. Gotten Sick: no.
. Sang: yeah.
. Said I Love You: no.
. Wanted To Tell Someone You Loved them, But Didn't: no.
. Met Someone New: no.
. Moved On: uhh.
. Talked To Someone: yea.
. Had A Serious Talk: nope.
. Missed Someone: no.
. Hugged Someone: nah.
. Kissed Someone: nope.
. Fought With Your Parents: no cause theyre in vegas HAH
. Dreamed About Someone You Can't Be With: yeah.
. Had a lot of sleep: hah, no.
. Wanted This Survey To Be Over: yeah.

( you're everything i want, and don't take this from me)

[29 Sep 2003|05:07pm]
I don't usually agree with mister limbaugh or any politician for that matter but this is a pretty interesting little tidbit especially coming from a guy who used to be on the side of those that benefit. Like always this does not represent the band's opinion in any way its just something I wanted to share." -matt

By Rush Limbaugh:

I think the vast differences in compensation between
victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die
serving the country in Uniform are profound No one
is really talking about it either, because you just
don't criticize anything having to do with September
11. Well, I just can't let the numbers pass by
because it says something really disturbing about the
entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a
family member in the September 11 attack, you're going
to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a
minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7

If you are a surviving family member of an American
soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a
$6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable.
Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are
surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you
remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for
each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those
payments come to a screeching halt.

Keep in mind that some of the people who are getting
an average of $1.185 million up to $4.7 million are
complaining that it's not enough. Their deaths were
tragic, but for most, they were simply in the wrong
place at the wrong time. Soldiers put themselves in
harms way FOR ALL OF US, and they and their families
know the dangers.

We also learned over the weekend that some of the
victims from the Oklahoma City bombing have started an
organization asking for the same deal that the
September 11 families are getting. In addition to
that, some of the families of those bombed in the
embassies are now asking for compensation as well.

You see where this is going, don't you? Folks, this
is part and parcel of over 50 years of entitlement
politics in this country. It's just really sad.
Every time a pay raise comes up for the military, they
usually receive next to nothing of a raise. Now the
green machine is in combat in the Middle East while
their families have to survive on food stamps and live
in low-rent housing. Make sense?

However, our own U.S. Congress just voted themselves a
raise, and many of you don't know that they only have
to be in Congress one time to receive a pension that
is more than $15,000 per month, and most are now equal
to being millionaires plus. They also do not receive
Social Security on retirement because they didn't have
to pay into the system.

If some of the military people stay in for 20 years
and get out as an E-7, you may receive a pension of
$1,000 per month, and the very people who placed you
in harm's way receive a pension of $15,000 per month.
I would like to see our elected officials pick up a
weapon and join ranks before they start cutting out
benefits and lowering pay for our sons and daughters
who are now fighting.

"When do we finally do something about this?" If this
doesn't seem fair to you, it is time to forward this
to as many people as you can.If your interested there
is more.......................

This must be a campaign issue in 2004. Keep it going.
SOCIAL SECURITY: (This is worth the read. It's short
and to the point.)

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during
election years. Our Senators and Congressmen do not
pay into Social Security. Many years ago they voted
in their own benefit plan. In more recent years, no
congressperson has felt the need to change it. For
all practical purposes their plan works like this:

When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay
until they die, except it may increase from time to
time for cost of living adjustments. For example,
former Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their
wives may expect to draw $7,800,000 - that's Seven
Million, Eight Hundred Thousand), with their wives
drawing $275,000.00 during the last years of their

This is calculated on an average life span for each.

Their cost for this excellent plan is $00.00. These
little perks they voted for themselves is free to
>them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan.

The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly
from the General
Fund--our tax dollars at work! >From our own Social
Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into
-- every payday until we retire (which amount is
matched by our employer) --we can expect to get an
average $1,000 per month after retirement. Or, in
other words, we would have to collect our average of
$1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one month to
equal Senator Bill Bradley's benefits!

Social Security could be very good if only one small
change were made. And that change would be to jerk
the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the
Senators and Congressmen. Put them into the Social
Security plan with the rest of us and then watch how
fast they would fix it.

If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of
awareness will be planted and maybe good changes will
evolve. WE, each one of us... can make a difference..

that was off of .. that is also one of the many reasons why matt embree is one of the coolest people ever..

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