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17th March 2004

3:03pm: i just want to sleep.
Current Mood: lethargic
Current Music: Saves the Day

15th March 2004

5:29pm: I work with the general public, and there are alot of mean people, it is getting harder and harder not to follow my first instincts, and be entirly honest of what im feeling at that moment. Sometimes I want to be horrible to them, and I think I really wouldnt give a shit afterwards. But I know I wont.

Been having alot of wierd dreams...that when I wake up, there are subtitle things in real life that realate to them so distinctivly.....I feel like the line between dreams and reality are just....thinning or something.

"maybe this has somethng to do with me stopping my prozac?"

-just for the fact to try another anti depressant. Without it though sometimes i think I see the "real rawness" of life more than on medication.
Or I feel like Im just rambing because Im thinking to much.
Current Mood: weird
Current Music: Still nothing.......
3:47pm: I imagine ripping in to my face and pulling out this vein like intack web "my sinuses" and ripping then out, and going on the rest of my day as uauall. They kill.
Current Mood: ouch
Current Music: none, not even the usuall fix of metal can help this one.

13th March 2004

11:38pm: 11 dayz till 20!
5 till ink!
Current Mood: chill
Current Music: zepplin
12:17am: Sented Condoms
Why sented? Granted the origional latex isnt a very appeeling smell. I imagine saying; "f@&$ me fruity!" or "Cum here my big gorilla and show me where the bananna goes!"
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: MSI-Faggot

12th March 2004

9:19am: Eh, its early
...I recently slured racial obsenitis at the slices of ham at work......I felt bad. And my fish died.
Current Mood: drained
Current Music: the miscellaneous rythems flooding my brain
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