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Wednesday, December 24th, 2003

Time:12:52 pm.
Merry Christmas Eve to all you Christians or Catholics or whatevers out there.
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Saturday, December 20th, 2003

Time:1:55 pm.
Mood: creative.
Music:Kleiner Dicker Junge-Electrocute.
I have an LJ now, which probaly means I'm going to abandon this journal.

Add me if you have an LJ. StupidFambaloo! is my username.

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Monday, December 15th, 2003

Time:10:46 pm.
Mood: cold.
Music:The Bled.
Goddamn AP World. Bleh.

Go to Google and type in miserable failure and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button. It should be amusing, unless you're a republican.

I cut up my Nightmare Before Christmas shirt to fit me. Looks good. I also cut up my Blue Man Group tour shirt and totally fucked up. So, now I'm mad at my horrendous cutting skills.
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Sunday, December 14th, 2003

Time:5:46 pm.
Mood: cranky.
Music:The Whole World-Outkast.
Heh, Tom Cruise as a samurai is kinda funny. I'm gonna be a samurai. That movie has inspired me. Elvish/pirate/samurai 4 lyfe, yeeeaaahhhh.

GREAT. We caught Saddam, which means Bush's popularity ratings will go up, which means he might get re-elected, which means I will cry on election day. Goddammit, Saddam, why didn't you just shoot yourself so we could have found a body.
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Thursday, December 11th, 2003

Time:9:29 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Music:Waiting-The Rentals.

I watched. I gasped at the end. Stupid Davey had to go and kill the rest of them, faking his silly little bridge-jumping suicide. And ADAM. DRIVE ADAM DRIVE. DRIVE THROUGH THE STREETS OF CZECK. It's a very professional video, the way it looks. I love it. I'm going to download it off Kazaa and make my burned AFI/skate street stuff/Moto X DVD. Ooooh yeeeaaah.
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Time:9:28 pm.
Mood: giddy.
Music:Waiting-The Rentals.

I watched. I gasped at the end. Stupid Davey had to go and kill the rest of them, faking his silly little bridge-jumping suicide. And ADAM. DRIVE ADAM DRIVE. DRIVE THROUGH THE STREETS OF CZECK. It's a very professional video, the way it looks. I love it. I'm going to download it off Kazaa and make my burned AFI/skate street stuff/Moto X DVD. Ooooh yeeeaaah.
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Monday, December 8th, 2003

Time:9:40 pm.
Mood: nerdy.
Music:Suffused With Love-Sondre Lerche.
I HAVE THE GREATEST IDEA KAITLIN! When we turn 18, we go get a tattoo of the number 9 in Elvish somewhere on our body. YES? YES? Sounds good to me.
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Sunday, December 7th, 2003

Time:8:04 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades-Exploding Hearts.
I want a pet llama. That would be cool, no?

Let's all be friends now. Cause I like drinking coffee at 8 at night.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Time:1:15 pm.
Mood: complacent.
Music:Mendoza Line.
Yeah, so I hate metalcore.(e.g. Bleeding Through)It all sounds the same. Not to mention most of the bands are horribly untalented.

And Melanie Griffith playing a junkie/thief girlfriend during the 70s is some scary stuff. I think it's going to rain. I hope it rains. Stupid New York gets all the snow. AND I GOT HBO. AND IT ONLY TOOK A SECOND. YAY. I CAN FINALLY WATCH THE SOPRANOS AND SIX FEET UNDER.

Quizza what.
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Thursday, December 4th, 2003

Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:Brian Setzer's crazy guitar.
Quizzes. I am bored.
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I got a new screen name. It's omg disasterx. Add it.
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Monday, December 1st, 2003

Time:7:55 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:Revolutions Soundtrack.
Time for a craZay survey.

1. Which dead British monarch would you like to make out with?
Hmm. All the men back then were fat and had ugly hair. Oh well. I don't kiss dead people to begin with.

2. What is the meaning of life?
There is none. You are born. You work until you die. Or, in the case of Paris Hilton, you have wild sex then die.
And that is all there is to it. Just life. Because that is all we will ever know. Wow, I sound so philosophical. Erase the Paris Hilton part and it will be perfect.

3. Which Asian alphabet is your favorite?
I haven't really studied any of them to closely to choose one, but I know that Chinese writing is absolutely beautiful. I would love to be able to write like that, but I know I would just screw it up.

4. Which fictional character are you most like?
I really have no idea. I always seem to have traits of many different characters.

6. Why is fake booze so much better than real booze?
For one, you can drink as much as you want and go drive a car with no worries. Well, besides the fact that you might need to pee. That's beside the point though. No alcohol=no you killing people or making a fool out of yourself.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I would definitely not stay in the same place for long. It would get incredibly boring, especially for someone who gets as easily bored as me. But always in a big city. Or a small village in a European country, preferably France or Spain. And I'd like to take a trip to Africa, to study the endangered animals there. Anyplace with rich history. So, preferably, I'd stay out of America.

8. What is your favorite book?
There is no easy way to answer that. I loved the DaVince Code. But, there are other books of Dan Brown that I absolutely love. The Wheel of Time series and LOTR trilogy I adore, but I can't choose a specific book from them. And I find myself returning to Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials and 1984 from time to time.

9. In musical terms, what does happiness sound like?
Any song that will send shivers down my spine the first time I hear it. The only "song" to do this to me repeatedly is the music they use when advertising The Two Towers and ROTK. So, Howard Shore compositions. But, to me, good music IS happiness to me.

10. Describe the ideal (wo)man.
Tight pants. Excellent sense of style. Perfect hair, preferably black. Eyes that I won't get bored of. Smile that will make you melt. A sort of way of walking and carrying himself that suggests he has his life in control. An observant gaze. An appreciation of art, whether it's paintings or film. Ok, don't mind me...

11. What is your favorite foreign movie?
Ah, but foreign movies are the best! So, I have more than one. First off, the obvious ones, Run Lola Run and Amelie. Then, my new found love, Nowhere in Africa and What To Do In Case Of Fire. Some more(organized by country): Cinema Paradiso, Behind the Sun, Dancer In The Dark, Belle du Jour, Leon(The Professional), La Femme Nikita, Das Boot, Monsoon Wedding, Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India, The Color Of Paradise, In The Name of the Father, Spirited Away, Amores Perros, Whale Rider, Once Were Warriors, Talk To Her, My Life As A Dog, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon(I remember seeing this at the Laemmle theatre, and no one knew about it), Elizabeth, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, The English Patient, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Billy Elliot, 25 Hour Party People.

Wow that was a lot. I watch wayyy too many movies.

12. And your favorite foreign movie director?
I'm partial to Ingmar Bergman and Tom Tykwer myself.

13. Who is Shakespeare's best heroine?
Cordelia. I can't remember which play she's from, but she was the only one brave enough to speak the truth.

14. What do you want to do with your life?
Ah, but if I knew that, I'd be ahead of the game, now wouldn't I? No one knows what they want to do. I would LIKE to direct the most groundbreaking films Hollywood and the world has seen. I'll be like Robert Rodriguez, writing, directing, and composing, all for one movie. Cinematography works for me too. Or I'll just be a traveling photographer for a magazine, like Smithsonian or something.

15. Who is your poet?
MY poet? I don't own poets. But I do love e.e Cummings, Poe, and Kipling.

16. Why aren't you a vegetarian?
I AM vegetarian. ::oh my::

17. Which is your favorite European capital?
I've only been to Berlin.

18. Which Chinese dish best describes your personality?
This one broccoli dish I have, it was spicy, and everyone either loves or hates broccoli. And they have the tree thingy at top, which I suppose resembles my hair, but that has nothing to do with personality. OR DOES IT.

19. Which historical figure were you in a past life?
Jane de Belleville. Crazy ruthless she-pirate.

20. What are your preferred ancient texts?
The Art of War is quite interesting, even though I haven't even read through half of it.

21. What is your favorite non-Romance language?
Gaelic. Very nice language. And German as well. I love speaking it, and it sounds so evil if you get it right.

22. Which is your favorite ancient civilization?
I want to say French, but they're not that ancient. Oh! The Romans. They had one big leader after another, striving to re-create the powerful society.

23. What is love?
Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more....
[ahem]Anywayyys, a feeling that will make humans more dependent on others, even though they are perfectly fine without that person. Something that will drive a person mad. The question that will always remain unanswered.

24. What is your favorite song to sing?.
Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics(sp) or Rock This Town by The Stray Cats.

25. What is your preferred cuisine?
Italian. Mama mia.

26. What is your favorite French novel?
Oh the French. The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

27. What role in a Shakespearean play would you like to perform?
Hmm, I've performed in Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caeser, and Twelfth Night. I think I'd like Midsummers Night Dream or Macbeth.

28. What painting would you put up in your living room?
Haha I have a pretty nice Miro in my den. And a hideous ORIGINAL Chigal in my parents room, that my dad got from some people who's house he was fixing. Guess they didn't know how much it was worth. But I hate Chigal. Anywayys, I'd like either the Marilyn Monroe thing by Warhol. I wouldn't do artwork. I like those awesome French posters they have at Z Gallerie.

29. If you could drown in any body of water on the planet, which would you
I was going to say the Dead Sea, but it's so dirty. Arctic. It's the cleanest, and you'll die pretty fast.

30. What is the most aesthetically pleasing geographical name on the planet?
Undecided. Walla Walla, Washington is nice.

31. Which fair animal is best?
Fair as in WOOHOO FUN fair? Goats. Or rabbits. Cause they're so fluffy.

32. Which African country is coolest?
Hmm. Definitely not Morroco or Egypt. Birkina Faso. Means land of unconquerable souls. Or South Africa, cause it seems like it would be really cool to live there.

33. Japan or China?
China has the Great Wall, but Japan has crazy technology and shopping. They all have SARS though...

34. Which is your favorite non-Christian religion?
Wicca. Right, Kaitlin? Haha. Kidding. Meh. I don't know. I'll just go with Hinduism. So many gods!

35. Which of Henry VIII's six wives do you like best?

36. What is your favorite bad movie?
I do not like BAD movies, cunt.

37. What is your preferred literary movement?
The Romantics, thank you.

38. Who is your favorite artist?
Visual, I presume. Don't really have one. I absolutely love Dali though. And Rosetti. Definitely Rosetti. And, oh so cliche, but Warhol. And I love portrait artists...

39. Who is your favorite composer?
Hmm. Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikofsky, and, of the more modern, Gershwin. And the REALLY modern, haha, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt.

40. Which is your favorite European revolution?
The French. FOOLS.

41. Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, or Queen Elizabeth I?
Hmm. Cleopatra. Beauty and brains. Love it.

42. Which fictional character would you like to marry?
I don't want to get married.

43. What is your favorite brand of soap?
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body scrub.

44. Who is your favorite British actor or actress?
Dame Judi Dench, John Cleese, Alan Rickman.

45. Pick one: Spain, France, Italy, or Greece.
Hahaha. No way. I'm going to all of them.

46. Which is your favorite desert?
All kinds of berries with sour cream and sugar. I'll have that for breakfast as well, thank you.

47. Tea: herbal, green, or black?
Green. Sweetened, not too much though, hot, and yummy.

48. What is your favorite poem?
Meh, I'm tired and I'd like to go to bed. Either The Raven and anything by Kipling, really.

49. Where would you rather have lived: Babylon or Nineveh?
Babylon. I would love to see those hanging gardens. Plus they conquered people. Not like those damn Israelis who were conquered by everyone. AND I AM ONE. BLAH.

50. Which is the best Scandinavian country?
Sweden. They gave us Swedish fish after all. Or Norway. They're cool up there.
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Saturday, November 29th, 2003

Time:9:02 pm.
Mood: ditzy.
Music:Step Down-Sick Of It All.
Hey wow. I got bored, so I watched the end of Headbangers Ball, and SICK OF IT ALL was on. What what. They played the video for Injustice System. OLD SCHOOL YEAH!!!! And that inspired me to go listen to some SOIA.

Okay I'm done.
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Time:9:02 pm.
Delete this shizznit, plz.
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Friday, November 28th, 2003

Time:10:37 pm.
I want to live in Urban Outfitters. I got two shirts, a skirt, these awesome white mod-ish earrings, socks, and these really cool ballerina style shoes. They're soooo comfortable. MAN. This guy who was helping me find my shoes, I wanted him. So beautiful. EXCELLENT HAIR. And tight pants, oh my. I also got some cat eye sunglasses at Serious. And they were playing AFI in the store, and I said jokingly OH THEY'RE PLAYING AHFEE. And this girl by me gave me a very nasty look. Haha. And I saw the most awesome dress. I will wear it to prom if I decide to go. Yup. EAT IT. Then I went to the movies to see Master and Commander but it was sold out. Stupid AMC. I watched The Missing instead. Blah. Not too good. Then again, I don't like Ron Howard, so it's not a big surprise. It was very predictable.

Now I am bored.
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Time:11:52 am.
Mood: calm.
Music:The Bitter End-Placebo.
I'm going down to Melrose today so I can finally spend my birthday money. URBAN OUTFITTERS HERE I COME.

Hey. Ben from the AFI board made this. If you watch BBC, you'll know who the guy is.


I love The Office.
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