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8th March, 2004. 6:52 pm. Yes.(eclecticspatula)

It's boiling hot atm.. Though I'd like to say I'm deeply deeply in love with the sweetest most bestestest guy in the world. So what are the guys over there like?! SPILL SPILL *nudge* *grin*

Didn't get the Modern Primitive job. Was told I came very close with another girl (who turned out to be Ashley Farrel. GRRR! :) Ah well!

This retail operations course is boring as all hell!!! + Guess what?!?! One of my teachers is JUST LIKE OUR OLD HISTORY EXTENSION TEACHER!! Except she actualy knows what she is talking about. She used to be a primary school teacher and can't spell or relate to other persons for peanuts. Quite the laugh. Miss you Liorah!

I got your postcard today Liorah! I haven't gotten any of your e-mails.. where are you sending them??? I tried sending you a sms but i couldnt get that to work with all those numbers u posted. What's the address for snail mail? I think it's great where you are getting with your Hebrew! Your family sounds gorgeous.. So glad you're having fun over there.. Jenny (Lisa and Tony's mum) has been asking about you! Send her and Lisa a postcard! If you don't have their address I'll email it to you.

Went to see A Perfect Circle on the 20th of Feb and Ani Difranco on the 21st of Feb (yes! My second ever concert on the very next night!!) Suz got the tickets off E-bay FOUR days before hand!! OMG THEY wERE BOTH AMAZING... A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!

I bought new black boots! They are black and just a bit higher than my ankles with leather straps at the back and omg they are GORGEOUS!

Have been invited on the Campbell family holiday!! We are going to New Zealand at the end of September/Beginning of November. I've organised a spread sheet to keep track of my finances and plan ahead. I should be able to save at least $2000 by then. That's taking into acount around 10 spending per day plus birthdays and phone bills.. Very happy. P.S. IN LOVE

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5th February, 2004. 10:29 am. Traineeships, Buses, Dogs and Modern Primitive(eclecticspatula)

Talked to my manager and found out that the traineeship would last for a year, 40 hours a week. I'd be entitled to holiday leave at the end of the 12 months and be gauranteed a full time job. My goal isn't to work at BI-LO for the rest of my life though I was told I would then have the opportunity to do a retail management traineeship and/or change coles myer stores. Example Liquor Land, Officeworks, Grace Bro! I'd have to change tafes to one run by coles myer certified teachers so that the course would relate more to Coles Myer stores.

Left and found myself sitting in mum's car again (mum parked at the station and caught a train to work) phoning mum and getting a phone call from my manager. He said that Coles Myer are currently looking over the courses to improve them and it may be 1-5 months before they started. So now I'm going to keep going through with the course at Tighes Hill Tafe, which doesn't really bother me because Tony and I are both doing our full days on Thursday :). I'm also doing Monday mornings. If I get contacted by BI-LO later on in the year regarding the traineeship I'll have to start the certificate from the beginning, so it's going to be a tough decision. Looks like yet another road I got excited about and didn't end up going down. HAHA.

Since Modern Primitive was still on the menu I started planning my trip, keeping in my I had a tennis raquet and bag full of clothes that I couldn't keep behind the counter at M.P. So I ended up running the the other side of the station needlessly because the train was 10 min late. If it had been 6min later I would have missed the connecting 363 which I caught to the bottom of Cherry road. I then half walked have ran to Tony's house in the rain, making it there in just under 15 minutes, leaving me another 15 to eat, fix my rain fizzed hair and remove the tacky chipped nail polish off. I then ran through to Glad Gunson to catch a bus to Charlestown which would get me there 15min before my Trial at M.P.......

.........Only to find Charlie (Tony's dog) had followed me all the way and would not go home. When I got on the bus he walked in front of it and sat and watched as I payed for my ticket. Shooed him off the road and phoned Lisa as the bus drove off.

Modern Primitive
Pretty easy, time flew.. Told I'd get a phone call today and be asked how I thought I went. Not sure if I get a call that lets me know If I got the job or not. Actualy not as confident as I was before because I found out that Ashlee Farrel also applied and had a trial yesterday too. We'll just have to wait and see.

Played tennis last night, it was great.. Though it really shows that I haven't played for a while, rather shocking actualy. Anyway, must be off.. Baking a chocolate cake and what not. I am addicted to buying short skirts!! I bought a black one last week for $10 and a brown one yesterday for $10. MUST STOP.

Hope you're having a blast!

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3rd February, 2004. 8:04 pm. Last Bus(eclecticspatula)

Hi Liorah!
Hope everything is running smoothly over your way! Don't forget to share every detail, anticipating your next entry...

I have been rostered for 14 hours this week then given another 4 hour shift today, on top of this I'm being payed for my 2 hour trial at modern primitive... 20 HOURS!!! :D If that wasn't enough good news, I was told that BI-LO is offering apprenticeships. I phoned my manager when I got home and I'm meeting him tomorrow morning to discuss it! The tafe course they were going to put me through first is the same course I start next week! (Retail Operations Certificate 2) The manager mentioned that they would be putting me through certificate 3 afterwards but would discuss that in detail tomorrow. I was planning on applying for an interior design course or a fashion course afterwards.. I haven't really thrown primary school teaching out the window yet either. If I get the apprenticeship I'm going to turn down Modern Primitive before my trial but offer to come and work the hours in case they cut someone's shift to fit me in. BTW, I went very well with my interview (dah, I made it to a trial)... VERY well in my interview!!! They were relaying how impressed they were during the interview let alone after it. *head swelling* *BEAM :D*

It seems whenever I really catch up with you I'm excited about something totally new in regards to work! First it was Roger David (STILL no contact - don't fancy working for a deceivingly unprofessional clothes store anyway) then it was the Toy Sales company (career path my arse) then it was working with dad to import home ware supplies from South Africa (still in progress!!!) Then it was Modern Primitive (love that store! We all do!) and now, (wonder if I missed anything... he he) ironically, it's an apprenticeship at the store that motivated me to hand out over 40 resumes and buy every newspaper (that reminds me about the one with 5 Star Resort Marketing.. 4 or the door.. ha.). I can put up with BI-LO for 1 or 2 more years if I get this on my resume.. Sure it's a cut in my pay, but mum said I get payed holiday.. sick days.. tafe payed for.. and think of the guaranteed hours! I know, I'm always over excited about the latest greener grass. Call me a cow cos I'm accepting if they offer tomorrow!

Staying at Tony's tomorrow night, though I will try my hardest to get online and update tomorrow's gossip. Tony and I intend to start playing tennis every week on a set afternoon (possibly Wednesdays).. Goodbye growing belly (yeah, I'm finally over it's novelty value..) That reminds me.. Did I tell you I caught Giardia (?) from my water tank - the thing Sydney had to boil their water for.. Awful stuff, and the medicine made me feel even worse.. Good fun by all (mum had it and Sean nearly caught it).

Finding time to read again, so hopefully all those unread books on my shelf I have collected will do more just look good. Will update you on my progress in that area too. Plan to read one fiction and one non fiction book at a time. First up in fiction is David Eddings' 'Pawn of Prophecy' - Book 1 of The Belgariad. Already read this book, though it was so long ago and so well written anyway that I'm going to read it through again before continuing in the series. First non fiction book ~ Paul Johnson's 'The Renaissance' - short history of the origins and course of the Renaissance celebrating the intellectual liberation and artistic achievements which were to make this era probably the most influential... I think I'll find myself more able to commit to reading and journal entries now that I've told you my goals and now that this is my main means of contact with you.

I can't wait to hear how it's all going for you! Think of you doing what you've always wanted to do and can't help smiling. You are truly an inspiration to me. Love you lots.. Miss you heaps.. Goodnight.


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