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[ mood | bitchy ]
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Who even cares now a days??

* life is but a dream *

It's broken, do you miss it? [26 Aug 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Alk3- Tuck Me In. ]

So you take this plastic smile of mine
and you burn it.
You burn it into your head,
across the back of your skull
and straight down your spine.

And I'll always be there,
Waiting for you to remember me
on some cold December night.
And you'll grin, and it'll bear.

Yeah, It'll bear alright.
You're dieing inside,
and I could be your cure
so deep within, I could save you.
I could save you tonight.

But i'd rather just smile...
and watch you die.

* life is but a dream *

Remember to BREATHE. [23 Aug 2003|08:12pm]
[ mood | super swell ]
[ music | The places You Fear the Most. ]

We're in love.

I like applesauce

and long walks on the beach

holding hands for extended periods of time

and sharing milkshakes with that special someone

and I like frank, I like him a lot.

* life is but a dream *

Sweet Catastrophe [22 Aug 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Jewel- Near you Always ]

Cmon catastrophe-- I'll buy you a cup of coffee and we'll go down town. Dream about how it shoulda been, how it used to be, and how we woulda done it. But we never did, nah it was always-- two minutes too late, 3 days early, and we're still here waiting; procrastinating; regretting. Pretending like we care. Like ANY of this EVER matterd. And i'm begining to realize.. how much i love hating it. HOW MUCH I LOVE HATING YOU. It was a once upon a time, so where the fuck did the happily ever after go? YO NO SE. QUE? I don't know, WHAT? Cmon catastrophe-- We'll split the cab fair and you can come back home, just like we used to. Like we used to? Sleep beneathe the covers till the sun brings a choke, shut the blinds, with your heart within me-- We'll sleep forever. Like it shoulda been. Like it shoulda been forever; Me and my sweet catastrophe.

* life is but a dream *

This air is contageous. [21 Aug 2003|10:06pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | Count The Starrs ]

I feel beautiful tonight. The stars are out. Wish I could feel like this forever. Forever.

THERMO32 (10:16:09 PM): or a farming ninja [ heh ]

* life is but a dream *

So Long Sweet Summer.. [20 Aug 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Homegrown- Sixteen ]

And the worst thing in the world is knowing I could never hate you, not even if I tried. God knows I've tried.

- Soccer mandatories started, 3 days down- 8 to go.
- Marley went back to his 'real' home Monday.
- Summer is over as far as I'm concerned.
- School starts on the 3rd, anxious to start over.
- I get some new frames on Friday. Should be fun.
- My quad's sore, the motrin bottle is empty. ugh.
- Everythings empty for the most part. Yay, not.
- Rarr.

* life is but a dream *

Lets End it On this-- [20 Aug 2003|07:30pm]
[ music | Saliva- Rest in Peices. ]

She could use some stability, he could use another hit. And we're all winning this time 'round. Yeah, better then ever before, cause I'm empty and your hitting the ground hard. I'll dig you a grave for one last kiss, cmon love-- nothing could be better then this. 6 feet down, all you ever wanted, cmon love-- nothing could be better then this. One last round and I'll lay you down, ashes to ashes.. dust to dust, We're far at sea-- and our empty tin hearts are bound to rust. We're all bound to rust.

* life is but a dream *

Collapse [26 Jul 2003|09:41pm]
what the hell am i doing?
* 3 agree | life is but a dream *

Why So? [25 Jul 2003|05:25pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Konstantine- Something Cooperate ]

Keep those lies of yours straight, and i'll keep smiling like it was just yesterday-- and we were in love.

* life is but a dream *

Frustration [23 Jul 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | numb ]
[ music | Matt Skiba- Good Fucking Bye ]

.. And I'm breathing you in like the sweet thought of suicide, these hands of mine are far too shaky to be writting your goodbye--

* life is but a dream *

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