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    Monday, July 28th, 2003
    10:52 pm
    A new year!
    Well I am officially the mother of a 1st grader and a Pre K kiddo! Time seems to be going by so quickly. Seems just like last week Connor was Ethan's age and we were so excited he could sit unassisted! Now he's walking to school on his own and giving me the "honestly Mother!" looks! He's growing up so fast. Thankfully Sarah still is a Momma's girl. She will be the child that never leaves....I will probably have to walk her to school when she is in 10th grade!

    I worked in Sarah's class today for the first time. Adam had to do the classroom days last year because I couldn't get my shots updated due to being pregnant so now that there aren't any excuses, I am class mom once a month! I swear I would gladly pay more tuition to have an extra teacher in the class so that I didn't have to work in there. Those kids drive me crazy. I have my limit on how much I can take with 3 and 4 year olds! Ever wonder what you kid is like when you aren't around? Do you ever see a kid and wonder what their parent is doing at home to make them such a brat? I see some of these kids and wonder why their parents don't discipline them. There is this one kid, Evan, he is THE poster child for condoms! If he were my kid, I'd be in jail! Seriously, he could drive a parent to abuse! "Evan sit down....Evan please don't use the scizzors as a sword, Evan please use an inside voice, Evan don't try and catch the gold fish". He is my worse nightmare as a parent. My kids aren't angels but when I say something they generally listen....they may not do it the first time I ask but definetly by the second!

    Current Mood: tired
    10:50 pm
    well lets see if this works.......1,2,3!
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