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JuLeS' Journal

8th January, 2004. 6:15 pm. *eWw*

today was a pretty good day until 6th per. when this kid threw up in our class..omfg it is the worst thing i've ever smelt..tomrorow me and corie are bring air freshener, hand sanitizer and listerine strips to kill germs.

these journal things are so i can accually tell people how im feeling and when they read this people might've seen me in a different way but noww they can see who i really am its wayyyyyyy cool.

i <3 jamie ashlye tessa liz teri spana amanda d emily bree and sofia..i dont need a best friend when i have have all of them as my really close freinds. i love them all so much and if your one of the people i just mentioned then I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!! <333333333


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7th January, 2004. 8:08 pm. *WhAt Is HaPpEnInG To Me*

what is happening to starting to scare myself how im getting all caught up about how i dont have a best friend at the moment..and i dont knwo why i mean who cares i've got so many good friends that why should i even need a best freind..but for some reason i can't get over is getting worse and worse as the days go on i have so much work and theres way to much pressure..i feel like im dying slowly..deteriorating in to nothing..

im starting to wonder if anyones even reading this..thats kinda a wierd though..what if im writing all this for nothing..we even if nobody does look at this it help to write my feelings down i feel like im talking to someone..ahh getting all spiritual..anyways

i <3 whoevers reading this because they accually take the time to care somewhat about my life..well enough to read about it..thank you

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7th January, 2004. 5:35 pm. *OkAy*

im okay..alot of people have been asking me whats wrong lately..i haven't been myself and i know that..but i think im changing and thats why i dont have a best friend. im not gonna write things about people in here because that would screw things up but i need a best friend thats at my level and who i can relate to..its not that anything is bad about any of the people i hang out with i love them all..but some people areen't willing to tell me everything and do everything they wanna have 5 best friends and i just want 1 and i think thats why its hard to find one this year. its sounds gay "looking" for a best friend but im starting to worry why i dont have one yet this year. i want someone who considers me as their ONE best friend not ONE of their best friends..and i want someone i can be so close with and that would be there for me through everything and that i could tell EVERYTHING to. you have no idea..having a bestfriend is like the most important thing to me right now and dealing with life without one is so hard and i've never experienced this before because through all the years i've always had somone. so im tired of just talking about this everday in my journal people probly dont even read this anymore its so broing so im gonna stop talking about it and just try and work trhough everything without a BF but in the end i hope i get one. i really hope..

ok off that subject and on to my day. it was ok as usual same thing over and over nothing different. dramas kinda cooling down but there still is some. im glad im good with everyone for now. we had the best weather today it accually wasn't freezing butt cold as usual. ahh im sounding old talking about the weather..i swear all those prigles :) are getting to me. well i must be going i love you all i love all my friends and if i can't even process without a best friend i have no idea what i'd do without all of my friends. i <3 you all so much thank you for always being there for me and i hope i can always be there for you.

<3 jewel

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6th January, 2004. 10:19 pm. *OuR GhEtTo MeXiCaN NaMeS*

oh yea these names kick ass..we got

KELLY! *lil twinkie* representin the northeast side YIAH

LUCIA! our bride to be *lil lucy* representin the south side

JAZMIN! our leader *lil menace's jaz* representin the southeast side

ME! *lil ding-a-ling* resresentin south central baby

BRADY! our full blood mexican hommie *lil ding dong* representin the north side

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6th January, 2004. 10:09 pm. *AlL I WaNt*

all i want is a best friend..this is accually the first year i haven't had one..and it sucks major ass..if your bestfriendless talk to me we can cry in misery together..kidding about that..but seriously it does suck

and a boyfriend would be nice..but thats too much to hope for

<3 jewel

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5th January, 2004. 4:11 pm. *BaCk To ScHoOl*

we went back to school today..much better then i expected it to be..since im extremely bored and have no homework i will describe every detail of my day..enjoy reading..WARNING: very boring

*1st per. science*
ok after i got my books i walked down to science with jamie as usual..we then sat in our seats said the pledge of aliegence blah blah. then mrs armstong talked about our gay science fair and our research paper is due on thurs. but being the smart person that i am i did mine over the break so avoided all homework in science..GO ME!! ok so then we took notes on this gay thing that everyone understands except me and my colorblind friend gavin. Science usually goes by so fast but today it went by extremely slow..probably because i had so much stuff on my mind..a minute beofre the bell rang mrs. armstrong was all julie how do you like being back at school and i was like it sucks and she was like didn't you miss all your friends though and i was like i saw them all over the break and she's like u didn't see me BABY i was hidin!! it was pretty funny..she loves me..anways then the bell rang and i was off to spanish

*2nd per. spanish*
i walked into spanish and totally blanked out and forgot where i sat but then dear ethan pointed me in the right direction. we talked about our break and what we got for christmas then we opened the spanish book and started looking at the new chapter which is thankfully on clothes and colors..should be easy. spanish is the borinest class i have so theres not much to say..except no homework tonight for that class double woop

*3rd per. math*
i walked down the hall and jamie met me at my locker i forgot my combo but luckily jamie has a good memory and opened it for my. got my books and walked into math. we did a warmup and me and jamie joked around a little but nothing extemely abnormal happened in that class today. i swear even though its math which is my worst subject and i HATE that class is so funny i love it. i still can't stop thinking about when erin dropped her pencil box..its probly the funniest thing that i ever we got printouts in that class im getting a D+ YEA! i still got the whole trimester to bring it up so whatever. finally math was over and the rest of my day is easy thank god..

*4th per. PE*
jamie and i walked down to pe as she claims she wants me to call her jazmin..her supposedly real now im calling her jazzy and she's calling me julia..ok so we saw sizie and gave him a HUGE hug. he missed us and gave us many compliments on what we were wearing..i know i know scary. he was like julie are you wearing anything under that jacket..i was like yea a spegetti strap..and then he's like jamie i like those pants..and so on. in pe we had to take a survey thing so we dind't dress out. me and melissa reflected on what everyone was wearing today and we talked about many brand names..haha juicy von dutch and uggs brand name clash. we also discussed cories beautiful hair and amanda delanyes *new* hair. very interesting. ok so after pe we went to lunch and i was STARVING

ok me and jamie stood in line for not very long, got our food, and went down to sit in our usual spots. ZJ was back at school it was good to see him. we ate then went onto the field..nothing special happened just talked and yea. i love kelly and sapna and jamie and teri they gave me bday presents even though i didn't have a party..very very nice of them i <3 them. thats really all that happened at lunch pretty boring day

*5/6 per english and ss*
wow english and ss was great..we had the nicest sub she is so nice mrs. gugas and we get to have her tomrorwo too. in ssr me and kelly just wrote notes to each other..then the rest of the time we did this stupid answering stupid questions thing it was gay or as emily would say homosexual. then we got our break..oh wow it was a fun one today. as we went outside me and kelly ARE NOT good together since were both extremely to the max hyper. she put me in a headlock and i was bent over and couldn't get up i know i know shes the biggest freak that walked the earth..but then i pinched her and she let she comes running at full speed and kicks me so i bitch slap her across the face sooooooo hard it was so funny all the guys were cracking up. then we both run after each other and pull each others hair out FUCK OW it hurt. haha. so then i got up to my LUSIA by far the coolest fuckin east sider in the world..ajnd she kickes kellys ass yiah. then break is over and we go in. in SS we had to do this 10 amendment thingy but my class is so dumb their seriously un intelligent so me kelly and jazmin got ours done in like 5 mins and just talked the rest of the time. kelly and brit took the best pics they look soo good. and yea english and ss went by so fast i love that class..ok and thats my day..boring but fun kinda..

by the way sizies a total hottie

ok well i think i've wrote enough i dont expect you children to read all that its very boring but much love to you and you and you..stay sexy wow ok..


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4th January, 2004. 9:03 pm. funny thing that happened with jamie

Jamies dad (in his scottish accent)- jamie look at this vaccume i got it for $49.00 its such a great deal

Jamie- thats great dad

Julie- ahh i dont wanan get old and start talking about how great vaccumes and washingmachines are

Jamies mom- hey jamie we're going to sears now to look for a washing machine

Julie and Jamie (while drinking)- choking with laughter..

*you gotta be there*

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4th January, 2004. 3:33 pm. *Write Comments*

write comments if u love me!! i <3 you..


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4th January, 2004. 2:14 pm. *I <3 TESSA AND EMILY*

ok last entry was pretty depressing i know i know..its just how i was feeling at the moment some of its still true some of its just one of my miraculously low mood swings.

Thank you so much tessa..i know we didn't even have a long 2 mins..but that paragraph made me feel so much better thank you so much. your such a great friend your reliable and wont back stab me like everyone else would. i love you and thank you so much.

MILE everyone knows how much i love u!! you put me in a great mood thank GOD you came over or else i would've died..shall we discuss our wonderful night alrighty here it goes..

Last night at 6:45 the wonderful great mile came over to my house and we had wood ranch BBQ for dinner..mmmmmmm i was soo good except for one part..THE BUG (big ugly giant) aka bruce. bruce ahh i hate him i almost lost my cool with him but he's my dads old babysitter from when he was little ( yes i know pretty funny) and he calls us non stop 24/7 so we invite him over for dinner like once a year just to make him feel happy even though our family along with many other people despise him..emily got the pleasure of meeting him. so after dinner we escaped upstairs and rewrote our holidae in the best you have to hear it..then we went caroling on the phone to some special lucky people who got to hear our song. After that we went to blockbuster and got S.W.A.T and came home and watched it while we at our wonderful movie theature butter popcorn. ONLY to find out after five mins into the movie we hear a strange noise outside my door. emily opens the door and bruce comes in cackeling I SWEAR IT WAS THE SCARIEST THING IM NOT EVEN KIDDING emily hid behind the door and i was like "WQHAT DO YOU WANT BRUCE ARE YOU LEAVING!" and he's like no just saying hi and im like ok bye and he left. then we went back to our movie scared out of our shirts and emily spiller her water everywhere. after the movie thank god bruce had left we set up our bed. first we just put tons of blankes on the floor EXTREMELY blonde me decided to take the matress off the bed and put it on the floor horizontally so we'd have our heads on the matress and feet hanign that was really blonde of me. so then we just decided to lay on the matress like regular kids when we should've done that in the first place. we talked and talked and talked and then went to bed at 3 am. we woke up this morning at 11 and made french good. and then we came upstairs and were so bored we played every board game in my cupboard..very fun..then emily made a journal thhing and sadly then she had to go..well it was a fun night..put me in a better mood for sure.

well i have to go do my wonderful research paper now buh bye kids



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3rd January, 2004. 2:56 pm. done with *EVERYTHING*

im done with everything i've put up with it too long and now im about to explode. i can't stand it anymore. nobody knows how i feel or what im going through and nobody even pretends like they do because i dont even talk to anyone anymore. i now really feel like i have nothing. im done with school and im done with drama. if i lose all my friends because of it i dont care becuase fuck it i have no friends right now anyways. im done doing everything i swear im gonna lay in my bed for days and not shower or brush my hair or open my eyes. just laying there seems like the best thing in the world right now. i hate life and i hate the world and i hate every stupid effing person at that stupid god damn jail. we go back to school in 2 days..more work..YAY! i seriously feel like im gonna die right now i guess its just mood swings but this one is so low. whatever i dont care anymore nobody cares so neither do i. bye and dont talk to me because i have no life no friends and if you wanna be like oh i know how u feel then what i have to say to you is shut the fuck up no you dont.

Current mood: pissed off.

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